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Wise and Honorable Abydos
22:52:36 Dec 5th 10 - King Burninglegion The Swordmaster:

Seeing with al the might abydos has acquired they wished to aid a kingdom in a war


24 members                                     4 members


Abydos looks at these numbers and the fact KH has flooded all over THAs core and says ... we need to help kingdom hearts fight a tiny kingdom because it seems uneven

a most honorable choice abydos congrads on double teaming a kingdom 10% of you and Khs size



40 members



4 members


really? theres nothing better to do then act like newbies who were given large armies, yes attack a kingdom whoms at a disadvantage !

23:08:48 Dec 5th 10 - Ms. Branniganz:

thanks guy! nice to see some people still loves us

23:08:50 Dec 5th 10 - Mr. Barny:

It isn't dishonorable or foolish to kill a weaker kingdom.

Edit: Fuck you Brannigan, posting 2 seconds before me.

23:09:16 Dec 5th 10 - Ms. Branniganz:

coming from an american

edit: and fuck you too!

23:10:17 Dec 5th 10 - Duke Some Fckin Dude:

hahaaa BL STFU

02:52:27 Dec 6th 10 - Mr. Aries II:

Lol, I got your back bl, thats pretty lame of them. Such is VU though.

05:59:25 Dec 6th 10 - King Burninglegion The Swordmaster:

thank you aries

06:40:43 Dec 6th 10 - Mr. Nooooobhammer:

Oh god, what were we thinking? Okay, you're right, from now on if your KD has less members then the other KD, you can't declare war on them. That should solve this awful, awful injustice... thanks for making us see the light.

06:41:21 Dec 6th 10 - General Who:

why dont all 3 kds just fight each other and leave it at that :p

07:47:20 Dec 6th 10 - Mr. Pure The Nub:

BL this is just a waste of time. How about this one.

Army of Anubis24Prince Anonymous106

Music24Lord Gilth43
Royal Order of Claidmore19


Forgotten Warriors26Lady Jade100



and you can hardley say that all 40 members would be atatcking you. probably only around 15 max. In my case we should have around 64 members attacking us or building up a force to. [I took away 3 members due to chance of inactivity]

07:52:24 Dec 6th 10 - Mr. Aussie:


14:25:17 Nov 28th 10 - King Burninglegion The Swordmaster:

Moving up on %, will a 3 man kingdom take fantasia?


After KH becomes our meal who knows??

07:58:09 Dec 6th 10 - Mr. Nooooobhammer:

True enough, Pure, all three kingdoms on Mantrax are focused solely on us..... I'm not going to say how committed we are to taking out the terror that is The Human Alliance, but you can venture a guess :P

07:59:37 Dec 6th 10 - Pirate Lewatha:

it's not like you were going to win anyways.

10:31:45 Dec 6th 10 - Mr. Barny:

A four man kingdom probably doesn't go into an era thinking "We are going to win", if anything it's just the opposite.

The Human Alliance is getting gangbanged, but hey, this type of shit happens. As Lewatha, Noobhammer, and Pure have all pointed out, this isn't exactly surprising. Were you guys expecting all of the other kingdoms that could easily roll over you to abstain from doing so, and that some other 4 man kingdom would emerge to fight you?

13:21:50 Dec 6th 10 - Ms. Branniganz:

its not impossible barny

14:25:55 Dec 6th 10 - Mr. Pure The Inactive:

Just a very low chance.

Unless they have like the 4 best players that have ever played =\

14:28:08 Dec 6th 10 - Duke Some Fckin Dude:

but clearly me, kai, willy and hanky arnt there :/

15:00:53 Dec 6th 10 - King Burninglegion The Swordmaster:

i was more then happy to have a challange and fight KH, my only issue was having abydos jump in on the action


o and to all you cutee pies out there your right only about 10-12 KH members have attacked us but i and my kingdom mate hartonius are the only ones fighting, we gained a member yesterday so we were at 3 up until then and my third member has been inactive since OOP but hes my friend and i cant kick that bastard.

like i stated in the original post i never wanted to be given any pardons or such but for one of the largest kingdoms to join in on a gravely out numbered war on the side of the massing one is dissapointing for VU

and we arnt close to dieing i was showing as the subject discribed how honorable abydos is .... or maybe honorless would have been better word choice so all the slow people could understand what i intended


btw barny get the lincoln log out of your arse you bastard



16:17:51 Dec 6th 10 - Dark Prince Stirlin:

06:59:37 Dec 6th 10 - Pirate Lewatha:

it's not like you were going to win anyways.



17:56:11 Dec 6th 10 - Mr. Friendly Forum User:

Fucking typical of Abydo scum. Attacking a kingdom they don't have any relations with.

Dishonourable noobs. Get some skill.

20:50:02 Dec 6th 10 - Mr. Magic Warrior:

It never can be dishonorable to fight - and preferable kill - BL. Never.

22:25:51 Dec 6th 10 - King Burninglegion The Swordmaster:

for any who made a comment about honor does not know the meaning of having honor


i need not explain why that is to people of your standard

22:35:35 Dec 6th 10 - Mr. Pure The Inactive:

BL even tho I have nothing against you. You don't have a point you should of never come onto fantasia the size that you are [members wise]  So plz be quiet and let VU be boring again =\.

22:44:32 Dec 6th 10 - Ms. Branniganz:

why dont you join us??

23:18:48 Dec 6th 10 - Sun Warrior King Liu Bei of Shu:

There are no rules when on Fant because anything goes. 67 vs 26 or 40 vs 4. Stuff like that will happen so you just have to make the best of disadvantage.

23:26:52 Dec 6th 10 - General Who:

EVUL is fighting a lot of people, hell DUO is fighting MAD, KH, anarchy. look at our size. oh and fighting relentless. :D maybe only one or 2 from each, but hey, looks good if i say it this way ;)

01:03:50 Dec 7th 10 - Mr. Malcador:

Wow, fourty on four and people are trying to justify that?

I've heard of taking all the advantages you can get, but getting to that size players and carpet bombing tiny Kingdoms is just taking the p*ss.

Colossal D*ck move.

01:12:04 Dec 7th 10 - Mr. Xuaron The Crazy:

TBH 4 player KD's that get over run like that dont belong on Fantasia.

Fant is a Map for KD's around the 15-20 player base.

below that its hard to survive whitout good diplomacy
diplomacy has alwais been a big part of VU and can mean Life or death. This makes every era difrent.

08:24:13 Dec 7th 10 - Mr. Soda Popinski:


18:09:45 Dec 7th 10 - Mr. Finwe:

Were allied to KH and fighting with them? news to me..

20:19:37 Dec 16th 10 - Mr. Ezatious:

yup we absorb them!! ultimate alliance

00:41:31 Dec 17th 10 - Mr. Skinny:

hey i would like to refine the statement about the numbers

40 members
Human alliance + Fire Dragons
6 members + 4 guys OOP


01:12:20 Dec 17th 10 - Mr. Xuaron The Crazy:

Abydos had no diplomatic relations whit anny of those KD's Skinny.

If you wanna survive Fant learn diplomatic's.

05:02:04 Dec 17th 10 - King Burninglegion The Axewielder:

let this forum die, abydos killed the human alliance and kingdom hearts, it was a glorious war we (THA) endured i took the lives of 300k an won 25 battles but now the kingdom is gone and we restarted as The dwarven alliance in zetamania

its over now so no need to discuss this forum at all, we may re appear if fantasia if it ends in a few days

14:13:20 Dec 17th 10 - Dark Prince Stirlin:

dont worry, next era abydos will be lead under the soft fist of me, we will sit back and farm and not touch anyone as you cry when we do

15:27:55 Dec 17th 10 - Mr. Bigger Willie Then You:

That would be awesome:D

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