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Zetamania 75 cap at 3 pls
15:47:49 Jan 27th 20 - Mr. Real Rambo:

@ZETA cap Zetamania to 3 men. It was voted by majority players previous era. Ready to implement.

If there's 10 active players in Zeta, 7 player voted yes :)


Or just max the KDs at 3 man. :-p

The Wolflord:

Haha letís play the era out first, then switch the 3 man on zeta

Mr. Toast:

Or we could just all agree to split up into smaller kingdoms. I believe in us. We can do it


Admin-Armageddon Zetamania and run it with 3-man kds imo


3 man kd?

Emperor Wumy Godi:

So i dropped who wants to 2 kingdom man this thingie, send me a message if interested.

Mr. Colossal Guardian:

Cap the world to 3 members kd pls.

18:00:27 Jan 27th 20 - Mr. The Great And Powerful:

Yes, please

07:14:21 Jan 29th 20 - Mr. Tartorus General:

As this era is like an empty football field with 4 players, i announce it as 1 man KD era or just stay Untagged. No 2 men kd or 3 men kd pls this era. 

12:29:46 Jan 29th 20 - Mr. Tartorus General:

Edit: 2-3 men kds are ok this era. 

15:57:47 Jan 29th 20 - Dakarta (Duke Dekarta):

So, are we going to have a semi draft to see what 3 man KDs will be there?

Or... who wants me?

16:01:14 Jan 29th 20 - Mr. Tartorus General:

Dreadnought is closed for any recruitment.

There's already 2 active 3-men kd on map, with couple of solo players aside. More 3 men kds would be nicer. 

00:31:55 Jan 30th 20 - Konspyre (Mr. Incredible):

Dreadnought vs Shadow 3v3 OOP war let's gooooo

15:51:36 Jan 30th 20 - Venomz (High Warlord Elons Cyberduck):

So only 2 multi characters allowed? I know some people who would get discouraged to play..

16:08:39 Jan 30th 20 - Penguin (Mr. Niugnep):

join me venz in our adventures 

18:13:18 Jan 30th 20 - Mr. Tartorus General:

Kingdoms in Zetamania
Dreadnaught3Mr. Tartorus General100
Shadow3Duke Valkyros XLVIII41
Dont Ever Antagonize The Horn3Duke Dekarta36

19:49:34 Jan 30th 20 - Emperor Zeets Dutz:

Poppicorns needs 1 more, whomever wants to play

08:32:05 Feb 5th 20 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

Setting a cap is a bit of work. But you can enforce it via community and form a pact that kingdoms that break the limit shall be attacked.

21:58:44 Feb 8th 20 - Emperor Zeets Dutz:

Classic Karac Attempts at Manipulation. 

Mr. Sexy Slave (2/8/2020 1:26:40 PM)GOODBAD
I spoke to Jax as well, but Iím gonna write you directly.

We canít let up, and commuting as much to you as we are might decide things the wrong way against Horn kd.

If you guys are willing to leave the area and focus on berserkers, we would be willing to allow it. Iíd even throw in the use of my army to help you take berserker cities. (Iíd take the harder ones, and you guys can take them behind me). And who knows, maybe even ally until all else are dead.

Iím talking to my leader, but let me know thoughts.
You (2/8/2020 2:39:50 PM)
Only thing I would agree to is returning cities and some kind of CF, honestly nothing else would be in our favor if you kill us, you kill us or we are a distraction for penguins kingdom which I agree whole heartedly should be the focus of anyone on this map.
Mr. Sexy Slave (2/8/2020 2:49:53 PM)GOODBAD
Well that, we cannot agree to. Penguin's time will come, but these cities in this area will be ours. Good luck in the fighting!

Thanks for getting back to me, I will let Poly know.
Mr. Sexy Slave (2/8/2020 3:04:21 PM)GOODBAD
In the sake of being kind, I will give you one last piece of info to ponder....

Greetings Don with 107237 soldiers awaiting your orders, Mr. Sexy Slave...
Westbridge is defended by 66923 soldiers who seem to be armed with magic weapons and mithril armor. And has 4416 guard stations.
Westbridge has 742 walls, which will increase our preparation time by 11 day(s).
Our strategists say that we currently have around 21% chance for a successful attack. The city is already under siege.
We have prepared 9 days for this attack. It will take another 13 days before our soldiers are fully prepared.
They have no resources in the city so there is no point in plundering it.

In 4 ticks our mages MUs arrive at his southern magic city. One CW and it is over anyhow. We are offering you a chance to rebuild without us chasing you. Penguin is Northeast of us, not near you at all. The choice is up to you, I already know Jax supports the idea. Figured I'd give you one last chance to accept.
You (2/8/2020 3:16:18 PM)
Honestly your Diplomacy needs some work.
Mr. Sexy Slave (2/8/2020 3:22:03 PM)GOODBAD
My diplomacy is clarity and honesty.
You (2/8/2020 3:57:44 PM)
Then your Clarity and Honesty is incredibly insulting. Like I said we will most likely lose and I am OK with with that. I am not OK with just giving everything up to make your life slightly easier. That is nonsense.

22:04:42 Feb 8th 20 - Endless (Ms. Tanta Kringle):

yep classic Karac, kill him :D

22:18:01 Feb 8th 20 - Penguin (Mr. Niugnep):

am i some kind of star around here? why everyone wants to buttseks with me? 

22:25:05 Feb 8th 20 - Emperor Plutonium:

22:27:38 Feb 8th 20 - Penguin (Mr. Niugnep):

OK, sending my 10k nazz towards you now.

22:29:59 Feb 8th 20 - Emperor Zeets Dutz:

Its going to be a race.. you might have to kill shadow first for me to survive that long.. 

22:31:10 Feb 8th 20 - Penguin (Mr. Niugnep):

give me a few weeks then, it should be alright

22:45:46 Feb 8th 20 - The Wolflord (Mr. Nonames):

Manipulation? Itís called being honest with you lol. Asking for this in exchange for that. You people are legit dumb. We have the upper hand, giving you a possible out without us killing you. Is that not diplomacy? You move East we stop following? 

You know what, enjoy your bloody death. I grow tired of your crap attempts to slander my name. You failed to add the portion where you told me to go fukc myself.And speak of my diplomacy haha. 

Youíre offended that you suck and itís my fault for offering an Olive branch. Get out of here. 

23:23:55 Feb 8th 20 - Konspyre (Mr. Incredible):

Shame things went the way they went in our OOP war Shadow, wish the circumstances for me (in Dreadnought) were better, would've made it more interesting. Gg though ^^

Now i'll be waiting for you in Berserkers.

23:28:37 Feb 8th 20 - The Wolflord (Mr. Lan Almandragoran):

I look forward to it my friend. You fought very admirably. A few small mistakes, sorry I never got back to you about that, Iíll fix that now haha, but you were a worthy foe :)

00:10:41 Feb 9th 20 - Emperor Zeets Dutz:

I just posted this before we messaged each other, its not slandering your name Karac dont worry you dont need help with that.. 

00:12:28 Feb 9th 20 - The Wolflord (Mr. Sexy Slave):

Oh this is fun... just like the old days. A bunch of idiots and a few shining gems. 

00:27:53 Feb 9th 20 - Konspyre (Mr. Incredible):

Flame war let's gooooo.
VU isn't VU without it.

00:30:38 Feb 9th 20 - Penguin (Mr. Niugnep):

There won't be flames like back in the day, since most of us play somewhere in the same kd's.... But konspyre imma cum for u

00:38:49 Feb 9th 20 - Konspyre (Mr. Incredible):

i think Shadow wants to fight you first but thanks for the offer <3

00:49:48 Feb 9th 20 - Penguin (Mr. Niugnep):

I just jizzed all over my bed sheets while shouting out your name... Uh now I feel better. As good as karacs name being dragged through mud with a proper 4x4. Life can't get better than this. 

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