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Zetamania 74
19:54:18 Dec 2nd 19 - HorusPanic (Mr. Panic):

Kingdoms in Zetamania
Brotherhood of the Wolf6Wolflord Karac244
Strange6Ms. Emily100

14:17:29 Dec 3rd 19 - HorusPanic (Mr. Panic):

@ZETA can you nuke so we can re-organized into smaller KDs

14:28:25 Dec 3rd 19 - Dakarta (Duke Dekarta):

Or just max the KDs at 3 man. :-p

14:31:10 Dec 3rd 19 - The Wolflord (Wolflord Karac):

Haha letís play the era out first, then switch the 3 man on zeta

14:40:38 Dec 3rd 19 - HorusPanic (Mr. Panic):

i dont want to, personally

14:47:14 Dec 3rd 19 - The Wolflord (Wolflord Karac):

But I want to haha

21:05:45 Dec 4th 19 - Mr. Toast:

Or we could just all agree to split up into smaller kingdoms. I believe in us. We can do it

04:32:58 Dec 5th 19 - Endless (Lady Real Slim Chady):

we suggested, but BOW wants to war

Poly... I hate u now :P

13:00:22 Dec 5th 19 - The Wolflord (Wolflord Karac):

War? Itís only 2 of us fighting so far :P though poly is like a one man wrecking crew haha

13:21:04 Dec 5th 19 - Polydeuces (Duke Valkyros XLVI):

nobody invited me to make love, so i made war !!

but honestly, if we did drop to 3 player kds here, i think the winners would almost always be the team with the most active orc merge leader.
not enough people play here anymore, should scrap the gw/merges maybe make it solo play like Karac suggested in the one thread, with no names/tags and figure out a way to block print screening on that world so that you can't show where you are either - no way to ally, because dropping down to smaller kds/no kds just always makes people ally anyways lol.

16:42:06 Dec 5th 19 - HorusPanic (Mr. Okay Boomer):

or just nuke zeta

18:00:32 Dec 5th 19 - Endless (Ms. Zetian):

you killed the mage, be proud :p

hateu poly :)

18:04:35 Dec 5th 19 - Polydeuces (Duke Valkyros XLVI):

aww but im so sweet <3

14:42:25 Dec 6th 19 - HorusPanic (Mr. Panic):

this is supposed to be fun right?

14:47:56 Dec 6th 19 - The Wolflord (Wolflord Karac):

Iím having fun?

15:09:59 Dec 6th 19 - Polydeuces (Duke Valkyros XLVI):

why aren't you having fun?

19:08:27 Dec 6th 19 - Matthew (Mr. Olog):

Admin-Armageddon Zetamania and run it with 3-man kds imo

19:29:59 Dec 6th 19 - The Wolflord (Wolflord Karac):

Or, and consider this... dont? Let it run its course and then change it to 3 man

19:56:20 Dec 6th 19 - HorusPanic (Sir Flamma):

are you farming arma right now?

13:46:01 Dec 9th 19 - The Wolflord (Wolflord Karac):

Kingdoms in Zetamania
Brotherhood of the Wolf7Wolflord Karac100
Strange7Ms. Emily15

Now to find Mr. Toast! 

17:51:42 Dec 10th 19 - Mr. Eve:

So as always activity owns it all.    Orc is pretty op when super active and other races are just food for them :P 

 You started out by saying let all farm to protest the game needing changed.

Just know had Poly not jumped ship we would owned you. I would of went other then Human and had been ready... But I figured poly would be moving my troops around this age with his over active self :P  then the wolfs got him :P

 Its up the players really to maintain some kinda lvl playing field if we expect to have good games.

 If you want change be that change, don't just blame zeta. We all big kids and surly we can manage to have terms to insure ages like this don't repeat.   Atm you have defeated the map but still send scout armies to insure not one soul can survive.  Would it not of been better to have a arranged fight on a given vu date ?   Are we really all so trigger happy?


23:03:59 Dec 10th 19 - Mr. Toast:

Agreed with the above sentiment

01:19:04 Dec 11th 19 - Polydeuces (Duke Valkyros XLVI):

You make it sound like I betrayed you guys lol.

I left before the era started.
I promised Karac I would join the wolves.
I didn't realize he'd land them in Zetamania.
I even had created a new character, and had already joined the kingdom with that character.  When I saw he landed them in Zetamania, I deleted that character and joined with this one.

I really just had a lot of luck.  
Dior didn't build GTs in his mine, and gave up once I took it.
No one defended Endless, who went mage first.  Would have been the smartest move, then I would have been forced to train MUs and actually build armouries, instead of training from a tiny city of just homes.
None of you merged up your troops to try to stop me.
Dior actually made the first hostile action towards us, by preparing to attack Ryan once he joined us.
My initial thoughts when attacking Dior was to force him into training in his mine, or moving his troops back to defend it, so I could protect Ryan who is a relatively new player.
I just chose the offensive side of defending, rather than just trying to place troops in his cities.

Isn't the protection time an allotted time given to players to "arrange" a time to fight?
Who would let an enemy kingdom, retreat and survive when there are no other kingdoms to fight?  What would be the point?  It's not likely you'd be able to make any kind of comeback anyways, especially when you consider the fact that it was mostly only me who was fighting.  Besides if you just want to farm, why play a war game?  Plus, by the time I got to you, my main army consisted of 200k gaia, and I've got another 200k in other areas.  I don't think your race choice would have made much of a difference.

Who said something about farming to protest anything about VU anyway?  I don't see it in the Zetamania thread, alas it's not something I would have agreed to anyway lol.
As far as I can tell the only unbalanced thing about VU is activity and bonus turns... both are more of an impact than nearly anything else, especially if you combine them.  But as was proven by my loss in GvE activity isn't everything.  I had actually not missed a single turn in the first 60 hours (yeah I have no life) and ended up gettin' screwed because I rolled a few points higher in my takeover attempt at Roast.

01:28:09 Dec 11th 19 - Endless (Ms. Emily):

we never suggested farming 

we were however not organized, my fault Iím not very active 

Message from Wolflord Karac


Wolflord Karac (12/2/2019 1:46:55 PM)GOODBAD

I know we are the only two kds on the map, so it seems we should fight and destroy each other, but I have a different idea. It seems the game has become stagnant in the time Iíve been gone. No real changes, no real progress. It seems every suggestion is just blown off and there seems to be like 15 players left.

What if we didnít war? Just farmed and farmed and farmed. Never letting the era end, everyone can get their aggression out on other maps, but protest the lack of progress by our own lack of progress? I donít know that my kingdom would agree to it, but I figured Iíd reach out to you and see your thoughts? 

Something in this game needs to change, maybe we can be the ones to spark it?

You (12/2/2019 6:45:29 PM)
Will post it in our forum and see what peeps say
You (12/2/2019 10:10:10 PM)
so far theyíre thinking maybe split into 3man kingdoms or going with your suggestion but nothing definitive yet... will let you know ASAP, not all time zones have commented yet
Wolflord Karac (12/3/2019 3:07:55 AM)GOODBAD
My guys want to keep it a regular era so far. Working on helping them see the light. I wonít hold them back OOP, until we decide on something

01:48:22 Dec 11th 19 - Polydeuces (Duke Valkyros XLVI):

Ahh, I see, well I was unaware of this until this moment.  Still, Dior did make the first hostile action.  And, as I stated, I would have been opposed to it.  We weren't really organized either... our forums are basically me talking to myself lol.  Like I said, I was just active and got lucky.  I think maybe it would be different words spoken in these forums had I stayed in Strange, however.

Karac; Hasn't played in years, helped with some magic support
Drakos; Hasn't played in years, no idea what he is doing
Penguin; well he helped a little
Ryan; Relatively new player, likes to mess around with magic
Rox; Speaks for itself, he's just been farming.
Smelly Breath; no idea who he is, or what he's doing.. provided maybe a little distraction to Sprout?

Realistically I could have been stopped very easily even with minor communication from messages, I know a few of your players are active enough, as I've seen them in GvE and Valhalla lol.

04:16:56 Dec 11th 19 - Mr. Toast:

What is farming anyway? 

04:31:56 Dec 11th 19 - Mr. Eve:

You guys  did well grats to the wolfs !

10:00:24 Dec 11th 19 - Mr. Evil Don:

Strange deserved this hahahaha... :P

17:45:47 Dec 11th 19 - Endless (Mahatma Gandhi):

if you say so Poly, you da man :p

07:09:30 Dec 18th 19 - Mr. Smelly Breath:


Smelly Breath; no idea who he is, or what he's doing.. provided maybe a little distraction to Sprout
thanks bro!

07:24:40 Dec 18th 19 - Polydeuces (Duke Valkyros XLVI):

Lol, you did more afterwards but at the time you'd only sent some troops up by sprout and lost them and had just mentioned to me yourself that you were only a distraction lol.  Either way, I wouldn't use this era to gauge anything lol.

16:51:12 Dec 18th 19 - Mr. Smelly Breath:


Lol, you did more afterwards but at the time you'd only sent some troops up by sprout and lost them and had just mentioned to me yourself that you were only a distraction lol.  Either way, I wouldn't use this era to gauge anything lol.

Yeah uhu. Cool cool cool. Awesome. Stranger being distraction, who lost. Quite the herostory i can tell myself each day... just to keep me going.

18:42:59 Dec 18th 19 - Polydeuces (Duke Valkyros XLVI):

Well it's very inspiring.  I'd hope that you keep that close to your heart.

23:10:18 Dec 18th 19 - Mr. Smelly Breath:

I will bro. Thank you! Glad we had this talk...

See everybody... wolfs just resolve their issues with words. Thats what being a kingdom is all about. 

Read more, learn more. Wear sunscreen! 

18:01:49 Dec 20th 19 - The Wolflord (Wolflord Karac):


Arma please?

21:32:24 Dec 20th 19 - Endless (Lady Real Slim Chady):

farm up Karac and cast it yourself :p

04:12:32 Dec 21st 19 - HorusPanic (Mr. Panic):

3 man kd?

05:56:34 Dec 21st 19 - Mr. Toast:

I'm very much down

08:06:25 Dec 21st 19 - Polydeuces (Duke Valkyros XLVI):

yeah we might still only get 2kds tho lolol

08:58:04 Dec 21st 19 - Mr. Toast:

Make it 2 person kds then lol

07:02:21 Dec 24th 19 - Emperor Wumy Godi:

So i dropped who wants to 2 kingdom man this thingie, send me a message if interested.

15:26:07 Dec 24th 19 - Duke Drakos:

3 man era's were fun. Good times. Before that Firewalls and Merges and Great Walls were fun as well, you know, back when we had players numbering in the 100's.
Interworld movement was a blast as well. Actually prefer that to Multi-character.

10:04:43 Dec 27th 19 - Endless (Ms. Emily):

FYI, the new map is fvcked, this army is currently travelling through the mountains and bypassing the blocker entirely :(

Lights Down

Army Info
Commander:Mr. Glarus IgnaziusKingdom Banner
Kingdom:*No Kingdom*
Size:Division (10,000-20,000)
Status:Moving South East

14:20:10 Jan 13th 20 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Knight):

This map too?! Well, not much I can do about it (see below).

VU Admin


00:32:04 Jan 1st 20
The map is plotted after the image. So the map artist have free hands. Any inconsistencies between terrain and blocking is due to my lazy plotting.
The plotting would be easier if the maps had straight lines, but that might make the maps boring.

There is however some discussion in the forum about changing to a hex based map. Which would solve pretty much all issues, but the maps would not look as good, and it would cost a lot to implement.

02:06:38 Jan 17th 20 - Fire Lord Crazy (Fire Lord The Return of Immolation):

Well that inactive merge was awkward 😂

22:56:55 Jan 25th 20 - Mr. Smelly Feet:

#ZETA armageddon please. No other rivals

23:42:48 Jan 25th 20 - Penguin (Ms. Rosbury):

Let me farm

00:10:44 Jan 26th 20 - Konspyre (Mr. Incredible):

I'm having a good time farming as well, though I could really use some tree

03:39:39 Jan 27th 20 - Konspyre (Mr. Incredible):

Not sure if the leader's checking the character at any time, but i've applied to Strange so accept me please, ty.

04:51:48 Jan 27th 20 - Fire Lord Crazy (Fire Lord The Return of Immolation):

Maybe they waiting till era ends since I would probably send 550k ponies your way.

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