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Zetamania 76
16:31:34 Mar 19th 20 - Konspyre (Mr. Incredible):

3-man KDs works pretty well. :)

16:58:47 Mar 19th 20 - The Wolflord (Mr. Sexy Slave):

I would agree. Enjoying it quite a bit! Next era as well?

18:06:13 Mar 19th 20 - Mr. Mavich:

.. says the victor =p

Would be great though if the rest of the Fantasia people plays as well. I want to be away from Penguin as far as possible. =p

18:41:52 Mar 19th 20 - The Wolflord (Mr. Sexy Slave):

It sure would be nice to see some more kds on the map. While this was fun, having only 3 real fighting kds made it less dramatic. Though, who doesn't love a good comeback story?

03:00:06 Mar 21st 20 - Konspyre (Mr. Incredible):

final war berserkers vs shadow happening in about 2 days. Let's try to make sure someone gets magic 9 :P

08:43:43 Mar 21st 20 - Mr. One More Chade:

I already have magic 9 bro ;)

16:06:13 Mar 24th 20 - Polydeuces (Duke Valkyros XLVIII):

plague might have served you guys better earlier than that ha, ha, ha

00:15:29 Mar 25th 20 - Konspyre (Mr. Incredible):

Armageddon will end the world of Zetamania in 239 days unless the city of Chade Said Soo is destroyed!!

Let's make next era a good one as well. Also welcoming anyone who didn't play this era, max. 3-player KDs only. :)

00:39:54 Mar 25th 20 - The Wolflord (Mr. Mashadar):

Have to say I loved this era. We got hit earlier but we came back strong. Great effort by all involved! 

12:26:49 Mar 28th 20 - Sir Edi The Great:

Troy greets everyone

We are a new kingdom
Be nice please :-)

20:28:04 Mar 28th 20 - Ms. Helen of Troy:

Is that bug when you are able to use force march as orc scout thats leading a merge fixed or people still use that?

Totally forgot Zeta is a merge world... :|

20:57:12 Mar 28th 20 - Polydeuces (Duke Valkyros XLIX):

Its definitely still used.

21:12:23 Mar 28th 20 - Percy (Sir Percy The Hillbilly):

My first time playing Zetamania since GW/merges weíre added. How does this bug work? I ask since if it will be a used bug, Iíd like to know what all it entails to be ready for it :)

21:16:20 Mar 28th 20 - Polydeuces (Mr. Valkruul):

Well, it's not under known bugs, so I'm not sure if it is a "bug" per se - anyway, an orc can use a scout as merge lead to force march armies across the map, allowing merges to move twice the normal speed without losing troops; even if the leader has another army in the merge with troops.

21:35:09 Mar 28th 20 - Mr. Ignis Fire:

It has never been treated as a bug more like a annoying and unfair treatment towards kd less. But the one point that is  forceMarch troops lose troops and merged should also lose troops. If not ,then hord armies can use fm and wreck havoc:( 

21:52:34 Mar 28th 20 - Ms. Helen of Troy:

Yeah for some reason I totally forgot this world has merged armies and that annoying bug... This will be my only era in this world, gonna stick with other worlds I guess :) Go easy on me as I have not played great walls in forever :) Thanx :)

22:11:42 Mar 28th 20 - Percy (Sir Percy The Hillbilly):

In that case, would be awesome to either A) have another world designated with a 3 KD cap or B) remove merges/GW entirely on this map I assume B wonít happen, but A is why we joined this world.

22:41:29 Mar 28th 20 - Mr. Hector of Troy:

Oh I remember last time I played Zeta, how much I was annoyed by just looking at orc lead the merge and have all the fun while the rest just sit back and watch lol

And we as a kingdom do not have the double speed bug now :-(

11:40:51 Mar 30th 20 - Mr. Don Kichotas:

My apologized guys, I automatically accept new people into the kingdom... So now I have 4, but maybe this era will be fine? 2 of them new players in VU. I stay this era from attacking too. :)        

14:12:32 Mar 30th 20 - Mr. Paris of Troy:

Ignis why give up :-(

I mean I know its 3 vs 1
But you started it all :-(
And we did not use merges at all...

Also if you have Jasmina next to your arms, you must expect something from her...

07:35:36 Apr 9th 20 - Mr. Hector of Troy:

We have five kingdoms this era here

Is this bellow average, or whats the situation
Are there many tagless, whats your experience regarding that?

10:34:48 Apr 9th 20 - Polydeuces (Duke Valkyros XLIX):

It's above average, not usually many tagless.  Very few people play Zeta lol.

15:03:44 Apr 9th 20 - Mr. Smelly:


It's above average, not usually many tagless.  Very few people play Zeta lol.

Yep. Itís a very exciting era in Zeta hahah. Thatís why the max 3 player kingdom was introduced a couple of eras ago.

18:39:53 Apr 9th 20 - Major Pain (The Mighty Major Pain):

Dang, the vultures are circling , lol.  I get we are weak and wounded , ripe for the killin but it would at least be more entertaining if you guys would fight over the carcass ... 🙄😋

01:50:15 Apr 10th 20 - Mr. Joebob The Dead:

This era sucks. Itís been shadow now Troy and tomorrow skill and bones. Imma go down a fighter but, think anyone of yíall can fight or is it just the new guys on the block that need all the action. All I hear about is boring era after Boring era on zeta but this is why. Im gonna be killing one Troy army after another. And next is skull tomorrow. So if anyone else could see some real action besides no tags and is that would be cool. But if not, you can find me in the middle after Ive died once already killing one army after the next. This is Troyís army Helen. 🤷🏼‍♂️ 90% later 


They surrendered. Mr. Joebob The Dead. We have won the battle!

We killed a total of 11841 enemy troops, 0 peasants and injured 13353 enemy troops.

Our troops gained +4 extra experience.

Joes Killers (your army)




01:52:25 Apr 10th 20 - Mr. Joebob The Dead:

And damn you complain about boring eraís. But the #1 and #3 KDís are napped and both own the top 5 players but want to complain about boring eras and wanting players back. 

05:03:45 Apr 10th 20 - Percy (Sir Percy The Hillbilly):

^Agreed. Didnít know a KD new to the world and who died two weeks into the era would be such a threat to the top KDs, so much so they had to NAP and surround us before attacking.

All said, the eraís been fun, and the Hillbilly Mafia looks forward to next era. Weíll just try to not die early, cause apparently being the weakest is what makes you a target to the coalition of top KDs 🤷‍♂️

07:51:50 Apr 10th 20 - Ms. Helen of Troy:

I am sorry era sucks for you :(

I complained about the force march bug, nothing else
And so far I have not seen it being used against me...
But eventually it will be used I am sure

To be honest I did our NAP the moment I spawned on the map
I found a new player I am helping in all my characters
And I refuse to attack new players in this game

You (3/27/2020 5:09:29 PM)
Hi Fry

<3 <3 <3

Jasmina here :)
Mr. Nazhur (3/27/2020 8:45:37 PM)GOODBAD
Hello Miss Jasmina!

You really wanna to help if you find me in an other world :D
There's nothing only one of my cities and a few scouts, don't waste your scouts time (Helen). Do you what is the member limit of a Kingdom here? 3?
Mr. Nazhur (3/27/2020 8:58:13 PM)GOODBAD
I don't want to join, not that's why I asked it. We create a new Kingdom with a guy here.

Is anybody else here from the Candlewax?

I gave them NAP as soon as the two of them (new players) formed a kingdom.
Would be bad if 3 of us veterans in Troy would go attack new players
And I did ask them not to accept Bran :P
Cause he's FW, and I attack FW on sight :P
Obviously would not make a problem if he joined, which he did.

You (3/27/2020 10:14:20 PM)
I think you guys figured out the kingdom
If you two are new, and it seems you are
I will offer you the NAP.

Let me know if both of you accept.

Just please do not accept Prince Verminaard in your kingdom if possible :D
He's right there next to you.
I really want to fight him lol
He's a veteran player I always used to fight

But if you already planned to invite him, you can do it.
Does not really matter
I just saw its a veteran player and thought I will fight him :D

Diplomatic Relations
23:13:17 Mar 27th 20 - Ms. Helen of Troy:


Name: Skull and Bones
Members: 2
Created: 3/27/2020 8:58:28 PM
Leader: Mr. Smelly

Drana joined them days later I believe
So our NAP is with new players, and considering Gankers (two veteran orcs) was in our core, those were the main problems

You (4/7/2020 12:29:17 AM)
Drana, nice to finally have you as ally :P
But I might go back to Mantrax one of these days
Then I will go hunting for FW like I always do :P
Prince Verminaard (4/7/2020 12:30:27 AM)GOODBAD
Haha I would expect nothing less! =p

And no matter how active they were, the two new players, I am not sure how they would handle Ignis at oop...
I rather help new players and fight veterans every time.
Ignis was quite impressive at oop, so if I said the era was boring, I did not mean that, it was fun so far. 

14:02:35 Mar 30th 20 - Mr. Paris of Troy:

Dancing Dragons from Mr. Igniz Baby Boo

I would have disbanded if Mantrax was to open soon, as this character I plan to move to Mantrax, so I am just killing time here :)
And its more fun to attack then to sit back and wait I think :)

11:05:30 Apr 10th 20 - Polydeuces (Duke Valkyros XLIX):

Just to be clear Troy and Skull and Bones are also new kingdoms to the world.  Shadow is only one era old, and Pigeons didn't pop up til near the end of last era.  We just started 3 player kds in Zeta 76.
And technically it was just me fighting you guys, with a couple magic casts from an ally that weren't really necessary.
But I get that it is kind of frustrating either way, to be attacked, then attacked again by another KD as you're retreating.

11:22:11 Apr 10th 20 - Percy (Sir Inception):

Oh I agree fully about it being more fun to attack than to sit back and wait. Given how the perception of this world has been and how we perceived the power balance to be this era, we assumed we saw where the ďboring erasĒ came from. But we had no idea S&B was mostly new players, so that does change things a bit. Cause i know Pigeon has at least one new guy as well. 

And the era hasnít really sucked honestly, itís been more fun than most eras Iíve played recently cause itís been constant action from day 1. We just never got to catch a break at any point, which is mostly my fault. Gambled as Elf mage to allow us to secure a smaller area, but that left us with no great OOP fighting race. Valkyros wouldnít have pushed us out bad i been Orc to counter him cause we nearly stopped his as is. Wonít make that mistake again :P

But having no ability to recover and seemingly being picked on while still super weak by the top KDs who happen to be allied just didnít seem right lol not that Iím complaining by any means, I love a good challenge. Weíre not exactly used to being cornered like this, so itís fun learning how to navigate these things. Been more fun than many eras Iíve played recently cause there wasnít any time to farm, itís fight fight fight! :D

11:40:57 Apr 10th 20 - Polydeuces (Duke Valkyros XLIX):

"Valkyros wouldnít have pushed us out bad i been Orc to counter him cause we nearly stopped his as is. Wonít make that mistake again :P"

Yeah you may have faired a little better had you chosen a different race.
However the only spot where I encountered any troubles pushing was at Major Pain's city Academy, after the rest of you had already been cleared out.

New players on this world right now;
Alatheus Son

11:53:06 Apr 10th 20 - Percy (Sir Inception):

Agreed, we were weak. But as Elf, I had no chance against you, so opted to try to get early magic going. Since I botched my OOP start, I gave myself no chance against you :/ bet my era on early magic, and still had none 2 days after OOP. Thatís 100% my issue for starting off so bad. Meanwhile you did very well at OOP, coming out with 30-40k Gaia is no joke.

Had I gone Orc instead and had done my OOP drop like normal, I wouldíve almost perfectly countered you, which wouldíve prevented you from killing me and at least one of my KDmates. Given our Troll was able to hole in effectively, I think a simple race change on my part might have (emphasis on might) have changed things. I rarely play it anymore as Iím asked to play mage in 90% of my eras now, but Orc has always been (and always will be) my best race.

12:06:05 Apr 10th 20 - Polydeuces (Duke Valkyros XLIX):

Yeah, you give me too much credit; I came out with just 10k or so... you guys just came out way after me though which allowed me to have more.  But yeah if you'd been Orc it'd have probably drawn to a stale mate and we'd still be fighting.  It was just lucky I was able to siege all of your teams cities except Major Pain's which stopped your guys from doing well pretty much anything until I could have enough power to take over with.  

12:14:48 Apr 10th 20 - Percy (Sir Percy The Hillbilly):

Oh seriously? I felt like you had more... either way, I had no magic to see your armies anyways :P you did well sieging and dropping our city morales to nothing, made what troops we did have fight with no power.

We had a convo before this era started about whether Iíd go Orc or Elf. From what we heard, the world seemed sparsely populated, so we banked on squeezing ourselves into a hole for base income then fight all yíall for the rest of it. We gambled on at worst a delayed OOP fight so our Human could protect us. But then we spawned next to yíall and that went out the window lol no more gambling for these Hillbillies ;)

14:55:54 Apr 11th 20 - Mr. Hector of Troy:

My internet is back on! \o/

I am back! Time to crack some skulls!

18:20:34 Apr 11th 20 - Mr. Smelly:

Mr. Hector of Troy:

My internet is back on! \o/

I am back! Time to crack some skulls!

And bones? :-O

07:51:43 Apr 12th 20 - Mr. Hector of Troy:

Lol not bones :lol:

13:29:29 Apr 14th 20 - Mr. Hector of Troy:

Oooh shieeet got real :p

I detect freezing cold nearby :p

Thumbs up for Karacís army
The rest, meh :-)

Shadow V & CO (merged)

Army Info
Commander:Duke Valkyros XLIXKingdom Banner
Size:Group of Armies (Around 500,000)
Status:Moving North (frozen)

08:32:00 Apr 25th 20 - Mr. Old School Chade:

whats with the premature arma cast ?

08:52:57 Apr 25th 20 - Ms. Helen of Troy:

Troy would just like to move to Mantrax like the plan was from day one, and since its ending over there in about 10 rl days hopefully, its good time to end here too.

It was a good battle with Shadow, you guys might take the win in the end in this one on one, given nobody took any war spoils yet its not determined, but eventually something might happen. 

Skull and Bones have defeated Hillbillies, and apparently there is only 1 person active in Pigeon, so most likely they will take them down quickly. I guess you guys have these 10 days to have the final Skull and Bones vs Shadow battle if you want. 

08:58:33 Apr 25th 20 - Mr. Old School Chade:

"Troy would just like to move to Mantrax like the plan was from day one, and since its ending over there in about 10 rl days hopefully, its good time to end here too."

So just because Troy has decided, the rest of the players' opinions in this world is a fcuk all ?

This is so selfish

09:05:13 Apr 25th 20 - Ms. Helen of Troy:

We have not decided anything.

Before making accusations check who casted the spell.
We have no control over arma, we're just saying we agree with it.

There are 18 people able to vote
If majority votes no it will stop the arma countdown.

09:09:37 Apr 25th 20 - Mr. Old School Chade:

all good - you are coming to Mantrax, right? Good!

09:11:59 Apr 25th 20 - Mr. Paris of Troy:

Even made a fix arma thread lol

I will make sure to locust you to the end of time :-)

09:23:00 Apr 25th 20 - Mr. Old School Chade:

you scared me big time

12:47:42 Apr 25th 20 - The Wolflord (Mr. Sexy Slave):

Big talk from the losing side :) we will see you on Mantrax ;)

16:14:51 Apr 25th 20 - Mr. Hector of Troy:

Thumbs up to Shadow, good war with you guys. 

In the end it was determined by this annoying force march bug, the same that made us want to leave the world since the day one.
Does not take away anything from the effort and extreme activity from your orc.
When we were stronger you were able to escape using force march and scout merging when we froze you, thumbs up for high activity
Now that weíre weaker we canít escape cause you guys are faster with force march :-)

Anyways was a fun era, had a chance to test out few things as halfer, good luck everyone in future eras and hopefully it will get bit more crowded here in Zeta. 

Has anyone built a great wall at all this era?

17:01:00 Apr 25th 20 - Mr. Smelly:

Yep pigeon build some to try to keep us out of there core. Making a labyrinth of some sort.

I notice not everybody is happy with the arma? I tought we were gonna be ready in 10 days and it is together with mantrax, that gives kingdoms the chance to start in another world of mix up the worlds or all go to Mantrax as new kingdoms whatever. 

Weíll see with the votes? 

17:10:18 Apr 25th 20 - Polydeuces (Duke Valkyros XLIX):

Hmm yeah was a good little back and forth.
And votes will not end it now, it's gonna take the full length of time.

17:48:17 Apr 25th 20 - Dakarta (Duke Dekarta):

Anybody want/have room for me next era?

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