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21:35:03 Jan 4th 17 - Mr. Tinky Winky:

Any small kingdoms accepting new applications?

21:44:29 Jan 4th 17 - Mr. Huntmaster The Boss:


IMGKingdom NameMembersLeader%P
Kingdoms in Zetamania
Pestilence7Mr. Remington100
The Death Dealers15Lady Alrisaia The Peaceful96
Gondolin6Mr. Burninglegion The Corrupt Elf43
BloodLust3Mr. Ariess5
TEETH4Mr. Satan The Demon2

21:58:09 Jan 4th 17 - Xerxes The Great (High King Xerxes The Corrupt):

Also looking for a kingdom

17:00:23 Jan 5th 17 - Arkantos (Lord Arkantos):

Also looking for a very active kingdom

17:45:41 Jan 5th 17 - King BurningLegion (King Burninglegion The Orc Bear):

Kingdom of Gondolin is accepting members, we're down to 5 with 1 inactive.

Must be Elf :P 

18:20:24 Jan 5th 17 - Alrisaia (Lady Alrisaia The Peaceful):

Hi xerxes, I'm leading death dealers this era and I'm sure we could use all the help we can get... Would imbalance the kds badly though i think.

22:28:14 Jan 5th 17 - Mr. Toker of Rog:

Both Xerxes and Alrisaia are great players on Valhalla, and I am certain will make great adversaries on Zetamania :)

02:40:29 Jan 6th 17 - Xerxes The Great (Mr. Xerxes The Pest):

Sorry Alri, I have already joined Pestilence. But good luck this era, you'll need it! ;)

03:23:55 Jan 6th 17 - Alrisaia (Lady Alrisaia The Peaceful):

Thanks mate you too, i look forward to this era.

19:09:56 Jan 9th 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax From Zet):

I don't know what to write. But maybe this screenshot tells more than many words:

Kingdom Name Members Leader %P
Kingdoms in Zetamania
Pestilence12Mr. Remington235
The Death Dealers14Lady Alrisaia The Peaceful100
BloodLust3Mr. Ariess0

20:04:50 Jan 9th 17 - Mr. Tinky Winky:

Should we get Zeta to cast arma? 😹

20:08:01 Jan 9th 17 - SFD (Duke Sfd Hybrid):

no, i want to keep chasing you around my cities :/ 

20:13:24 Jan 9th 17 - Mr. Thanatos Hand of Death:

No one is casting Arma, until we take out DD completely. :P They won too many era's, time for pay back. :)


20:58:03 Jan 9th 17 - Mr. Lala:

haha the fun! :)

22:25:57 Jan 9th 17 - Mr. Bane:

Lol DD/Gondolin on Zeta. funny as fck.

22:31:01 Jan 9th 17 - Mr. Lizard:

Necro going inactive for this era came out of nowhere for me...
Would have picked a better race for oop.
Still thumbs up for you guys, good era
Better luck next era

22:35:49 Jan 9th 17 - Mr. Bane:

Still a long way to go.

But really, Gondolin giving up on building a kd because it gets a smack as retribution for last era is a sad way to go. Poor form by Gondolin

05:10:17 Jan 10th 17 - King BurningLegion (King Burninglegion The Orc Bear):

Bane you dont get it

Gondolin was a test Elf kingdom, not made to last many eras. 

Just like Anthropocterism was all Humans. We had a blast.

The point was to test the difficulty of a one race kingdom and more about building relationships with the players then lasting many eras.

Sorry for the confusion Bane, I hope that cleared it up

01:10:05 Jan 19th 17 - Endless (Ms. Orgerr Hlgabrr):

SFD <3

you bring me wine, you give me cuddles but you don't give me tickles? 

12:11:17 Feb 16th 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax From Zetmania):

Hmmm. The stone-market seems to be broken?!

1.5 gold/stone.... That is rather expensive. And totally nuts.

12:57:55 Feb 16th 17 - Princess Aisha:

Its called feeding

One member selling expensive stone
Kd members buy it
Seller gets very powerful.

13:36:22 Feb 16th 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax From Zetmania):

Now it's only 20M stone worth 30M gold - so it CAN be a mistake........

14:32:01 Feb 16th 17 - Mr. Bane:

yeah, dont worry, it will be stopped.

The abuser will be primary target for punishment

23:04:37 Feb 16th 17 - Mr. Insane Back:

sorry bout that people didn't know that was super high.

22:36:31 Mar 20th 17 - Mr. Evans:

Kingdoms in Zetamania
Pestilence10Mr. Butch220
The Death Dealers13Mr. Burninglegion The Mason123
Underdogs7Arkantos Ajax100

Busy world... no tree or stone on the market :(

00:59:45 Mar 21st 17 - King BurningLegion (Mr. Burninglegion The Fortbuilder):

Zeta has died down alot every since Pesti became the superpower.

Thanks alot Pesti :(

01:12:39 Mar 21st 17 - Mr. Bane:

No, just you keep ending up dead a lot quicker.

18:00:28 Mar 21st 17 - King BurningLegion (Mr. Burninglegion The Mason):

Lol, when you recruit almost all the active players on Zetamania and more then half of DD is inactive it makes it alittle easier for you guys. 

18:02:36 Mar 21st 17 - Mr. Bane:

You stoned or ???
DD being inactive is not our problem. and even after our recruitment drive, we still smaller in numbers than you?????

Fecking crackheads

Kingdoms in Zetamania
Pestilence10Mr. Butch100
The Death Dealers13Mr. Burninglegion The Mason55

06:49:29 Mar 22nd 17 - The Real Josh (Peasant Fcuker):


07:33:56 Mar 22nd 17 - Lala (Mr. Tinky Winky):

BL, all you need is some OOP strategy. 

Even with 6-7 active players that you have, it shouldn't be hard to beat Pestilence. You gotta hit first tho! If you start farming away, then they'd be impossible to beat.

With Big Merges and the Great Walls, I don't get how you guys can't give them a good competition.

10:19:59 Mar 24th 17 - Mr. Evans:

Farming away, you mean giving all the merges to the same two people? ;)
scouts to lead, everyone else just falls in line... yeh ok...

Root for the Underdog ;)

04:08:47 Mar 26th 17 - Arkantos (Lord Ajax):

What the hell happened, didn't even see the war start lol

Kingdoms in Zetamania
Pestilence10Mr. Butch170
Underdogs8Lord Ajax100
The Death Dealers13Mr. Burninglegion The Mason74
Forsaken3Dragonlord Jackdaniels3

00:44:26 Mar 28th 17 - Sprout (Mr. Butch):

Just a update, we are just stalling now hoping for more people to join so we can fight atm all kingdoms have a decent core and any one can win really.

 We need more players in zeta so Lala join up and show us what u got:P bring some friends.

06:33:15 Apr 1st 17 - Lala (Mr. Tinky Winky):

lol just saw this. how are all you guys doing in Bling's little paradise where he gets to bully noobs?

07:33:05 Apr 1st 17 - Mr. Bling:

I just provide troops. You know, and direct them. And win. You know, like you did when you were my bitch. Bitch

11:33:03 Apr 1st 17 - Mr. Evans:

I dont feel like a punching bag....Just sort of sitting around :P

06:34:18 Apr 4th 17 - Lala (Mr. Tinky Winky):

22:33:05 Mar 31st 17 - Mr. Bling:

I just provide troops. You know, and direct them. And win. You know, like you did when you were my bitch. Bitch

I'd advise you to stop building these castles in the air, Mr. Trump! 
This is the second time I've caught you red-handed doing something as outrageous as this.

Cuz as far as I remember, you hadn't even reached the OOP war spot to direct us with your gracious presence in DD's core (the only time I was active on the map) till after I had finished that war. :P

07:11:08 Apr 4th 17 - Mr. Bane:

Really... cause well 

You (1/9/2017 9:12:35 PM)
Gonna merge Boomshakalaka merge into yours
Mr. Tinky Winky (1/9/2017 9:15:39 PM)GOODBAD
are you force marching your merge? If yes, it'll be better if I merge my merge + another 30k Gaia into yours.

cuz this merge is 1 scout gaia from me and rest of the troops from ruaumoko.
You (1/9/2017 10:18:28 PM)
yeah, mine's a naz leading a FM
Mr. Tinky Winky (1/9/2017 11:05:04 PM)GOODBAD
awesome .. I'll merge all of mine and then merge into yours

20:06:09 Apr 4th 17 - Lala (Mr. Tinky Winky):

yes dear sir this was when you were heading north I think.

20:15:39 Apr 4th 17 - Mr. Bling:

This was the start of the era. You know, when you conquered the whole map solo in one tick with 50 gaia

20:17:28 Apr 4th 17 - Lala (Mr. Tinky Winky):

"You know, when you conquered the whole map solo in one tick with 50 gaia."

You got it. Bravo!

01:07:00 Apr 10th 17 - Nayoke the Kid (Mr. Repeat Offender):

Kind of bothered by naz scout force marches leading merges...

01:17:56 Apr 10th 17 - SFD (Duke Sfdees Nuts):

why?? just get an orc of your own to do it,.... #counteracted :P

02:32:32 Apr 10th 17 - King BurningLegion (Mr. Burninglegion The Fortbuilder):

I had a big push against this last era, even with Zeta support it wasnt changed.

02:38:28 Apr 10th 17 - SFD (Duke Sfdees Nuts):

It's a tactic that's counteracted by you having an orc who can do the same, I see no problem lol 

03:32:33 Apr 10th 17 - King BurningLegion (King Burninglegion The Elf Bear):

the problem is the lack of losing troops for the merge, but its not worth arguing now, it wont be implemented either way

01:50:02 Apr 11th 17 - Nayoke the Kid (Mr. Repeat Offender):


08:35:41 Apr 11th 17 - Sprout (Mr. Butch):

not losing troops ? we went from over 400k merge to 170k troops what do u mean no losses, plenty of injured from repeat.

 Now when DD hit our merge we had no injured first time i ever seen that, we did have huge losses tho.   We know what caused it and we can't repeat it nor share how or why it happened to keep others from doing this, in short the only reason dd was able to swat our merge was because of this issue, so it isn't really worth repeating unless one really planned to use it combined with heavy aotd strat.

 As for FMing  a merge seems fair enough fm is a orc perk and zeta is a merge map so learn to compete and stop complaining, If we can do it so can you! seems fair enough.

09:37:26 Apr 11th 17 - Nayoke the Kid (Mr. Repeat Offender):

What he means is that when you force march armies you lose troops usually, except on zeta b/c the scout leading the merge is the only part of the merge affected by that effectively protecting the rest of the troops (99.99% of the army) from that effect. Its an unintentional loophole in the coding I guess

the injured in your merge is because I attacked you guys not b/c you were force marching that army all over the place faster than i could walk with a 100K solo army

and clearly i can compete at least some. I just took on like 4 or 5 of you alone. we'll see how it ends up but ya you guys just got spanked 

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