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15:31:33 Jun 13th 19 - Phat (Grand Moff Tarkin):

Well, this is shaping up quickly. we've got three 2 man KDs, is that right?

17:29:43 Jun 18th 19 - Ms. Silvorer:

Looks like a lot of people are close together, as well!

05:41:22 Jul 1st 19 - Mr. Toker:

Moff is out.

I'm gonna play NPC that feeds obaidians 

06:54:39 Jul 14th 19 - Arkantos (Lord Arkantos):

Ouch, bad era guys?

Battles won: 6
Battles lost: 49

Members: 4
Mr. Fourtwenty
Mr. Toker
Mr. Wuu The Woeful
Grand Moff Tarkin

13:37:50 Jul 14th 19 - Cleft Lord Silverthang:

I had such a good chance to stop everything that's happening to me right now but I was so tied up with life I came back with one city left lmao rip

23:54:19 Jul 19th 19 - Ms. Silvorer:


They surrendered. Ms. Silvorer. We have won the battle!

We killed a total of 26751 enemy troops, 0 peasants and injured 30166 enemy troops.

Our troops gained +20 extra experience.

when you win a 1% fight..

23:58:02 Jul 19th 19 - musclesdelaney (Mr. Jibbymaster):

You obviously believed in the heart of the cards i see.

16:53:08 Jul 25th 19 - Mr. Please Die:

Is war over or still on going? 

Anyone has magic 9 for Arma?

18:12:20 Jul 25th 19 - Arkantos (Lord Arkantos):

I'll message zeta for arma,

18:16:26 Jul 25th 19 - Mr. Please Die:

Awesome Ajax :)

14:05:10 Jul 28th 19 - Mr. Please Die:

ZeTa can you cast Arma please? We're been waiting for few days.

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