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Zetamania Age 26
21:16:05 Aug 27th 13 - Xerxes The Great (Mr. Xerxes Lonely):

Kingdoms in Zetamania
Forsaken12Sir Crown Royal100
The Death Dealers16Mr. Anonymous Reaper41
Kingdom Of Ferakin6King Burninglegion The Nightterror38
Old Dragon Clan2Mr. Sear25
Defying Odds3Mr. Jackie Chan13
Sol Invictus1Mr. Golgari10

01:06:08 Aug 30th 13 - Mr. Manx Man:

So, what's goin' on?

03:06:40 Aug 30th 13 - Sir Ipointbreak:

which Kingdom u in Xerxes I join you

05:05:16 Aug 30th 13 - SunWarriorKing (Mr. Firingsquad):

Forsaken dude. You cannot go wrong there.

05:36:08 Sep 4th 13 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Sir Crown Royal):

lol so i guess this is a dead thread huh??

18:54:56 Sep 4th 13 - SFD (Duke Sexeh Farmer Dude):

yeh this thread is very dead, just like the world!!
but I think we can kill you DD this age ;)

*P.s, if we don't I didn't say that ^^*

03:51:32 Sep 9th 13 - SFD (Duke Seriously Fck):

soo DD how are things going for you?

Kingdoms in Zetamania
Forsaken20Sir Crown Royal100
The Death Dealers16Mr. Anonymous Reaper98

00:18:22 Sep 10th 13 - Mr. Manx Man:

Things are great. We're winning again. As usual.

Kingdoms in Zetamania
The Death Dealers16Mr. Anonymous Reaper100
Forsaken19Sir Crown Royal99

21:34:56 Sep 11th 13 - SFD (Duke Sexeh Farmer Dude):

lol well it should be a better war than last era anyway, we seem to be getting used to the team work, but will take a few more era's till we get it perfected.

13:21:27 Sep 14th 13 - Mr. Manx Man:

Well, at least you guys are giving us a challenge this era.

18:44:23 Sep 17th 13 - Khan (Mr. Stolichnaya):

Yep, this looks now much better. And we need more ppl next era.


18:47:24 Sep 17th 13 - SFD (Lord Smelly Fart Deployer):

khan, tell your dogs to leave me alone in the north please :)

04:50:31 Sep 20th 13 - Fire Lord Crazy (Fire Lord Alistar):

Im farming 1vmilion Knights leave me alone.

23:32:20 Sep 21st 13 - SFD (Duke Seriously Fck):

ForsakenThe Death Dealers

Battles won: 76
Battles lost: 72

Players: 20
Mr. Niveko
Mr. Don Kichotas
Great Archmage Devious
Ms. Bluelight
Fire Lord Alistar
Mr. Branni
Duke Seriously Fck
Sir Crown Royal
Lord Dexter The Serial Killer
Mr. Newage
Mr. Jellybean
Mr. Kevin The Wise
Mr. Riku
Mr. Leroy Jenkins
Mr. Red Pack
Mr. Dagger
Mr. Looserthree
Mr. Paperthicker
Mr. Golgari
Mr. Toa

Battles won: 89
Battles lost: 61

Players: 16
Lord Old Fat And Lazy
Lady Guanhumara
Mr. Irule Here Tooo
Mr. Anonymous Reaper
Mr. Bidifarve
Mr. Gwap Getter
Ms. Cream
Mr. Slide
Mr. Manx Man
Mr. Stolichnaya
Mr. Thefirstdark
Mr. Tatterton
Mr. Getsuga Tenshou
Lady Khaleesi
Mr. Mithrandir
Mr. Heffer The Halfer

Kingdoms in Zetamania
Forsaken20Sir Crown Royal100
The Death Dealers16Mr. Anonymous Reaper78

03:54:10 Sep 22nd 13 - Mr. Manx Man:

How many active players do you guys have anyway? Not all 20 I'm guessing?

04:03:07 Sep 22nd 13 - SFD (Duke Sexeh Farmer Dude):

I don't realy know I have not checked, 2 are dead I know that much but there is a few I think are inactive-ish

01:05:57 Sep 24th 13 - Khan (Mr. Stolichnaya):

SFD, sorry, I guess it's too late now? I should read forums more often.

17:06:27 Sep 25th 13 - Fire Lord Crazy (Fire Lord Alistar):

went Afk for 2 days, Come back Still nothing going on haha

19:58:54 Sep 25th 13 - SFD (Duke Seriously Fck):

to late, was to late ages ago, but I got a good few punches in before I ran away ;)

20:17:34 Sep 25th 13 - Mr. Manx Man:

I like this era. It could actually still go either way. Exciting! Not like the cake walk it was for us last era. No offence. :P

20:34:53 Sep 25th 13 - SFD (Duke Seriously Fck):

none aken, we had 1 blocker to manage last age and we couldn't do that, but this age we have good team and next age will be even better :)

05:31:30 Sep 28th 13 - Fire Lord Crazy (Fire Lord Alistar):

Yep so this coming.. 

10:39:53 Oct 1st 13 - Khan (Mr. Stolichnaya):

Definitely a nice era, and next one will be even better. We should just recruit even more people.

14:13:18 Oct 6th 13 - Khan (Mr. Stolichnaya):

Hey, how is next era looking? Who is staying in Foresaken, is Ferakin trying again? It would be nice to have a well balanced challanging era. This one was not bad, but there is still room to improve!

I propose that we try to create  balanced teams from the beginning, if we stay with the 2 major kingdoms. Ferakin, will you play? Can you recruit more people?

14:44:08 Oct 6th 13 - SFD (Lord Smelly Fart Deployer):

I both forsaken and DD donate some players for a 3rd KD of equal size :P

15:02:19 Oct 6th 13 - Mr. Vytautas Didysis:

Or donate for 4 kingdoms, which will be equal so it will be nice to play :) smaller but more kingdoms ;) and like all should go build in middle for OOP war and rule to not have any naps :) Could be fun 

15:02:53 Oct 6th 13 - Mr. Don Kichotas:

Agree Vytautas 


15:03:32 Oct 6th 13 - Mr. The Great And Powerful:

You are so smart Vyrautas, best IDEA ever 

Go go go 


15:07:23 Oct 6th 13 - SFD (Duke Seriously Fck):

aaaaawww bless you VD <=D

20:38:08 Oct 6th 13 - Khan (Mr. Stolichnaya):

We could start also with having a smaller map for now?

02:42:55 Oct 7th 13 - Yukan (Mr. Inactive Yang):

You should all go tagless!

Zetamania's warring states period >:D

05:58:18 Oct 7th 13 - Mr. Tao:

that would be nice to split into 4 kds of equal size. question is this though, how do you divide up the players? especially since you have newer and more experienced players. I myself am still rather new and have just recently come back. If we gonna do it lets get ball rolling now so at era start there is no confusion.

09:25:41 Oct 7th 13 - SFD (Lord Smelly Fart Deployer):

ok I take JD, gwap ;), bran, toa, anon, heffer, VD, niv, dexter, kev and newage!!!!!

FTW my word is law ;)

16:58:16 Oct 7th 13 - Mr. Riku:

Hey, DeathDealers can you guys cast Arma already? You guys are needlessly prolonging the era! 

17:14:40 Oct 7th 13 - Mr. Manx Man:

There are still 29 cities to take. ;)

17:20:56 Oct 7th 13 - SFD (Duke Seriously Fck):

you mean will never have my cities :P

18:16:09 Oct 7th 13 - Mr. Don Kichotas:

you won't take fast my cities ;) better to cast arma

15:28:07 Oct 9th 13 - Khan (Mr. Stolichnaya):

I think no arma-ability here. Would be better to tell Zeta to stop the era. And who take me in the team? :)

21:37:44 Oct 9th 13 - SFD (Lord Smelly Fart Deployer):

I will take you ;)

00:20:14 Oct 10th 13 - Mr. Manx Man:

And I'll take you on, if you'll take me on. But not yet, because I'll be gone for a day, or two.

00:37:18 Oct 10th 13 - Khan (Mr. Stolichnaya):

I am getting really confused who take on who :)

How about listing the existing 3 kingdoms, with only the active ones? I will tell my kingdom to write here :) Not sure how successful though

DD: Anon, Khan,



00:50:04 Oct 10th 13 - Mr. Riku:

DD, you guys have to contact Zeta and tell him you've won the era and you would like a era restart. The request for a manual restart should come from the people who actually won the era. And please lets do this ASAP. 

04:43:50 Oct 10th 13 - Grim (Lord Old Fat And Lazy):

But, there are still 7 cities on the map we don't have yet.

06:29:00 Oct 10th 13 - Khan (Mr. Stolichnaya):

DD: Anon, Khan, Grim

07:47:36 Oct 10th 13 - Niveko (Mr. Niveko):

Nooo let me live with my last city, I won't attack you I swear! 

16:29:30 Oct 10th 13 - Mr. Arch Reaper:

DD: Anon, Khan, Grim, Cream

06:01:20 Oct 11th 13 - Death Dealer (Mr. Anonymous Reaper):

I sent a pm to the Admin, so the age should be ending here soon.

16:19:09 Oct 11th 13 - Khan (Mr. Stolichnaya):

Well, looks like we wont manage to get even teams like this, so we can just hope for a good active era by everyone :(

16:30:34 Oct 11th 13 - Mr. Manx Man:

Maybe all of Death Dealers can not respawn for 2 days and give Forsaken a 2 day head start? :P lol

17:41:49 Oct 11th 13 - Mr. Toa:

Well played DD , you guys and gals have set the bench mark on Zeta so its up to all that play here to meet that mark . Looking forward to achieving that mark this era .

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