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Zetamania 68
02:51:00 Mar 30th 19 - Mr. Wuu:

Well played Beothuk & Guardians. Should we ask zeta for a reset?

05:23:56 Mar 31st 19 - Mr. Heero:

I think thatís a good idea. Idk if anyone casting arma. 

18:29:44 Apr 1st 19 - Mr. Curious:

i feel abused

03:04:55 Apr 2nd 19 - Mr. Innis Caroso:

Just take it like a man. Everyone gets spanked now and then

17:57:07 Apr 3rd 19 - Mr. One True Hero:

Did any of you pm'ed ZeTa about Arma casting?

I'll do then. 

11:53:17 Apr 4th 19 - Mr. Fvck Yeah Last Knight:

Any response from ZeTa 4 Arma? 

19:48:34 Apr 4th 19 - Cloutier (Master Cloutier):

It was casted and now it's not. I'm assuming the owner of the city didn't want it to end. 

20:46:56 Apr 4th 19 - Mr. Fvck Yeah Last Knight:

Thats frustrating! I see no point... Beo won the war.

So please cast Arma if u can. ZeTa seems offline for some time! Its a "9 men" world after all.

23:06:44 Apr 4th 19 - Cloutier (Master Cloutier):

Yup. I don't think they wanna end it. 

01:26:26 Apr 5th 19 - One Punch Man:

Merge worlds are gross anyways

05:58:17 Apr 5th 19 - Strawberry (Ms. Yellow Kitty):

Cast the arma on my city "City Two", not on some random weak city., then goodluck to those who wants to stop it.

06:21:37 Apr 5th 19 - Cloutier (Master Cloutier):

Zeta casted it

07:22:09 Apr 5th 19 - Mr. Fvck Yeah Last Knight:

So much for a 9 players world :/

Just remember, same thing might happen 4 u next eras n u'll feel the same pain.

03:20:00 Apr 6th 19 - Cloutier (Master Cloutier):

I was solo in the start. Lol when no one settles near me hard to defend to I'm looking forward to a rematch. Lol

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