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22:39:51 Jun 15th 11 - Mr. Fungi:

hi there are no kingdoms here does someone want to make one with me im new player but have been studying a lot of guides all day and would like to have someone to play with

17:49:37 Jun 17th 11 - Princess Aisha:

This will be a boring era :) Only a few people on this map, considering some might be just people who joined and quit, and according to the info, only 45 people...

* LathaOpen

21:33:13 Jun 26th 11 - Princess Aisha:

One of the biggest downsides of low worlds is that there are so few players, there's nobody on the map doing StG...
This guy is selling at 0.5... and he'll never sell...

Sokiinight [Kindom of Solace ] are not selling more than 40000000 stone

22:12:42 Jun 26th 11 - Puppy Thinks Barny Mean:

lol well, I think all that's on Latha is newbies and some who somehow got past the whole Xp thing. Not many even know how to use magic, me thinks......

00:48:18 Jun 27th 11 - Mr. Soul:

we got 2 guys now that have stg me and **** but besides that we have no one that can declare Armageddon or who wants to wait for 100mill science for next

and yes my first age thoh i am doing good because i keep asking questions thoh half the map or even more is now from us thoh thats to bad .

01:32:16 Jun 27th 11 - Puppy Thinks Barny Mean:

Keep on, brotha! Questions are good to get outta the way early on. 

<-- that annoying Joe cool guy

14:23:16 Jun 27th 11 - Sir Horus XVI:

really 100 players on this map?

14:33:38 Jun 27th 11 - Mr. Soul:

4 big players that are getting killed right now are in the hole north and
west then us 9 thats 12 and then the middle is 1 thats 13, are there really so maany little cities out there because if i look in the south east only 3-4 players also.

in total i think its 16 guys fighting at it while the rest is afk or still growing to do battle

15:28:59 Jun 27th 11 - Mr. Polymer:

ok, i'm figuring that most of these players are enjoying their first era ever that why they aren't making such a splash... i just wanted to confirm that I perceive as an influx of new players

14:55:50 Jul 3rd 11 - Mr. Avionaro:

well maqybe there were like 100 players on this map, but atleast 50% is just the starting army, and if you are lucky they made a small town.

11:05:39 Jul 13th 11 - Mr. Soul:

oh well and this ended latha's era (one of the big moments i guess)


We slaughtered them and left no one alive. Mr. Soul. We have won the battle!

We killed all of the 151777 troops and 0 peasants.

Troops Alive Dead Injured
Good Scout II (your army)
Swordsmen 448160 23499 20017
Archers 6226 326 278
Knights 126509 6633 5651
Magicians 37595 1971 1679
Catapults 104 5 5

19:22:28 Jul 13th 11 - Ice Prince Zeraphyus:

 nice army, though it hads a lot of Swordsman.

19:33:05 Jul 13th 11 - Princess Aisha:

For a first era player I say great job Soul! Congrats on winning the Latha era on your first era :) Nice!
And congrats to all players of Dark Angels, controlling the entire map
It was a fun and interesting era, we all got some more experience and learnt a few things :)

Kingdoms in Latha
Dark Angels10Princess Aisha100
poop smashers five thousand5Mr. Jaded Peanut0
Drageoks2Mr. Lanciant0
Kindom of Solace 1Mr. Maemo0

19:39:19 Jul 13th 11 - General Undercover Agent of:

im still alive :p

06:14:23 Jul 14th 11 - Mr. Soul:

i took out the right side first and then brought them all over so all my defenses that i had there were around 350-400k sword + 300k more that i did not bring over for a revolting city for a example.
and had around 100k knights most of the sword were for defense.

I only use archers in blockers thats just me and if you start alone i could not make a core at all not that i was thinking of that when i started :P

08:03:30 Jul 14th 11 - Mr. Fungi:

Total: +4,069,692 -320,153 +1,775,565 +211,468
Army Upkeep: -649,023
Building Upkeep: -217,334
Total Income: +3,203,335

end of age production

total army op of 3592579.2 :D first on most fearsome

congrats to you Soul for winning the age dude :D

08:14:53 Jul 14th 11 - Mr. Soul:

lol come on fungi we both know who the most feared ruler is(me) twice the amount of soldiers killed :P

seems like my armies take to much food -_-

Total: +4,008,692 -61,926 +1,189,928 +215,213
Army Upkeep: -997,958
Building Upkeep: -490,569
Total Income: +2,520,165

dont feel like counting the op of all my units but should be higher then about anyone.

08:33:01 Jul 14th 11 - Mr. Fungi:

is that army all of your troops? :p and I know you killed more troops but I am still on #1 most fearsome spot 'cause of cities captured xD

14:18:32 Jul 14th 11 - Mr. Soul:

no not even close.

07:52:53 Jul 16th 11 - Mr. The Crion:

I've never found it funny, but those special olympics pictures the retards post on this forum come to mind after reading this.

Never understood why people insist on filling a kingdom up the only active players on the map and beat up the 2-3 guys who didnt join the kingdom before the 10 player cap and pat themselves on the back.  I created a random prov here and landed in that poop smashers kingdom.  They seem to be your "biggest" threat and that kingdom was completely inactive.   Only one person has logged in for the last 19 days.  I didn't even land a city and never was booted.This victory feel good at all?

I'm not one to gleefully spoil someones celebration, but unless people are held accountable and ridiculed, this just continues to happen.  A whole bunch of imbalanced kingdomless nub pounding.  You even make the comment "Ders only 45 people on duh map, dis will bee boring.".  Seeing there is only 45 people, you then quickly secure 10 of the 12 people on the map who actually were active, thereby guaranteeing it will be boring.  Makes no sense

Some things never change...welcome back.

11:16:11 Jul 16th 11 - Mr. Soul:

Kindom of Solace taken out by aisha. first kingdom
poop smashers five thousand taken out second by fungi (excluding members that came in)

Drageoks taken out third by me and with some help of wilson and fungi

biggest threat was Drageoks with 2 big players and 1 small player that i killed off when he joined Drageoks)

+ if you read the only one that said it is going to be boring was aisha when there were only 45 players the ones that cleaned up the map were aisha fungi me and wilson not really anyone else and we already had 10 members before we even went attacking one of those 3 kingdoms and we always took them on with the same amount of players that were in the kingdom

Solace 2 members = only aisha
poop smashers 5 members or so = fungi
Drageoks 3-4 members = wilson(went afk -_-) me and aisha with fungi cleaning up when we were done.

PS: i won this era and this is my first era so i am noob pwning on my first era when i am still a noob myself does not make sense.

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