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Wolf Rider - NAP breakers
15:54:50 Oct 11th 07 - Mr. Sin:

Wolf Rider - your reputation is now stained.
We had NAP until today. They have jsut came and took our towns.
Thats's the message from their leader to Mr. Opium (he psoted it for me)

"Mr. Anubis Iii

10/10/2007 8:34:52 PM
i sick of LOBE doin nothin so attack them
i will attack them first
then attack them
i was just following orders"

Here is NAP accepting (I'll not poast everything only that it was accpted, cause nobdy cares )

It's talk with Mr. Osti (our vice):

You (10/2/2007 10:10:05 AM)
Biger, but not stronger. But okay we can live in peace.
Mr. Anubis Iii [WR] (10/2/2007 10:35:21 AM) GOOD BAD
we are just as strong as you and yes we will nap


So, later in other eras. I recommend not to make good realtions with Wolf Rider, they can't be trusted. Even Mr. Anubis III

16:05:02 Oct 11th 07 - Mr. Sin:

Mr. Anubis Iii [WR] (10/11/2007 5:58:05 PM)


What the honor....

03:49:33 Oct 12th 07 - Mr. Soki:

nahh dont worry Wolf rider jsut piss that yall wont help lol that why it a nap instead of a map

Message From Mr. Anubis Iii

Your kingdom

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You (10/11/2007 4:08:23 PM)
it seem that you guy broke a nap with Lobe
tell me a reason please
Mr. Anubis Iii [WR] (10/11/2007 4:54:31 PM) GOOD BAD
well to tell u the truth my guys were gettin edgey the wanted to kill ALA and they needed money but it would takt to long to make a new citys so they as if they could attack you guys and i said yes caz it looked like yous were doin nothing my mistake
Mr. Anubis Iii [WR] (10/11/2007 4:57:45 PM) GOOD BAD
soz i thought u were Lote i didnt want to do it but there doin nothin i will not do the same as wat i did 2 them your fightin but there not
You (10/11/2007 9:48:24 PM)
anubis if you want to defeat ALA first you got to finish them first then any one else but if you start a war and now 2 kingdom? it be bad so dont attack them please ,thanks

Soki~of the AOTE

03:51:05 Oct 12th 07 - Mr. Soki:

what happen to trenton of ala i miss that guy hes gives good chalenge

20:32:07 Oct 17th 07 - Mr. Sin:

Reason as Anubis II said in chat why he broke the NAP:

[21:26] Mr. Anubis II: hey tell me guys if you were getting you ass kick by a KD three time bigger then you and your ally was camping wat wou;d u do


Looks like it "really" makes sense why that NAP was broken.


 Wolf Rider I hope you will die in Fantasia soon, and no any self-respect kingdom will NAP you.

15:23:31 Oct 18th 07 - Ms. Rhiannia Iii: be many of you would agree to a NaP with  a kingdom, which means that in a time of war you help protect one another, how many of you would honestly tolerate a kingdom that does not hold up its end of the least they gave notice....and didnt just attack...i think you guys are being unfair here...

15:31:31 Oct 18th 07 - Mr. Sin:

I think you don't understand waht means NAP.

NAP = Non Attacking Pact.

Which word is hard to understand?


This means that two kingdoms that have NAP can't attack each other. Not that they must have same enemy as one of them had. We could attack, and we couldn not. It was our choise.

If we had MAP - it would be another talk. But we had only NAP,

And by the way - we had send our troops to attack your enemy, but it lost.

Then suddenly you attacked us. How can we feel safe sending troops to enemy, while NAPed kingdom can just come and attack us?

And if you are dying - this doesn'tmean that you can attack NAP'ed kingdom and everything will be honourable.



15:58:07 Oct 18th 07 - Sir Verll:

I actually think Sin is do not under any circumstances attack NAPed kingdoms, if you have any honor that is.

16:03:03 Oct 18th 07 - Mr. Ignorentia:

is this at the end of the previous era?   then why keep moaning about that?

16:20:10 Oct 18th 07 - Mr. Vengence Returns:

as in annubis III as leader, that KD?? hes an unhounourable player, no wonder his KD is

18:18:13 Oct 19th 07 - Duke Meganeura:

Wolf Rider - your reputation is now stained.

When has thier reputation ever been good?

18:55:05 Oct 19th 07 - Mr. Acelnorst:

I wonder if he really thinks that *beep* talk is making him any good


Hes just promoting himself as most unlikely dude ever to be let into a KD :P

19:53:53 Oct 19th 07 - Mr. Anubis II:

wat eva

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