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Your First Era
19:51:00 May 15th 12 - Osiris the new guy (Mr. Henry Hoover):

so im bored :D how did the HoH look when you first started?

Most Powerful Rulers round 2 I posted a top 40 anyway ^^
Tharr be me in 24th

Rank Ruler Score
1. Viceroy Sezymon 1594672
2. Viceroy Tobleronex 1242739
3. Sir Lightningwolf 1085746
4. Sir Floppy tankmage 612478
5. Sir Valar 248410
6. Sir Gunnar Papphammar 219943
7. King Akebar Balor of The Trinity 214369
8. Sir Peda butt 191019
9. Sir Caramon 175747
10. Sir Tazz 152662
11. King Azaruc of Mirror 136761
12. Sir Squadron leader 134170
13. Sir Valenx 134026
14. The White Wizard 132497
15. Viceroy Galenhuinion 115667
16. Sir Drako 109887
17. Sir Kim 96371
18. Sir Jassie 88120
19. Sir Cataclysm 85962
20. King Raistlin of Zetas Zealots 85822
21. Sir Blade 84953
22. Viceroy Draiken 81203
23. King Frederick of Saiyan Empire 78533
24. Mr. Feanor 77119
25. Viceroy Kazinder Kloud 75911
26. King Ocaine of OCaine Mates 72862
27. Sir Baka 65622
28. Ms. Sonic 61553
29. Mr. Des Schmoan 58199
30. King Hegrim of Lordaeron 49297
31. Mr. Cobra 48960
32. Sir Mozzarela 40910
33. Mr. Eriol 33822
34. Mr. Abou 31059
35. Sir Getsome 30841
36. Mr. Pitredelooney 28087
37. Queen Twamao of Honour and Justice 21756
38. Mr. Danzig 21370
39. Mr. Bakkerman 16326
40. Mr. Surfer 14493

19:53:40 May 15th 12 - Mr. Ballroom Dancer:

look at me, i'm osi, i've been playing* a long time.

shit thread

*playing in this instance means logging in once every 5 days, feeding the enemy plunders and seperating your armies and getting destroyed

20:06:17 May 15th 12 - Wilberforce (Lady Hungriest Horse):

You were feanor? N1...Liar. Feanor is mighty Carnage/FATE guy. You are mighty noob.

20:08:25 May 15th 12 - SWIFTRY (Mr. Ballroom Dancer):

mighty Carnage/FATE

20:13:54 May 15th 12 - Osiris the new guy (Mr. Henry Hoover):

Feanor of carnage thought i was so cool he took my name :D swifty still not as funny as revenge eh

20:19:28 May 15th 12 - SWIFTRY (Mr. Ballroom Dancer):

i got a joke for u:


20:28:05 May 15th 12 - Wilberforce (Lady Hungriest Horse):

Osi, Lord of Fat and Inactiveness. King of Splitting Armies Up To Get Killed. You know, Binh is trying to follow your teachings. Luckily, he'll never do it as spectacularly than you did.
Wana know why we're surviving this era despite warring 6+ KDs? It's cos we don't have you in with the strongest army on the attack.

20:33:17 May 15th 12 - Osiris the new guy (Mr. Henry Hoover):

the fact you sucked enough for me to have the strongest army makes me lol :D

21:12:03 May 15th 12 - Wilberforce (Ms. Darlings):

We warred from the off. Osi The Whore, Whored.

21:22:30 May 15th 12 - Osiris the new guy (Mr. Henry Hoover):

i was busy


22:31:44 May 15th 12 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

i remember when i opened a pokemon booster pack and found charizard happiest day ever. a few weeks later i lost it :( sad times

23:01:07 May 15th 12 - Wilberforce (Ms. Indira Gandhi):

Oh. You were busy losing at pokemon. Ok. 3 things you lose at... VU, The Marching Game and Pokemon Cards.

04:35:06 May 16th 12 - Idiot First Class (Mr. Ogrim Doomhammer):

Can I pretend I was good back then so at least I can pretend I was a decent player at one point in time?

04:58:05 May 16th 12 - Opportunity (Mr. Move Along):

I just looked back at my first era and found like 5 of my old multis haha.

08:28:08 May 16th 12 - Lord Jellybean (Mr. Jellybeanz):

I died before finishing my first era... sad times:(

Mr. Frazerdood

Lived in Era 18 and got 1 heir(s) (Scarce).

my city is placed in a great pot but not just that its protected by over 1000 men

I thought 1000 men was a lot.. haha!

08:39:17 May 16th 12 - Senturu (Mr. Senturu):

Era 15 for me, started on Mant, killed wound up on Zeta.

10:10:43 May 16th 12 - Mr. Thick Rooster:

I'm relatively new to this game, it is my second or third era.

18:54:27 Jun 12th 12 - Duke Pesterd:

I am new, what round am i?

19:14:27 Jun 12th 12 - al (Mr. Alalalal):

I spelled Pothead wrong:

Congratulation to all the 354 rulers that managed to survive the Armageddon

1Viceroy Raistlin
Science effect:483
Total colonies:118
Total armies:44
 Member of the Zeta Zealots kingdom.
2Viceroy Bourne
Science effect:483
Total colonies:82
Total armies:31
 Member of the Zeta Zealots kingdom.
3Sir Draiken
Science effect:407
Total colonies:63
Total armies:27
 Member of the Zeta Zealots kingdom.
4Sir Haafagre
Science effect:411
Total colonies:45
Total armies:18
 Member of the Zeta Zealots kingdom.
5Viceroy Potheid
Science effect:345
Total colonies:42
Total armies:19
 Member of the Army of Darkness kingdom.

00:37:09 Jun 14th 12 - Mr. The Elite:

אני משחק 1 היה שלי עכשיו!!!

02:13:52 Jun 14th 12 - Mr. Aloysius:

05:31:44 May 16th 12 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

i remember when i opened a pokemon booster pack and found charizard happiest day ever. a few weeks later i lost it :( sad times

mate, still playing Pokemon TCG? 

02:47:02 Jun 14th 12 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):


04:05:52 Jun 14th 12 - Mr. Darth Revan:

Mr. The Elite


09:37:09 Jun 14th 12
אני משחק 1 היה שלי עכשיו!!!


05:42:53 Jun 14th 12 - HorusPanic (Lord Horus The Deserter):

yeah, i'll call BS on that too

17:02:11 Jun 14th 12 - Duke Pesterd:

Atem Midabrim Ivrit? Me'Eifo Atem?

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