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Zetamania 49
07:20:23 Nov 14th 16 - Mr. Necro Emporos:

Let's get the ball rolling.

Kingdoms in Zetamania

Pestilence7Mr. Magica115
The Death Dealers11Mr. Necro Emporos100
Gondolin7Mr. Midnight Toker of Rog67

The biggest questions this era; Will DD win again, will Pesti come back with a vengeance, will an Elf only kingdom be at all effective? Take your bets.

05:39:50 Nov 16th 16 - Mr. Midnight Toker of Rog:

It seems everyone found everyone so far.

Kingdoms in Zetamania
The Death Dealers12Mr. Necro Emporos118
Gondolin8Mr. Midnight Toker of Rog100
Pestilence7Mr. Magica73

06:27:06 Nov 16th 16 - Endless (Lady Lucy Pevensie):

well, we're actually a few slackers short but yeah, we're here

is that it? hey Gondolines, wanna kill Death Dealers? :)

16:47:36 Nov 17th 16 - Mr. Necro Emporos:

Well, Gondolin's already breaking their own Elf only rule. Don't really see the point in doing the one race only thing if you're not going to stick by it.

19:52:31 Nov 17th 16 - King BurningLegion (Mr. Burninglegion The Old Wizard):

its being debated Lord Necro

19:57:50 Nov 17th 16 - Mr. Midnight Toker of Rog:

It was accidental. Though why do you care?

20:25:12 Nov 17th 16 - Ms. Reaper of Kodachi:

Because flaming and trolling is the bread and butter of this game. 

00:23:21 Nov 18th 16 - Mr. Necro Emporos:

Just keeping you honest. ;)

01:04:39 Nov 18th 16 - Haldimir (Mr. Haldimir of The Woodland Realm):

yes it is a mistake, 

And it also hard when only two out of the entire KD have an army or magic to defend the core. :(

02:25:31 Nov 18th 16 - Mr. Reaper of Twinks:

Lots of magic hurts my bum 

16:09:34 Nov 19th 16 - Mr. Necro Emporos:

And now acceping Orcs into an "Elf only" kingdom. Can't say that was an accedent.

17:06:11 Nov 19th 16 - Mr. Lizard:

To be sucessful in that idea (only one race) I think it should be a race that can be good at oop, mid era and late era. Last era human only kingdom was good but when you pick elves you can only hope there are no wars oop and you can be strong late era. If the idea has failed its ok to recruit orcs we should not take it against them. Its not set in stone they must be only elves, its just what they were testing

17:25:15 Nov 19th 16 - Mr. Necro Emporos:

I know I'm being hard on them but I'd just prefer if people stand by their convictions is all. They knew full well the limitations of a one race only kingdom and they chose to go with Elf knowing Elves suck OOP. As soon as they start letting any other race join then it defeats the whole point of doing the one race thing in the first place. May as well just be a normal kingdom. It was interesting to see how a Human only kingdom faired last era, but if they start adding in more races now (Dwarf and Orc so far) then we can't look back on this era to see how an Elf only kingdom did.

19:08:30 Nov 19th 16 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax From Godmania):

Well we have tried 2 times on Fant under Binh's command with elf.

And failed 2 times.

It was worth a try, no doubt about that. since we (at least some) learned both some dirty tricks and got some experience.

22:38:35 Nov 26th 16 - Mr. Necro Emporos:

So, 3 vs 1 huh. 10 vs 19. Seems a bit excessive. Oh well.

23:21:28 Nov 26th 16 - Haldimir (Mr. Haldimir of The Woodland Realm):

We are on the brink of defeat, luckily I manage to hold until pesti arrive.

16:41:04 Dec 3rd 16 - King BurningLegion (King Burninglegion The Third):

After the colossal world vs Anthro last era , there is no room for complaining.

An elf only kingdom is great if given time to farm, I was gone the first two weeks of the era so I dont know what happened if there was an OOP war or we were rushed.

If the kingdom is on the brink of destruction and recruiting a dwarf and orc will prevent it then its what must be done. In the ideal situation it would remain pure elf but in the constant changing world of politics things must be flexible.

19:11:29 Dec 3rd 16 - Mr. Necro Emporos:

Yeah but it wasn't really the world vs Anthro was it? Pesti farmed all era untill the end and even then only took one wall and Greenskins sent one merge that got bounced right away. Also we never had relations with Pesti. So no, nothing like the Nap party all you guys are having now. Pesti could have well taken is on alone. 

19:26:51 Dec 3rd 16 - Mr. Ruaumoko:

Really Necro , stop moaning it is what it is .. once again another bitch fest about ..'the world vs us' .. 

What are you looking for sympathy ? .. happens every era when one empire is dominant... 

Maybe instead of trying to sneak in a FM merge to our core it would of been put to better use actually killing of the elf empire . That way 'the world' would of been smaller ...  

02:29:04 Dec 4th 16 - Mr. Necro Emporos:

Who's bitching? All I said was it seemed a bit excessive. :P Pesti has enough troops to take us on alone without needing 2 other kingdom's support. 

Also, we would have finished off Gondo eventually if Pesti hadn't of interrupted. The reason we sent the merge in was to draw armies away from Gondo's core.

Also it doesn't "happen every era". In the past 9 eras it's never been 3 vs 1. It's either been 1v1 or 1v2 or 2v2 or 1v1v1 and such. The usually aren't more than 4 KDs on Zeta so we try to keep things even. Which is why we didn't get relations with Pesti last era.

03:47:36 Dec 4th 16 - Mr. Ruaumoko:

05:15:01 Dec 4th 16 - King BurningLegion (King Burninglegion The Third):

Hakuna Matata ..... on Zetamania we're all friends

06:11:06 Dec 4th 16 - Mr. Pussygrabber:

No, you see you fuckers complained about be using forced march with orc.

I dropped it this era, but you carried on. 
So now I am merging all the kds into ours, and will force march every army and tear you soft cunts apart myself like i did before.
Fuckign useless c*nts

06:44:26 Dec 4th 16 - Mr. Pussygrabber:

For all the other kd's who want to know a hack on Necro's merge abuse, pm me and i will tell you how the merge happens, what its weakness is and how you can cast a freeze on it with no losses and guaranteed success.  See you fuckers know one hack, I know all of them.

10:41:52 Dec 4th 16 - Mr. Necro Emporos:

I've never complained about it. That was BL. Which he had a right to, being in a all Human kingdom and not being able to do it. But that's just one of the limitations of not having an Orc in your kingdom. Which is what I said last era. I really don't give a damn if you use it. Hell, I told Greenskins how to use it last era. If you even bothered to pay attention, which you obviously haven't, you'd know that I want this game to be as fair as possible for everyone. Go read my comments here: I don't consider it "abuse" or a "hack" since anyone (who's Orc) can do it. And it's far from "MY" thing. It was being done on Zeta even before DD was formed and has been used pretty much every era.

Also "like I did before"? I'm sorry, what? When was this? I must have missed it. I don't recall you ever doing any damage to us let alone "tearing us apart". Perhaps you should take a chill pill and work on those anger issues, huh? You seem to have some uncalled for negative disposition towards DD, or perhaps me in general, and yet I don't recall us ever doing anything worthy of such hatred.

11:40:37 Dec 4th 16 - Mr. Looney Tunes:

So here is the first hack. He will place a single naz into his army, no gaia. All the other kd's troops will merging into him.

It leaves a weakness, which I will outline to all kds personally.
Secondly he will force march. This will reduce all troops moral by 4% a tick. At the point he has marched 9 real ticks, his orc is susceptible to ownage.
However, not many orcs reach that level of magic, however, if his naz is carrying a halfer army, that halfer is susceptible to ownage.

12:22:21 Dec 4th 16 - Mr. Necro Emporos:

Ok, just ignore me, that's fine. However you're wrong on every level. Firstly, it doesn't make a difference if the leading scout is a Naz or Gaia, I usually use naz because they get to merge points faster, other than that it makes no difference. Secondly, force marching doesn't lover moral by 4% a tick. My army (part of a merge) has been on the move for 10 ticks now and is still on 99% moral. Thirdly, all army's MUs go towards the merge's magic protection making it har to cast Ownage on. Forthly, you can only cast on the leading merge army, not the armies in it, so it wouldn't matter if there was a Halfling army in the merge because you wouldn't be able to target it with Ownage. Also, even if an Orc somehow managed to cast Ownage on a merge (which I've never seen done in my years of VU) then it would onlt take control of the Orc scout that was leading the merge, all other armies in the merge would be unmerged from the merge. I guess that could be useful if timed right, but there's nothing to stop those armies from just killing the Orc scout and merging up again. I mean if you want to break up a merge for a few ticks then I guess it could work. If it's even possible to cast Ownage on a merge.

Anyway, you should really stop talking out your ass. Unless your goal is to look stupid. In which case, please contine.

12:25:22 Dec 4th 16 - Mr. Pussygrabber:

Unless you know how to identify the armies in the merge. So yeah, lets see how this era works out for you.

You merge scout may not drop, every army in the merge is dropping.

12:43:46 Dec 4th 16 - Mr. Necro Emporos:

It's not the merge army, it's an army in the merge.

15:47:20 Dec 4th 16 - King BurningLegion (Mr. Burninglegion The Old Wizard):

Pussygrabber is a clown, I dont know what other names he uses, but he insults VU with his childish words.

I would never allow a kingdom I manage or a kingdom I am part of to join such a child.

Mr. Pussygrabber (12/4/2016 2:31:30 PM)GOODBAD
you kd has 24 ticks to delete your kd and merge with us.

If Necro had wanted us to merge into DD I would have considered it because I have great respect for him, and although we disagree sometimes hes a proven leader.

16:17:54 Dec 4th 16 - King BurningLegion (Mr. Burninglegion The Old Wizard):

Pussygrabber is Bling ...

03:59:43 Dec 5th 16 - Alrisaia (Lady Alrisaia The Punctual):

I've played mage pretty much explicitly in this game with the exception on zeta where i tinker with human hybrid type. I've never ever ever ever been able to get a high* percentage on an elf led merge, so the 'hack' pussygutter is talking about is complete bs.

Also, Burning Legion, thanks for speaking up on necro's defense there, while i think he handled himself quite well and maintained his composure i have a great deal of respect for someone who can compliment his 'enemies'. This is after all, a game.

Also, this era has been fun but it seems like some things have changed on zeta, did any new rules get added within the last year? New mechanics of some sort?

04:09:41 Dec 5th 16 - Endless (Ms. Red Horse of The Apocalypse):

Morale drops at a consistent rate inside the merge, when it's on FM it drops faster.

Halfers are the only lucky ones because they never drop below 50%

15:15:18 Dec 5th 16 - Mr. Necro Emporos:

It might drop faster but I have no idea where Bling pulled the "4% morale loss per tick" from.

20:43:05 Dec 9th 16 - Mr. Lizard:

No arguments please, more fighting in the fields, I want to see more large merges, lots more armies around, the era gets more interesting when there are more people to slaughter. Zeta seems like an interesting world, no matter the alliances or what ever you guys complain about. Talk it all out in the field slaughtering each other, that is the best way.

13:14:35 Dec 10th 16 - Mr. Pussygrabber:

Now we know what little liars this bunch are. 

Mr. Midnight Toker of Rog (11/22/2016 7:47:22 PM)GOODBAD
The Kingdom of Gondolin requests amnesty. Our defenses are shattered and the Death Dealers threaten us all.

19:03:02 Dec 10th 16 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax of Mantrax):

From this character I can allow myself to write this:


Co-founder of The Royal Order of Claidmore

19:29:14 Dec 10th 16 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax of Mantrax):

Just noticed that the date-stamp was from the start of the age and not new.

Well, that doesn't change my opinion much.


20:47:43 Dec 10th 16 - Endless (Ms. Red Horse of The Apocalypse):

we showed them mercy, we made a mistake

meh, let the fighting continue

21:09:10 Dec 10th 16 - Mr. Midnight Toker of Rog:

You (11/22/2016 10:47:22 PM)
The Kingdom of Gondolin requests amnesty. Our defenses are shattered and the Death Dealers threaten us all.
Ms. Red Horse of The Apocalypse (11/22/2016 10:51:44 PM)GOODBAD
I'll put it forward to the kingdom, and see what they want to do.

Personally I don't have a problem with it, but it's not up to me alone. 

You may want to discuss specifics with Bling.
Ms. Red Horse of The Apocalypse (11/22/2016 11:38:57 PM)GOODBAD
Bling had this to say:

They get a week to rebuild and have troops ready. 
They are to tuck into the valley south of our north core.
Or leave their kd and join ours. even better

21:10:30 Dec 10th 16 - Mr. Midnight Toker of Rog:

1) Two weeks elapsed.

2) You demanded we join or die.

21:11:01 Dec 10th 16 - Mr. Pussygrabber:

Now you die.

21:16:31 Dec 10th 16 - Mr. Bigfield The Executive:

Im surprised it took you 2 weeks to delay following up on your offer.

21:20:14 Dec 10th 16 - Mr. Pussygrabber:

They a bunch of cry babies and no doubt the whole time they were getting their asses handed to them by DD, KBL was screaming and crying about how many troops he was gonna lose, like he does in every kd he fights.

In fact, when he was in Pesti, the rest of us laughed when he got owned, with his silly zillion fcuking pony army. 
So no worries, we'll remove them, and then carry on the 3 era long war with DD who can only farm.

21:21:30 Dec 10th 16 - Mr. Midnight Toker of Rog:

Granted. BL was honeymooning. Afk for 2 weeks.

21:25:32 Dec 10th 16 - Mr. Pussygrabber:


Mr. Burninglegion The Old Wizard (8/18/2016 4:45:39 AM)GOODBAD


be right there :P

21:30:32 Dec 10th 16 - Endless (Ms. Red Horse of The Apocalypse):

Bigfield is Midnight Toker right, what other name do you go by, Theo something? bugger I'm in a kingdom with you in Mantrax, will have to die again (don't like playing with your kind)... least you could have done is give a 24 hour notice or something but nope, justifying it by wriggle room.  It was implicit you use the troops against DD and not us but whatever,  technically you did nothing wrong although getting relations with DD now, hahahahaha  Game on.

21:37:12 Dec 10th 16 - Mr. Midnight Toker of Rog:


Pgrabber forced us on this one.

21:47:24 Dec 10th 16 - Mr. Necro Emporos:

"DD who can only farm" 

I'm sorry, what? DD has never farmed, we've always been involved in oop war right from the start, pretty much ever era. Pesti farmed way more than us last era. :P Yes you had oop war with that kingdomless player but after that you just farmed. Hell, it took me messaging your leader to get you to stop just farming. So maybe think about your own position before you start with the accusations .

As for the whole Pesti V Gondolin thing. I honestly thought you guys had a NAP or something but it seems you didn't have any formal relations. Given the situation that Bling put them in I don't think Gondolin had much choice but to resist being taken over if they wanted to stay their own kingdom.

22:12:03 Dec 10th 16 - Endless (Ms. Red Horse of The Apocalypse):

so in the extra week that we didn't move against them they thought what? that we wouldn't move on them as long as they were fighting DD? or that we were done with DD and had time for them? ... still in the meh whatever zone, they made their bed for eras to come

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