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Zetamania 37
15:57:33 Feb 6th 15 - HorusPanic (Lord Horus):

Name that Arma town?

What should we call it?

17:22:53 Feb 6th 15 - Alrisaia (Lady Alrisaia The Prism):

Armagettin Outtahere

14:35:42 Feb 10th 15 - HorusPanic (Lord Horus):


sorry for the delay, i had a person in the kingdom want to see the effects of some spells... particularly 'Summon Dragon" and high level EQs/Oqnages etc.

Arma is casted and gg... if Zeta is two kingdoms only again I'm not gonna play... we have GvE for that

14:43:11 Feb 10th 15 - Mr. Livingston:

Yeah, it was a fun era, but I've already decided against playing it next era for the same reason.

17:22:47 Feb 10th 15 - Mr. Fezz:

Good era guys. Was fun and a great experience  

Congrats Kreed on era win

Thank you Horus for all the fun you shared With the spells demonstration ;)

Special mention to penguino for demontrating great VU skills. 

I agree with Horus and Kreed as far as playing on zeta. Also hated the map was torched playing on it 

17:39:37 Feb 10th 15 - Mr. Sherlock Holmes:

Fez is my other character ;p


01:31:43 Feb 11th 15 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Dragonlord Jackdaniels):

ok so i have an idea how bout we just do 3 man kd's for zeta this upcoming era i think it would make all of us enjoy the era a little more then we did this era since it was just 1kd vs 1kd

01:37:06 Feb 11th 15 - Bran (Mr. Narb):

or how about we consolidate the wider playerbase into just 2-3 maps so we dont have this problem?

02:00:22 Feb 11th 15 - Ms. Poorly:

I have no intention of playing Zeta anymore, merges and the low player count make it too uninteresting.

02:05:58 Feb 11th 15 - Mr. Valverde:

3 man KDs could be fun.

03:47:13 Feb 11th 15 - Mr. Sherlock Holmes:

It would be nice to keep the special maps though. The merging / walls is fun and adds to team work/ excitement although it ha still glitchy. 

However, the map type we had was garbage  I dont think it should ever be used....  

I do agree with you that less worlds should be open. 

or how about we consolidate the wider playerbase into just 2-3 maps so we dont have this problem?

04:08:03 Feb 11th 15 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Mr. Jack The Righteous):

how bout 5 a 50% world a gve world zeta fant and mant 

04:30:13 Feb 11th 15 - Mr. Sherlock Holmes:

Seems like a good mix

05:37:35 Feb 11th 15 - HorusPanic (Ms. Kid Friendly):

JD is right

23:12:07 Feb 11th 15 - Mr. Soccer Balls:

sparta as kdless and one for us old timers that miss merges definitely are in my interest

05:58:06 Feb 17th 15 - Mr. Proxy:

What a fun, fair, epic era so far!

Right guys!? 

07:21:29 Feb 21st 15 - Mr. Wrexx:

My first era! I am enjoying this game alot

07:22:58 Feb 21st 15 - Ms. Examine:

If you're enjoying this game and this era then I recommend playing on some of the other worlds like GvE and Valhalla specifically, Zetamania is unfortunately very low player count right now.

11:17:41 Feb 21st 15 - Mr. Sherlock Holmes:

Sad to hear that is the case. 

Got lucky last era and got the chance to play with some good teammates and vs a good kingdom with great players. 

It is a world that demonstrates the best team work in my opinion. Got to work together and communicate. 

If there are kingdom less players on this map, it defeats the point. 

I would have thought this map would attract more new players, newbies, and those that can't be super active. 

Great unutilized potential For this world

Maybe it need the likes of Barney to rally the troops and make it popular like GvE

11:19:51 Feb 21st 15 - Princess Aisha:

I dislike Zeta because you give your army to someone else and the person has all the fun while I just watch... I do not like that, and I prefer to move my armies myself, even thought great merges have a great potential, the few eras I have been there, I did not really enjoy.

05:53:33 Feb 22nd 15 - Mr. Wrexx:

I am ok with just a few people on a map as i am new and had a guy on GvE and died within 1 day of making my guy...:(

07:45:35 Feb 22nd 15 - Mr. Soccer Has Nofriends:

ah, the days of phi, abydos and legacy supermerges.......i loved merges, made it easier to breach cores.....instead of one guy trying to take a blocker that a whole kd gets to defend

11:50:43 Mar 1st 15 - Mr. Can I Save That Pic:

It was always good to see a horde within 10 days OOP or so.

13:09:28 Mar 1st 15 - Sir Yisrahel Igba of Yesu:

When is someone going to cast arma ?

17:53:23 Mar 1st 15 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Dragonlord World Render):

working on it need 400 mil gold and 35 mil everything else and no i didnt rainbow my sciences

18:07:02 Mar 1st 15 - Mr. Hirogen Hunter:

How many kingdoms were there in the end? Did Death Dealers play this era? 

18:30:15 Mar 1st 15 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Dragonlord Jack The Lost):

they did but not really looks like 2 kd's atm i'm trimming my kd down next era and going to ask my players to form a couple 3 man kd's so it's not 2 kingdoms duking it out on zeta

20:42:39 Mar 1st 15 - Ms. Examine:

Magic Level
Level 6
Upgrading will cost 41,591,250 gold, 3,697,000 stone, 3,697,000 tree and 3,697,000 food.

I'm a bit far off magic 9 lol.

So what happened this era was really at spawn there was one inactive, and then Ronin and I for DD, bidi came in a bit late and was also inactive and they basically had no land/no troops.  I was playing Elf, we didn't have a blocker, so 2 vs 5 I just burnt my cities and walked across the map and rebuilt KD-less.  I had no ability to defend against merges and settled far away. 

Zetamania is not a world that works with only 2 KD's, and really doesn't work when there are 7 people playing.  I didn't intend to even spawn in this world, knowing half the people didn't intend to play.

21:07:02 Mar 1st 15 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Mr. Name Got Stolen):

well like i said my kd is cutting down to three people and every one else can find a home or make one

21:13:27 Mar 1st 15 - Mr. Sesugh Yisrahel The Wise:

Alliance Of Kings recruiting :P 

16:57:20 Mar 3rd 15 - Mr. Pegaz The Mighty:

Any idea when new age starts?

17:04:33 Mar 3rd 15 - Kevin (Kushlord Boxorocks):

As soon as somebody can cast arma or there is divine intervention from Zeta. I know that Jack has 8 magic and needs like 400m to get 9.

22:05:58 Mar 3rd 15 - Mr. Sesugh Yisrahel The Wise:

Or until i take the world and cast it :P 

09:32:09 Mar 5th 15 - Teirdel (Saint Nyxkilla):

So is it a go for 3  man kds next era? A few buddies of mine and myself are wanting to play on zeta if thats the case.

18:21:09 Mar 5th 15 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Dragonlord The World Fire):

well idk if every one else is gonna follow the rules but i do plan to knock my group down to 3 people including myself might keep an inactive on the kd list but it'll be 3 people

11:52:40 Mar 8th 15 - Princess Aisha:

I will do my best to get you all some competition here as soon as you guys cast arma :-) 

00:26:11 Mar 10th 15 - Penguin (Mr. Anigav):

no thanks

16:32:15 Mar 12th 15 - Princess Aisha:

This is taking forever, still no arma?

18:20:01 Mar 12th 15 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Dragonlord World Render):

tomorrow is when i'll have the science lvl to start attempting aisha it is a little hard to rack up 400mil and 35mil of everything else

21:01:35 Mar 16th 15 - Kevin (Kushlord Gonzo):

World ended, anyone playing next era?

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