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Zetamania Age 2
22:06:55 Sep 3rd 10 - Mr. Glandrell of Lorvia:

dont know why in our histories it says we are in age 2 so yeah.

Kingdoms in Zetamania
Red Cross13Mr. Hollar Back1297
The Military6Mr. Armyofone760
Wonderlandt7Ms. Alice623
Bianchi3Mr. Thomaas The Bianchi508
Honest John10Sir Mcmax418
Guilty Spark3Mr. Jack The Brewer206
Supreme Ruler1Mr. Killstone149
Flower Nation2Ms. Bobute122
Forest Archers1Mr. Glandrell of Lorvia100
The Dreaded1Mr. Arkelaios26
The Shaman1Mr. Antharic11

22:09:29 Sep 3rd 10 - Mr. Killstone:

probably because arma was cast in zeta before fant ended so its still the same era but since it restarted its a different age.

01:11:04 Sep 6th 10 - Mr. Sun Bian:


14:43:41 Sep 6th 10 - Sir Horus X:

HJ disbanded.... need a kingdom!

15:11:25 Sep 6th 10 - Princess Aisha:

Why did you guys disban? Though you were doing well now that you kicked me off, and Bianchi came to help you...

18:29:44 Sep 6th 10 - Sir Mcmax:

Well my dear Princess. That is easy to explain.

Bianchi didn't come to help, just to take what they could. And PKS also wanted to war HJ. Plus we had the war against your kingdom.

3 enemies each stronger than HJ was more than we could handle. So when a certain offer/deal was made, it wasn't that difficult to take a decision.

Last but not least: I didn't have a plan for HJ this age. I didn't had the time to service a(nother) kingdom and a third character.We (I) should have disbanded HJ already before this age started.....

18:59:52 Sep 6th 10 - Mr. Jellybean:

Horus, join horus rules, its my side chars kd ;)

18:48:04 Sep 8th 10 - Mr. Glandrell of Lorvia:

Who's at war with who?

21:37:58 Sep 9th 10 - Sir Hnodri:

heeeeello Zetamania! what is up! :)

23:36:16 Sep 13th 10 - Princess Aisha:

This world is soooo quiet :) say something peopleeee :) love this town :)





Aisha Killed Me

City Info
Owner: Sir Horus X Kingdom Banner
Size: 7057 building(s).
Kingdom: Peacekeepers
Gates: no gates

23:41:08 Sep 13th 10 - Mr. Grim Darkhammer:

It is quite PEACEful on here isn't it.  :)

00:05:04 Sep 14th 10 - Princess Aisha:

Indeed a big time gang bang ^^

Red Cross 19 Mr. Hollar Back 100


Peacekeepers 16 Mr. Grim Darkhammer 74
Wonderlandt 8 Ms. Alice 51

Bianchi 2 Mr. Thomaas The Bianchi 30
Guilty Spark 7 Mr. Jack The Brewer 27

Supreme Ruler 1 Mr. Killstone 12
Horus Rules 1 Mr. Loner 5


And nobody else is fighting anyone else :D You all went to attack one Kd and still cant break us :)

Except that Supreme Ruler guy that attacks everyone :thumbs up:

00:43:50 Sep 14th 10 - Sir Hnodri:

yeah you guys sure know how to keep the peace :p

01:05:06 Sep 14th 10 - Mr. Grim Darkhammer:

What!! We all went to attack you? I believe you came to us and asked for a NAP. We accepted and you sent back that "you decided to go in another direction" and attacked us. I keep all PM's if you need them. We were fighting three other KD when you attacked us too.

Yes Hnodri, peace via contention.

01:08:14 Sep 14th 10 - Ms. Infinite Loops:


yeah nobody else is fighting at all



01:12:38 Sep 14th 10 - Princess Aisha:

Grim, I was appointed viceroy quite late in era so I really cant tell you much of what happened before. I know if I was doing diplomacy I would not do it that way, but thats a different story.

Infinite Loops I mean from the Kds that are attacking us, they are not fighting anyone else except Supreme Ruler I think... your Kd is just about to join some wars so thats cool :)

07:51:41 Sep 14th 10 - Ms. Red Kween:

uhm... i think allmost everybody is fighting everybody aisha...

08:15:13 Sep 14th 10 - Princess Aisha:

I must say we dont have vision over far east of the map, so I apologize to Wonderland, I did not know they are in more wars... Other then that, Peacekeepers might be fighting Military, but they are mostly concentrated on Red Cross, Bianchi is only fighting Red Cross, Guilty Sparks are only fighting Red Cross.

I need to send some scouts east to see whats going on ^^

18:44:29 Sep 14th 10 - Sir Horus X:

aisha... i made that city after you turned my ponies into mincemeat... i was really impressed... i didnt expect that much power to come from you... if this gang bang doesn't take you out (and part of me hopes it does, because after all, you ended my era), you are my vote for zetamania-winner... much props... i think i would of held out a bit longer if not for some key moments of inactivity, but such is life, thats no excuse... (maybe when i was kingdomless I should have accepted that invite)


18:48:39 Sep 14th 10 - Princess Aisha:

Thank you :) Trying to do my best here :)

And indeed, if it wasnt for this "gang bang" I would already be at your new cities too, but since there are too many enemies I cant just push straight away :) Though I promise you taking me out will be a bit difficult :)

20:53:29 Sep 14th 10 - Mr. Killstone:

I am fighting red cross and military. peacekeepers is not fighting military.

05:33:06 Sep 16th 10 - Princess Aisha:

I would like to congratulate Peacekeepers for wining the war, and most likely winning the era, they will be way up when they take our core. Good job, nice teamwork and nice armies, well deserved victory. Good job on the teamwork on all Kingdoms attacking us at the same time that left us without chance of surviving. Wish you all good luck in the rest of the era, hope it will be even more interesting then so far. Take care!

08:18:08 Sep 16th 10 - Ms. Infinite Loops:

Military is fighting us (lovebirds), Killstone and Wonderlandt :D

13:55:20 Sep 16th 10 - Mr. Panic VI:

aisha, sarcasm much??

16:19:57 Sep 16th 10 - Princess Aisha:

Been checking what Kd are you Panic, cant find it, so I guess you dont have map view. There's nothing sacrastic about loosing core.

19:13:09 Sep 16th 10 - Mr. Panic VI:

oh duh... panic=horus=fvckup... didnt realize which char i was posting under

20:33:37 Sep 16th 10 - Ms. Infinite Loops:

Lovebirds The Military

Oh No We're Losing :D

20:36:53 Sep 16th 10 - Princess Aisha:

Ok so Horus, explain to me where did you find sarcasm in my post? Red Wing will loose war against Peacekeepers, your Kd deserved the victory, there's nothing sarcastic about that :\


23:00:16 Sep 16th 10 - Mr. Panic VI:

"Good job on the teamwork on all Kingdoms attacking us at the same time that left us without chance of surviving."


In my head, I heard sarcasm.... guess not :)



23:05:39 Sep 16th 10 - Princess Aisha:

Well the teamwork was good, I congratulate you on that. Though that does not mean I support four Kingdoms attacking one and NAPing eachother, what are you going to do now that we are dead? I also noticed Peacekeepers and Wonderland have armies near eachother and not fighting, means you are also NAPed.. Thats just pathetic :) NAP fest :)

01:34:29 Sep 17th 10 - Ms. Infinite Loops:

Could be a CF fest not a NAP fest or could be waiting (timed wars, why pick a new fight when you're not done with your first one yet or perhaps Peacekeepers are just leaving them for Military sort of how like Military left you guys for Peacekeepers ).  That would be the alternative on a map so small.

Looks like Edoan dropped tags on you too :(

Curro finally took care of me , haven't looked but I expect he'll head back to Wonderlandt now.  I'm flattered though, he sent two  100-200K armies to take me out :)

03:53:01 Sep 17th 10 - Sir Horus X:

i'm not thrilled about the naps... after honest john disintegrated i stayed kingomless and joined pks eventually b/c they where NOT in first place and i felt they were respectable (and i still do think they are respectable)... i'm not a mass nap kinda guy (look at my black flag roots) but its not my decision and pks did nothing wrong... if it werent for you attacking my first core i would have taken out bianci... but now it looks like they will get my original core and you will lose... thats how the cookie crumbles... i just hope we have someone to fight and you hold out and give us a good run for our money..


btw.... i still regret not being able to fight along your side longer in BF aisha... maybe one day in the future!

08:27:50 Sep 17th 10 - Mr. Loner:

My core is inside a PK core so im safe for now, sadly it means it harder to wage war though Im going to probbley build outside my base in a day or two.

14:55:59 Sep 17th 10 - Princess Aisha:

Horus I actually suggested we leave you alone while you fight Bianchi, but I was ordered to attack you, which led to Bianchi and PKS making a NAP to fight us. Right there in the beginning some of our members were ordered to attack Guilty Spark and Wonderland joined war against us and NAPing Guilty Spark against us too. Peacekeepers do not seem to be fighting Military, Ultimate Ruler neither, not Bianchi, so I dont see who you will fight, maybe GS and Won later on when you take our core, though I already seen you not attacking Wond. But then again this game is about wars and politics, so Peacekeepers won the war by NAPing everyone.

I planned to leave my cities to Bianchi but after noticing it took them two rl days to actually move from their core after I left, I decided such cowardish actions do not deserve any war spoils so I destroyed most of the cities I took from you Horus, so dont worry about that :)

And dont worry, I am sending my 3 armies to one place and gonna form a Horde most likely, and then fight till I die :) Good luck you all! :)

15:41:18 Sep 17th 10 - Mr. Panic VI:

I destroyed most of the cities I took from you Horus, so dont worry about that :) .....


aww gee thanks

07:38:38 Sep 20th 10 - Mr. Jack The Inactive:

umm well GS entered the war against redcross as me and solomon had conflicting ideals and as for us gang banging you well we really werent that much help for every one else and we only have one nap so i dont see how pks napped every one but thats neither here nor there so i hope every one enjoys there wars as i'm enjoying mine

14:41:38 Sep 20th 10 - Princess Aisha:

So now it will be Guilty Spark & Hopstickle of Wonderland


Peacekeepers and Bianchi

Good luck all :) I think GS and Hops are way too outnumbered, so they dont have too good chances there :) but I am sure it will be nice :) gonna watch the battle if you dont kill me by then ^^

17:27:55 Sep 24th 10 - Mr. Loner:

food market is dead ...

20:35:16 Sep 25th 10 - Mr. Killstone:

still me vs military.... haha

so far i have killed army of one and khaos and then shame is down to his last stand =P

next seems to be sincerity and bold

23:15:44 Sep 25th 10 - Mr. Sincerity:

No need to single me out :(.

23:17:05 Sep 25th 10 - Princess Aisha:

so it was supposed to be Hopstickle against PKS and Bianchi LOL

I see now that will not happen... people think its ok to hop Kingdoms and join the enemy?


Owner: Mr. Hopstickle Kingdom Banner
Size: 83180 building(s).
Kingdom: Peacekeepers
Gates: closed

23:29:48 Sep 25th 10 - Mr. Sincerity:

From what I understand there is more to it than that. Don't want to explain unless I have some details wrong but i'm sure someone closer to it will pop in here in a second with a justification :).

23:40:46 Sep 25th 10 - Princess Aisha:

Oh, after taking another look around the map, I noticed that Curro has been pretty busy there :)  So looks like Military took down Wonderland, great job guys :)

Curro for era winner! :)

Mr. Curro II has won 73 battles, captured 66 cities and killed a total of 1.476.075 men and women.



01:16:33 Sep 26th 10 - Mr. Grim Darkhammer:

Aisha, I'll be happy to answer about Hopstickle. He was one of the original Peacekeeper members and with the new multi character setup he wanted to return to PKS. He offered his cities to Bianchi & Military and has already dropped new cities in case his old ones are taken. Bianchi declined to continue attacking him and Military said any cities he can hold on to for 48 hrs he can keep.

I agree Curro may win the era and has kicked butt all era long. But it is still early. Aisha, you may get tired of watching and come out and kill us all. :)

15:59:04 Sep 27th 10 - Sir Horus X:

I feel so honored!!!

Most Powerful Armies Most Powerful Cities

owned by Mr. Thomaas The Bianchi

owned by Mr. Thomaas The Bianchi

owned by Mr. Curro II

owned by Mr. Great Uncle Bulgaria

Come Here Horus
owned by Mr. Jack The Brewer

owned by Princess Aisha

owned by Mr. Loner

Task Force
owned by Mr. Assian

Dragon of War
owned by Mr. Anonymous The Dragon Reborn

owned by Ms. Hades

owned by Emperor Death Proof Rockin The Suburbs

owned by Mr. Cookie Monster

owned by Mr. Sincerity

owned by Mr. Stumpy

owned by Mr. Hopstickle

Battle Forge
owned by Mr. Grim Darkhammer

House of Cards
owned by Mr. Goobertron

High Keep
owned by Mr. Stumpy

Bring Bring
owned by Ms. Ponyrunner

Gettn Jiggy
owned by Emperor Death Proof Rockin The Suburbs

Most Powerful Groups Most Powerful Rulers

With Mr. Grim Darkhammer as leader.

The Military
With Mr. Armyofone as leader.

With Mr. Thomaas The Bianchi as leader.

Guilty Spark
With Mr. Jack The Brewer as leader.

Supreme Ruler
With Mr. Killstone as leader.

Horus Rules
With Mr. Loner as leader.

With Ms. Alice as leader.

Red Cross
With Mr. Black Hollar as leader.

With Ms. Infinite Loops as leader.

Prison Break
With Mr. Schofield as leader.

Mr. Curro II
Member of: The Military.

Mr. Thomaas The Bianchi
Member of: Bianchi.

Ms. Hades
Member of: Bianchi.

Emperor Death Proof Rockin The Suburbs
Member of: Peacekeepers.

Mr. Killstone
Member of: Supreme Ruler.

Ms. Bobute
Member of: Peacekeepers.

Mr. Anonymous The Dragon Reborn
Member of: Peacekeepers.

Mr. Great Uncle Bulgaria
Member of: Peacekeepers.

Sir Horus X
Member of: Peacekeepers.

Princess Aisha
Member of: Not a member of a group.

16:00:18 Sep 27th 10 - Sir Horus X:

Forgot to add this:

9. Sir Horus X has won 22 battles, captured 31 cities and killed a total of 130259 men and women.

And yes, Curro FTW

17:26:39 Sep 27th 10 - Mr. Jellybean:

I think killstone for best solo player !

Mr. Killstone has won 70 battles, captured 57 cities and killed a total of 584268 men and women.


19:18:34 Sep 27th 10 - Mr. Deathstone:

thanks jellybean! but im in trouble right now XD havnt given up yet but dunno if ill last

EDIT: oops i realized after i posted i wasnt on my killstone character haha... but im killstone this is just my mantrax character

19:40:14 Sep 27th 10 - Junior Guildmaster Shmeh:

Yay! Trouble for killstone :)

00:17:32 Sep 28th 10 - Mr. Jellybean:

Thats funny, cause im mr. loner ;)

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