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Youre all doooomed on Nirvana
06:46:35 Jun 10th 13 - Mr. Orpheus:

Satan is on our side, the antichrist is here, and fire will rain upon all our enemies on nirvana. Beg for mercy and repent!, or else you are all dooooooomed. 100% legit and 100% unedited screenshot.

06:53:54 Jun 10th 13 - Ms. Tuffy:

What is Muv-Luv.. is that porn..

06:56:13 Jun 10th 13 - Mr. Orpheus:

LOL, it's a visual novel I was planning to read later, due to it being the highest rating visual novel on

07:02:30 Jun 10th 13 - Ms. Tuffy:

so its a hentai novel?

07:08:24 Jun 10th 13 - Mr. Orpheus:

10:21:12 Jun 10th 13 - Yukan (Mr. Nakuy):

Have you played Ever 17 or Remember 11 yet? :p

(No Sexual Content for Tuffy's Information)

11:44:20 Jun 10th 13 - Mr. Orpheus:

@Nakuy Nope. Ever 17 is on my 'to read' list, and was almost going to read it instead of muvluv 1, which i've already started reading. I've never heard of remember 11.

@Tuffy The title is very misleading. I've finished muvluv 1, and spent probably 40 hours on it, and there was only 1 sex scene. But that sort of thing is somewhat common for novels anyway. The whole story is based around Takeru living his normal life, but suddenly gets teleported to another dimension, where the human race is facing extinction against an alien invasion. Takeru joins the military, and it follows his story. The story is actually a lot better than it sounds.

Anyway, this thread has derailed so badly off topic.

22:22:50 Jun 11th 13 - Mr. Halfwit:

It's still more on-topic than the "Nirvana 19" topic.   :-P

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