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15:32:11 Jan 9th 10 - Lady Boobson:

So you wonder what happens and happened behind the closed doors of Dark Blood, Prosapia and Juicy?

Apart from poking fun at Arzun, laughing at Ali, calling Mielo a pedo, poking fun at Arzun and saying Oya has a sandy vagina, not much happens.

We play games on teh internetz, reject Swiftys apps, we poke fun at Arzun and we kill shit.

Document from the depths of Prosapia's hall of records [baring in mind, this is straight off a word document, so ignore white parts next to pics]:

You wonder who we are?

There is:


He is our motivator, our leader, or spiritual guide.
In real life a Canadian minor who devotes his life into VU. (yes he's a goth)


He's our tactician, our drunk wonder kid.
IRL he owns a chessclub, and in his free time he tries to be the ladies man which he isn't.

Wilberforce & Wraith

The youth of the team, acting like they are they are the loverboys of VU.
IRL they just love boys ...


The sunshine of the kingdom
IRL he's a 27-year old "designer" who devoted his life in designing packages for sweets.


Our living legend
IRL nothing more then a potsmoking wreck


one of the granddaddies of Prosapia,
IRL he's a happy man who judges from time to time in American Idol


He's the motivator, the little sweetheart ...
IRL he's actually an ass. His hobbies consist out of collecting all sorts of STD's.


16:01:45 Jan 9th 10 - Mr. And Ezzington:

no, nobody wonders what happened in fail-DB.


16:18:48 Jan 9th 10 - Lady Boobson:

Fail? Okay, if you say so!

16:30:31 Jan 9th 10 - Dark Prince Stirlin:

why mention pro and juicy? they were worse fails than db!

17:54:37 Jan 9th 10 - Mr. Arzun:

Im sooo mad right now


20:06:03 Jan 9th 10 - Mr. Smac Ballsack:

OMG ... you fucking rip off! I wonder who you stole it from ...

20:17:30 Jan 9th 10 - Mr. Smac Ballsack:

edit, the people that care the least about it, are the first to respond though :) omfgwhut!

20:41:20 Jan 9th 10 - Dark Prince Stirlin:

and the only ones to respond! whats does that say!

20:56:45 Jan 9th 10 - Mr. Smac Ballsack:

you obviously have a crush on us?

21:54:18 Jan 9th 10 - Mr. Arzun:

At least the sexy guys of DB

15:31:05 Jan 13th 10 - Lady Quietone:

i wonder...wonder why you all have weird new nicks! :P



17:35:12 Jan 13th 10 - Sir Binh The Elven War:


18:17:34 Jan 13th 10 - Lady Boobson:

Cos we iz smexy, my love!

19:16:14 Jan 13th 10 - Mr. And Ezzington:

Sir Binh The Elven War


16:35:12 Jan 13th 10


/me joins Binh in laughing at the joke that is/was/forever will be, DB.

19:34:03 Jan 13th 10 - Lady Boobson:

You're gay.

Plus, what does that make RVLGC.

19:38:25 Jan 13th 10 - Mr. And Ezzington:

What does that make LGC? The most successful kingdom in the history of VU. Cya.

19:43:51 Jan 13th 10 - Clown Penguin The Chilly Willy:

most epic fail kd? congrats! or a kd full of no lifers? Yeah congrats again ! 

19:56:45 Jan 13th 10 - Lady Boobson:

I agree Peng.

He's just jealous none of his applications to DB got accepted.

20:02:23 Jan 13th 10 - Mr. Super Saiyan:

who is boobson, what was your prev name? just curious hehe

i so dont belong in this thread... but hi boobson :)

20:02:56 Jan 13th 10 - Lady Boobson:

I am Wilberforce, ohai Super Saiyan.

20:51:15 Jan 13th 10 - Sir Mcmax The Knight:

This thread is wierd.

But one thing is for sure. I'm enourmous happy that Cobra can't fly (if the picture is just near the truths).

Considering what the pigions and seagulls can make...................... Geeeeeeeee

21:01:32 Jan 13th 10 - Mr. Super Saiyan:

so you are new to HIV boobson?

11:46:05 Jan 14th 10 - Mr. Vapor The Bloodthirsty:

...apparently the stories about American weight problems are true..

12:53:10 Jan 14th 10 - Clown Penguin The Chilly Willy:

were is ze americans? i dunno but i think no one up there is from usa xD aba maybe or kayn lol

21:35:45 Jan 14th 10 - Lady Boobson:

Cobra is from some 3rd world country called Romania.

SS, I was in HIV last era under the name Wilover.

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