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03:30:30 Sep 30th 15 - Nayoke the Kid (Sir Devlish Kid):

Watching Demons try to take out Death Dealers' OOP core is like watching a bunch of re... special people try to hump a door knob. 

This is all I have to say.

10:31:07 Sep 30th 15 - Mr. Edward Nygma:

Well from our point of view, I can just say that we went from being a very active kingdom to a semi inactive kingdom, due to few factors. Having a second character takes bunch of your time, especially if you consider the second character to be more important, and most of us have decided that. This era is going to end up in our defeat, it has been a long time coming, and with that in mind, we have given less and less attention to this world, and therefore we were doing less and less damage as time passed. At one point of time, we even organized ourselves so that half of us fight Death Dealers while half prepare for invasion from The Collective. But that resulted in our merges getting beat back by you guys or Forsaken. So there was no other way but to send some more troops west, and now our flank is exposed and we are being taken down by the Collective. From my understanding Collective has been fighting Dharan Empire up north, and as soon as they won that one, they started moving toward us, we knew it would happen, it was just a matter of time.

In this game, when few kingdoms fight out of protection, and one is allowed to do a little but of building, it is already clear who wins the era. On Zetamania it will be Collective, just as in Fantasia Zeon is going to take over the world no matter what we all do.

08:49:26 Oct 3rd 15 - Ms. Daenerys Targaryen:

Time for Arma?

10:19:31 Oct 3rd 15 - Mr. Roxmog:

Cast it if you want.

12:42:30 Oct 3rd 15 - Nayoke the Kid (Mr. Eros The Halfling Hater):

Im prepping to cast it up north right now, unless you guys want to handle it?

18:12:15 Oct 3rd 15 - Lady Leila:

Why are you wasting resources on casting armageddon?
Isnt's the winning  kingdom responsibility to make the cast in the end, when all sides decide its all over, or untill everyone is dead? Considering we asked if all agree, and the leaders of the kingdoms did not support the idea, we will continue fighting. There will be no arma casts untill all strong enemy armies are dead.

18:52:16 Oct 3rd 15 - Mr. Roxmog:

It IS over. There is no way this era can go any other way now. Why waste more time when we can cast Arma and start a new era? Besides, anyone can cast Arma any time they like, if people don't want it then they wont vote for it. I don't know where you're getting your information but I'm pretty sure most people want Arma.

20:20:16 Oct 3rd 15 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Dragonlord of Oblivion):

Cast arma you guys won already

09:27:22 Oct 4th 15 - Ms. Melisandre:

Yeah its time for arma, but I have just failed 8 times lol...
I will probably make it happen tomorrow or the next day, but since you offered Nayake, feel free to cast it, and we will avoid the arma city if you are successful.

19:35:38 Oct 4th 15 - Ms. Daenerys Targaryen:

Vote yes, I am pretty sure everyone wants this to end.

21:44:53 Oct 4th 15 - Nayoke the Kid (Mr. Eros The Halfling Hater):

I don't know... I feel an underdog type of story brewing the the north

00:11:55 Oct 5th 15 - Ms. Daenerys Targaryen:

As you wish, I have instructed my people to vote no

00:47:20 Oct 5th 15 - Ms. Melisandre:

Not a problem at all, city will be gone in a tick or two...

09:06:41 Oct 5th 15 - Mr. Roxmog:

Just cast Arma already. It doesn't matter who casts it. There's only a couple of handfulls of cities left anyway and no chance the outcome will change. I'd rather just get on with things than wait around being dead while you guys mess around trying to cast Arma. Or at least don't stop attempting to cast it, it may still take a few days before it's successful.

10:15:01 Oct 5th 15 - Ms. Daenerys Targaryen:

What do you mean? The arma was casted but we had 4-5 votes for "no" from Death Dealers I guess, so they do not want the world to end, so our mage wrecked the city that arma was casted in, and we will not be casting arma any more till everyone on the map is dead except us.

10:33:33 Oct 5th 15 - Mr. Roxmog:

Well I wasn't on. And how do you know they were from Death Dealers and not Forsaken or Demons or Dharan or anyone else, or even your own kingdom, your's is the only one that would have any reason to not want Arma. Only 5 of us have been online in like a week, and I wasn't on when Arma was cast. The only reason it would be voted No if becase of you guys all voted NO before EVERYONE else could vote YES.

12:17:03 Oct 5th 15 - Nayoke the Kid (Mr. Eros The Halfling Hater):

Well even if you voted yes, I voted no, so that balanced out anyways and to be honest does it matter which KD the votes came from? The game goes on!!! gl

12:17:27 Oct 5th 15 - Nayoke the Kid (Mr. Eros The Halfling Hater):

seems to be some pesky critters in the south 

17:15:53 Oct 5th 15 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Dragonlord Jackdaniels):

Damn straight there be cockroaches in the south

17:18:51 Oct 5th 15 - Ms. Cercei Lannister:

In our kingdom only Aisha and the mage were online, cause all others had 1 or more days offline, and them two voted yes, what would be the point of casting it to vote no, better to not cast it then. So our kingdom did not vote no, and Demons have been asking us for many days already to end this, so we know for sure that they did not considering they did not even log in for few days (some of them are in our kingdom in another world and they told us). The era did not end cause of the votes, we had 7 yes and 5 no, and since it was not all for it, it would last for 200 more ticks, or something like that. We did not want to bother waiting that much so the mage wrecked city and arma ended.

17:35:36 Oct 5th 15 - Konspyre (Mr. Incredible):

please end so i can play ty

19:51:11 Oct 5th 15 - Mr. Roxmog:

So out of the 39 people on this world you decide to call the whole thing off after 12 votes? :P How long was Arma even going for? I wasn't away for that long. And what was with the whole "I have instructed my people to vote no" If you had of just voted yes then you wouldn't have to wait 200 ticks which is the reason you're claiming you ended it. :P

20:51:54 Oct 5th 15 - Ms. Cercei Lannister:

I do not think you understand the concept of arma... If there are 50% of votes for yes, with no votes for no, the world ends instantly and we do not have to wait. Few votes for no prevent the instant ending and we all have to wait for several rl days for the arma to count down to zero.

There are plenty of armies and large cities that can be taken, we just suggested that if people are bored like we are, to end it right away and go to the next era. But few of them probably thought that with higher activity they could cause trouble to us, like they did to Demons. Well our kingdom went very inactive, but now we are getting everyone back to activity, so lets continue the era, good luck everyone.

21:19:10 Oct 5th 15 - Mr. Roxmog:

Like I said, only 12 people out of 39 voted. Even if 5 people voted no if like 8 more people voted yes it still would have happened.

Also, 15. They are only 15 large cities left that don't belong to you guys. I wouldn't call that "plenty". There is no way this era is going to go any other way so what's the point? The more we fight you the longer it takes for you to cast Arma so why don't I just destroy all my cities and resign to make things faster? :P

21:57:37 Oct 5th 15 - Ms. Daenerys Targaryen:

Talk to Devilish Kid then, we stopped the arma cause of him.

22:25:09 Oct 5th 15 - Mr. Roxmog:

Why, though? Seriously, you'd call off something that effects a lot of people because one random guy from a kingdom says so? He doesn't speak for us. He only joined this era.

22:37:05 Oct 5th 15 - Ms. Daenerys Targaryen:

I checked your kingdom page, it says he is viceroy, so part of leadership.
That is why I thought he represents the kingdom.

22:51:43 Oct 5th 15 - Mr. Roxmog:

It must have been recent then because I didn't even know that. Still it's only one person. Besides, I'm a vice in Death Dealers (have been for 18 eras and led the Kingdom myself when Anon was away) and I want Arma, Jack Daniels is the leader of Forsaken and he said he wants Arma. If you're going to do things based on what one person wants then I'm pretty sure what we say carries more weight. :P

21:56:45 Oct 6th 15 - Nayoke the Kid (Sir Devlish Kid):

Hows are my babyboo-firebreathers does in the south? ;) Give them my regards xoxoxox

18:38:35 Oct 9th 15 - Ms. Daenerys Targaryen:

Considering my entire kingdom has stopped playing we cast arma and say bye to you all.

20:06:15 Oct 11th 15 - Ms. Melisandre:

Good job Death Dealers taking us down, we are all inactive so we do not deserve the win :) Anon as always  taking everything by himself lol, you have been around for so many years and greed still runs through you :) Hopefully you guys find some competitions on this world in the eras to come!

01:36:33 Oct 12th 15 - Death Dealer (Mr. Death Dealer):

I just love how those whom only(for the most part) have played against me for years say such things, yet they seem to know everything about me lol. I guess I am suppose to stop for days and allow you to fight back :)

Besides I am only insuring our victory and nothing more, as I usually try my best to help other members win.

01:45:15 Oct 13th 15 - Nayoke the Kid (Sir Devlish Kid):

Ill be casting Arma within the next couple days (2-3). Unless anyone want to war it out again, which I don't think anyone does, vote yes so we can get the next era under way

03:40:33 Oct 13th 15 - Kevin (Kushlord Gonzo):

You can try to kill me...

10:25:16 Oct 13th 15 - Nayoke the Kid (Sir Devlish Kid):

Seems my pet is paying you a visit. Tell him I say hi

20:19:38 Oct 13th 15 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Dragonlord of Oblivion):

Fuck your pet

20:19:59 Oct 13th 15 - Kevin (Kushlord Gonzo):

Your pets are more or less useless

20:26:30 Oct 13th 15 - Nayoke the Kid (Sir Zeons Fess Leader):

Save your blood pressure boys, he's really nice I promise you. He just needs to eat a lot is all, so maybe have some supper ready? 

23:45:42 Oct 14th 15 - Nayoke the Kid (Sir Devlish Kid):

"We estimate it's strength to be like 902400 Hammerthrowers." Seems some of these guys have been getting pretty fat!

23:47:43 Oct 14th 15 - Nayoke the Kid (Sir Devlish Kid):

Everyone please just vote yes to Arma and let us move on with the world. I think it is pretty clear that we are not going to go inactive and that we now absolutely have the resources and the force to wipe the map. I look forward to seeing you all next era :)

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