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Wizengamot of Midgard
06:08:22 Feb 9th 14 - Mr. Cygnus:

A brand new kingdom emergences! Wizengamot of Midgard! We are recruiting! If you are interested, you know where to go! Answer all the question! 

Come on and join us! Don't just join Wizengamot! JOIN MIDGARD!We can't pretend that Midgard is exciting; but Wizengamot is fierce! We are small, but ambitious!We will do our best to make sure everyone has a great time!

The water is warm and soon will be boiling! The era just started and lots can happen!  

Did this grab your attention? Or should I use more blinding text!

Don't forget to compliment my banner! I MADE it instead of being productive!

(Yes, Midgard is that desperate for attention!)

06:31:33 Feb 9th 14 - Dakarta (Duke Dackarta):

The purple and red hurt the eyes.

07:55:17 Feb 9th 14 - Timur (Sheriff Timuur):

It is a very nice banner.  All it needs is a fluffy canine with a pink ribbon.

09:14:55 Feb 9th 14 - Teirdel (Mr. Chalkz of Dom Hearts):

I like the banner and whole coat of arms thing. however the colored text doesn't help bud. Too bright other than that gl!

23:53:40 Feb 20th 14 - Mr. Cygnus:

Guises, we're looking for at least 1 more member for now! If your are on Midgard and interested, message me.

00:04:31 Feb 21st 14 - Alrisaia (Ms. Alrisaia):

I'll um join tell me all your battle plans!

01:30:55 Feb 21st 14 - Mr. Cygnus:

Kill Venom. Level magic to level 10 and use teleport to get to Fantasia. And beat game!

01:35:32 Feb 21st 14 - Alrisaia (Ms. Alrisaia):

lmao cyg - 

glad we're getting a good fight this era.

hope i can catch you down south it's going to be a right race. you strike me as a good player so i know I'm up against a skilled veteran. looking forward to the challenge! ;-)

23:27:37 Feb 21st 14 - Mr. Bad Bell Mate:

00:27:11 Feb 22nd 14 - Mr. Cygnus:

Never heard of them, but thanks for the Bumb, bro!

19:28:23 Feb 22nd 14 - Sir Pointbreak The Fierce:

This will be Interesting :)

22:46:00 Feb 24th 14 - Edgardo (Mr. Cygnus):

Congratulation to Ms. Yellow Submarine, for pushing back Venoms' first real defensive. 

22:49:45 Feb 24th 14 - Rora (Empress Aurora):


22:53:06 Feb 24th 14 - Alrisaia (Ms. Alrisaia):

right my  pathetic attempt at an offensive should be utterly ignored it hasn't cost your kd any unnecessary army upkeep nor has it cost your mage any casting power...

err wait never mind :-)

nice win yellow ;-)

23:03:52 Feb 24th 14 - Edgardo (Mr. Cygnus):

Rora thanks for the correction, and while we are on corrections...

Alrisaia don't you mean defensive? The only moment you poked your head out from your position was to attack an army that had already completed its objective. 

And for upkeep, what is the point of an army if you are not to move it and using it? I've already kicked out a member for being inactive and not warring. I would have kicked out another member if they didn't at least pretend to being doing something with their army. 

23:12:57 Feb 24th 14 - Rora (Heavenly Cristal):

well really she is on the offensive, but without any assistance from us due to yellow submarine, she is forced to defend her position. Well done Yellow, and thank you for taking out Ashrak, even though it probably provided a decent income to you.

23:13:34 Feb 24th 14 - Rora (Heavenly Cristal):

Game locked up and I didn't notice.. double post

01:01:42 Feb 25th 14 - Alrisaia (Ms. Alrisaia):

lol you're right cyg :-)

and while i did poke my head out my mistake was not rofing that army first to get a slaughter...

This era is going to be a blast - thanks for the war guys!

19:27:22 Feb 26th 14 - Edgardo (Mr. Cygnus):

Gloatful bump...

Most HoH army spots are taken by us, while most HoH city spots by Venom...

Most Powerful ArmiesMost Powerful Cities

Heimdalls Power
Mr. Doktorstygge

Admiral Krum

Golden Snidget
Mr. Cygnus

Mr. Isobieber

Crystal Dragon
Heavenly Cristal

Eehhheeee IV
Ms. Yellow Submarine

Heavenly Cristal

Ms. Terris Thule

Mr. Mereth

Mr. Torvas

Emerald Valley
Mr. Mereth

Mining Grounds
Ms. Yellow Submarine

*Cough* Farmers*Cough*

Also, we are the most fearful. All members of Wizengamot except one are on the list. 

Most Fearsome Rulers
  1. Ms. Yellow Submarine has won 56 battles, captured 32 cities and killed a total of 409133 men and women.
  2. Mr. Cygnus has won 15 battles, captured 23 cities and killed a total of 322324 men and women.
  3. Admiral Krum has won 16 battles, captured 14 cities and killed a total of 284312 men and women.
  4. Mr. Doktorstygge has won 3 battles, captured 4 cities and killed a total of 106536 men and women.
  5. Mr. Joebobtheold has won 3 battles, captured 6 cities and killed a total of 22087 men and women.
  6. Mr. Twentyfivepilots has won 6 battles, captured 6 cities and killed a total of 21401 men and women.

* Only battles fought against armies with more than 5000 OP/DP counts as win/loss.

19:44:14 Feb 26th 14 - Alrisaia (Ms. Alrisaia):

I'm fully prepared for my spanking cyg! be gentle but firm... why not setup a code word for safety?

20:35:07 Feb 26th 14 - SunWarriorKing (Mr. Galen Marek):

Seriously? What did you expect when you decided to play here? That everyone lands next to each other and wars are like on Fant or Zetamania. Anyways, this isnt the thread buddy to be talking about it. Thats why we have a thread named Midgard Age ___.

21:03:05 Feb 26th 14 - Edgardo (Mr. Cygnus):

Damn it, bro, can't you see I like to toot my own horn? 

I'm just teasing Venom for the lols. This isn't my only character btw.  

21:26:15 Feb 26th 14 - Geunin (Ms. Terris Thule):

ya good job you and other veteran player beating us inexperienced... go make yourself trophy

21:33:27 Feb 26th 14 - Edgardo (Mr. Cygnus):

I assumed you were all experienced. I'm sure Odin and a couple other from Ashak have been around longer than I have. I remember seeing Odin, when I first started playing. And Arkantos is Ajax isn't he? He has been around forever too. Old Wyzer, who is a Redneck, use to be in LGC. I play along Cristal in 2 other KDs. Terris Thule, seem to do okay last era too.

This is my second era back from a 4 year plus leave of absence, btw. I landed on Midgard. I had to get use to some game mechanics. I feel bad for none of it. 

I don't think there is much inexperience in Midgard.  

22:01:57 Feb 26th 14 - Mr. Mereth:

I'm definitely inexperienced. it took 9 of us to get pilots out of our core oop.

Odin and pilots would've kicked our asssses had it not been for yellow hitting their core and they probably could've defended against yellow had it not been for their oop war with us.

nobody wants you to feel bad about it - just remember where you're at - this is the new player world midgard - i don't recall ever seeing major league baseball players showing up at the little league world series, crushing the little kids, and then tooting a horn about it :-)

if* i were a veteran and played on a world full of new players I'd do two things :

1) show them everything i see - hey you should have mu in this army I've got 72% rof on you or... see how my cities are close to the mountains? you should build closer for your mines. etc.

2) I'd show them my % every tick prepping a city and tell them the best ways to defend themselves or attack.

i for one think this game is awesome but all games have elitist snobs who don't share their strategies and just enjoy winning ahh well it's just a game.

22:17:54 Feb 26th 14 - Edgardo (Mr. Cygnus):

Don't worry about it, you'll do okay. You guys are twice our size. 

My first tip: Join my Kd, bro.

23:09:00 Feb 26th 14 - Rora (Heavenly Cristal):

This is my 3rd era playing this game all together lol, so yeah we're a bit inexperienced. But that seems to be a big part of the game that we have to get used to, you'll play with and against people far more experienced, and it's fun regardless :)

23:13:11 Feb 26th 14 - Edgardo (Mr. Cygnus):

Rora, join my kd. Come-on. Pretty please. If all of Venom joins me then we would be the strongest kd and we can defiantly beat redneck empire. 

23:32:19 Feb 26th 14 - Rora (Heavenly Cristal):

Sorry nope, I was thinking of leaving at the end of the era and playing alone or something, but now we seem to have a strong adversary :)

04:24:02 Feb 27th 14 - SunWarriorKing (Mr. Isobieber):

Pathetic, trying to ask others to join you. ;) If you have confidence in what you have then you would not need more people. But enough of writing here. Let this place be for recruitment, not Midgard talk. 

04:30:59 Feb 27th 14 - Edgardo (Mr. Cygnus):


07:30:55 Feb 27th 14 - SunWarriorKing (Mr. Jose Cuervo):

No one from Venom say anything further. You are just inflating his ego.

12:09:39 Feb 27th 14 - Edgardo (Mr. Cygnus):


14:15:04 Feb 27th 14 - Mr. Trollkarl:

Mighty amusing this thread is!

19:08:38 Feb 27th 14 - Cheonje (Mr. Innoruuk):

Not as amusing as to how ignorant and selfish some players in this game can be, when they don't even realize that they are turning new players away from VU by creating this 'no mercy' environment. You have to realize that if you don't teach players how to perform better and just keep stomping them into the ground, you're never going to build the game's player base back up. But then again, based on your attitude displayed here you probably don't care. So go ahead - keep it up and watch Midgard turn into a wasteland like Talents in a few eras. Then you can play against yourselves and continue winning.

Good points, also, Mereth. Thank you!

20:51:32 Feb 27th 14 - SunWarriorKing (Mr. Isobieber):

I care. I would be happy to help out newbies. If only I was made a guide......oh well

23:00:12 Feb 27th 14 - Edgardo (Mr. Cygnus):

I'll help out newbs, but that doesn't mean I'll go easy on others. The only reason, I learned to play was by getting my tail handed to me. I remember the first I got my army ROF to hell, it sucked. And never again, did I send an army out with no MU.    

You learn through experince, not by being baby sat. 

23:19:02 Feb 27th 14 - Cheonje (Mr. Innoruuk):

17:00:12 Feb 27th 14 - Edgardo (Mr. Cygnus):
You learn through experince, not by being baby sat. 

I can empathize with the first portion of your post, but not the above quote. How many MMOs have you played? Not every player learns via the same methods, nor should they be obligated to. I don't think anyone here is saying "let them win!" or "don't attack!" - but this game's community has a peculiar tendency of keeping everything a hidden secret unless you get involved with Skype and ask a million questions. Not everyone can or wants to do that. Sure, there are guides on the forums - which after reading through all of them you still only know about 30% of the game. Remember, there is no tutorial anymore (not sure why), so Latha, Midgard, Talents and Armageddon are the tutorials - not a playground for bored pros. The only way to remedy this problem is if we identify inexperienced players on the lower worlds and help them learn why they're getting their asses handed to them.

Anyway, I think this horse has been beaten enough over the past 6 months. VU is what it is, I guess...

00:11:31 Feb 28th 14 - SunWarriorKing (Mr. Galen Marek):

I mean I wouldnt say you babysit them. It is more like along the lines of guiding them. Make this kind of city with this amount of GTs. Make sure you have armies in the vicinity. All they really need is basic help and I am sure they can do good. From there, they just need to experiment.

01:18:45 Feb 28th 14 - Konspyre (Mr. Slavik):

spam tavernes, rly good. also, remeber to kep enough pesaents in mine, so 1:! ratio. k?
troops biuld lvl1s, best gold/op k?
no mus cuz no op.

01:54:59 Feb 28th 14 - Edgardo (Mr. Urg):

I know that there is often elitism in many games, but honestly I never saw much. The people, that taught me how to play was this Lady something (Can't remember her name, she had grandchildren and said she was addicted to VU) from Narsse and a bunch of guys from Carnage, (Stromcrow, some dude with a big Pen0r, and others I can't remember). 

When I first started playing, they punked me out in the battle field and eventually they invited me on board and taught me what I know. One of the big lessons I got from them was read the forums. 

I know that not everyone learns the same, but you defiantly don't learn anything from farming except farming. I try not to farm and look for others who don't. It is true that I will and have kicked out people (just 1 person) that farm, but that was after being very explicit on what I expected. 

And in all honesty, I except good things from Venom because it has players like Crystal and in the short time I know her, I have come to expect lots from her. 

Furthermore, I started this thread with the intentions off egging on and playfully teasing Venom, not to be a complete dick, even though, I kind of am. 

02:36:13 Feb 28th 14 - Alrisaia (Ms. Alrisaia):

so could someone define farming for me please?

like a true definition in the vu context...

also - cheo couldn't be more right the lower worlds have an xp cap - meaning players with more experience can't play there right? i don't even know how to check my experience...

but for darn sure yellow doesn't belong here - not sure on everyone else and Odin is a guide with very polite tenancies who responds to questions promptly and provides decent feedback after he's asked.

here's how i think of training other players - open face poker - help the player understand their hands from the perspective of their opponent.

02:41:44 Feb 28th 14 - Edgardo (Mr. Cygnus):

I guess people will have different definitions off farming, but I simply mean not warring as farming.

You check your experience under 'Worlds'. I have 498. 

As for Yellow, I know nothing about her. I just knew I needed her on my side or she needed to go and she decided to join us. I'm glad she did.  

02:47:41 Feb 28th 14 - Alrisaia (Ms. Alrisaia):

i call shinnanigans on this xp system...

also what are the xp limits it doesn't say.


Some of the lower realms are for new players and guides only. Players with more XP can not join.

You have 3576 experience points.

XP is based on how many ages you have played and how well you ranked in the highscores.

02:51:17 Feb 28th 14 - Edgardo (Mr. Cygnus):

I just started playing after a long time so, I had to restart my account and that is the reason, you have more xp than me. And I'm not sure about what the limit is I recently only found out about the limit myself and I haven't done any research into it. 

02:54:43 Feb 28th 14 - Cheonje (Mr. Innoruuk):

20:36:13 Feb 27th 14 - Alrisaia (Ms. Alrisaia):

so could someone define farming for me please?

like a true definition in the vu context...

Building eco/troops while not fighting. You farm so that you can gain leverage of the economical factors of war by producing more powerful armies, etc. than your adversaries. 

03:08:26 Feb 28th 14 - Mr. Eddie:

You have 21674 experience points.

No wonder i can't join Midgard.

03:08:43 Feb 28th 14 - Rora (Heavenly Crystal The War Goddess):

You have 7272 experience points.

I've only played for 3 era's and I already can't get into worlds so the cap isn't very high..

Will I be able to continue playing on Midgard after this era, or will I lose that too?

03:25:23 Feb 28th 14 - SunWarriorKing (Mr. Jose Cuervo):

19:18:45 Feb 27th 14 - Konspyre (Mr. Slavik):

spam tavernes, rly good. also, remeber to kep enough pesaents in mine, so 1:! ratio. k?
troops biuld lvl1s, best gold/op k?
no mus cuz no op.

I should know better than to troll your thoughts since this is simply a game. Because it is, I wont. Instead, I will give another example. When I first started this game back in '08, I thought having 200k income was awesome as a Dwarf. Now through years (on and off) of picking different races, I figured out which ones I liked best and which ones do not tickle me the right way. I am not trying to say we send them off with little instructions. I am saying take the time to learn about each race. Find which one you like but know the math behind it all to help things work in your favor. Those pros are the ones that kicked my rear many times. In fact, it was Jennaside who kicked me hard enough to get me to see my strategy was never going to work. Honestly, you can say what you want about it all but a new player is not going anywhere without that guidance.

04:09:09 Feb 28th 14 - Mr. Edd:

I learnt from losing a hundred times. And I'd like to think i'm a decent player.

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