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03:29:03 Feb 12th 18 - HorusPanic (Ms. Glitter):

Kingdoms in Zetamania
Beothuk9Duke Oooohmly100
The Death Dealers9Mr. Death Dealer74
Mijiu6Mahatma Rice28

23:22:39 Feb 16th 18 - SockHer (Sir Socceratious):

You forgot the most important kingdom

04:09:30 Feb 17th 18 - Mr. Nostalgia:

"You forgot the most important kingdom"

U Rite

Beothuk10Duke Oooohmly958
The Death Dealers9Mr. Death Dealer622
Mijiu5Mahatma Rice246
Death Dealer Hunters1Prince Sesughter The Hunter of Death0

07:47:07 Feb 17th 18 - SockHer (Sir Socceratious):

still missing it! It will eat you alive!

06:49:32 Feb 28th 18 - Mr. Nostalgia:

3083 walls in Hero Associatio got destroyed by magic!

Are walls made of paper or are magic defense units and magic protection... just really useless?

For future reference.

06:57:42 Feb 28th 18 - Ella (Ms. Ella II):

It just means the enemy casted with extreme magic power (meaning he has way more mages and magic towers than you have, and a very high magic science level)

They say you can never have too many mages defending. I guess in this situation you just did not have enough.

07:23:23 Feb 28th 18 - Mr. Nostalgia:

Welp I'll just take this first era back as a learning experience

Although I did end up relearning things I explained myself years ago x_x

09:39:16 Jan 3rd 13 - Yukan (Mr. Grandline):

Guard/Magic Towers provide work for 5 (2000=400 homes) peasants each, so they are included

11:40:47 Feb 28th 18 - Venomz (High Warlord Venomz):

At this point in the era walls are mostly useless unless you're a mage yourself and have walls in your magic town. 

When fighting in range of an enemy with magic, don't be surprised to lose your walls, even with 100k mages inside. Its cause Low % casts aren't that costly for Crush Walls and it's worth the risk for a mage to spend 5-10k mu to destroy at least 50% of your walls with each cast.

12:33:23 Feb 28th 18 - Mr. Nostalgia:

Supporting the doomed blocker was my only regret @_@

Totally screwed my income for the incoming Zapper army

That 200ker was planned to have around 450k MUs with 1 mil other units

Although it doesn't mean much on a merged army world...

22:06:52 Mar 10th 18 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Dragonlord Jack Daniels II):

You know I think DD said those exact words one era as I bounced there entire kingdom merged up away at a 1 percent with nothing but my own army

13:11:46 Mar 14th 18 - HorusPanic (Ms. Glitter):

Grats to Anon and Death Dealers... shame this map doesn't have more activity (or this game for that matter)

I'm probably not putting a character on this map next era

18:54:56 Mar 14th 18 - McMax (Battlemage The Nag And Mcmax):

Please start Horus - it's a new map (ok, we play it on Fant now, so it's only the 2nd time its on).

22:25:53 Mar 14th 18 - Venomz (Mr. Half Your Size):

The orc merge walking needs fixing though. I wasnt able to do anything but contribute to a merge last era that had to be run all over the place by an orc.

22:34:48 Mar 14th 18 - Mr. Athtiud Ignis:

Yes I agree with you. Merged armies shouldn't be allowed to force march. I really hate  that ability in Zetmania. Pestilence merged and we're led around by Bane, it wasn't really fair specially when they used forced march.

00:59:35 Mar 15th 18 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Dragonlord The Argonaut):

Agreed it does suck just having one or 2 orcs run the show 

06:37:46 Mar 15th 18 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax Testing):

Though I was on the winning side this time I also agree.

All kind of merges should walk with "normal" speed either by total number or by biggest army in the merge. Maybe also with a max.number of armies in the merge to avoid a few players to put +50 small armies in a merge to get a higher speed than "normally" would be possible.

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