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Zetamania Age 8
14:00:48 Jun 15th 11 - Mr. Veigar:

IMGKingdom NameMembersLeader%P
Kingdoms in Zetamania
Celestial Crystal9Mr. Veigar100
Beothuck10Ms. Jennaside85
Torment6Mr. Acerf The Majestic64
The Great Duchy of Lithuania3Mr. Vytautas Didysis34
Bane Elemental4Mr. Mablung Culnmo34
Peacekeepers10Mr. Bidi17

14:01:26 Jun 15th 11 - Mr. Veigar:

hope this would be a fun era to play with.. also.... Celestial Crystal is currently looking for 1 more experience player.... pls do send apps..

17:13:20 Jun 15th 11 - Mr. Mablung Culnmo:

Bane Elemental

Kingdom Banner

Name: Bane Elemental
Members: 4
Created: 6/14/2011 12:27:10 PM
Leader: Mr. Mablung Culnmo

Compare kingdom


An Elven Kingdom... Dark elf, Evil elf, High elf, Wild Elf, Wise elf. :P


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17:13:41 Jun 15th 11 - Mr. Mablung Culnmo:

kingdom of bane elemental looking for recruits! please do join!

21:11:56 Jun 15th 11 - Mr. Acerf The Majestic:

soo, still no word about merges or walls?

21:22:30 Jun 15th 11 - Sir Horus XV:

walls and merges are implemented...

we'll see what walls look like soon, but slaves will be required? to make them

01:20:28 Jun 16th 11 - General Undercover Agent of:

need a kd. message me

02:37:48 Jun 16th 11 - Mr. Maraudr Die Kill Die:

Ya know... Zeta's map size already creates some 'very' easy to defend areas... with Great Walls it's going to be even easier, or harder if you're attacking. :P

09:06:09 Jun 16th 11 - The Architect:


New Colony

If we build a city here it would be able to hold some buildings!

The age has just started.
We have to wait 0 more days/ticks before being able to settle.

09:47:33 Jun 16th 11 - Mr. Mablung Culnmo:

Bane elemental looking for recruits...

13:28:02 Jun 16th 11 - Mr. Wassabi:


14:14:34 Jun 16th 11 - Mr. Polymer:

Kingdoms in Zetamania
Beothuck10Ms. Jennaside222
Torment9Mr. Acerf The Majestic111
Celestial Crystal10Mr. Veigar109
Forsaken3Mr. Crown Royal Thefallendrunk100
Bane Elemental4Mr. Mablung Culnmo84
The Great Duchy of Lithuania5Mr. Vytautas Didysis72
Peacekeepers10Mr. Bidi43

16:24:44 Jun 16th 11 - Mr. Acerf The Majestic:

soo, where is everybody on the map? :) 

16:39:47 Jun 16th 11 - Sir Horus XV:

i casted fog on you and invisibility on me... i'm not telling

18:10:42 Jun 16th 11 - Mr. Maraudr Die Kill Die:

So.... are Great Walls working or not? I clicked on it and nothing came up. I also noticed that the build Great Walls button in on every world not just Zeta.

19:04:40 Jun 16th 11 - Mr. Acerf The Majestic:

im not sure, yeah i tried clicking it also, but maybe you need slaves before you're able to use it

19:09:13 Jun 16th 11 - Mr. Fitz of Arunun:

^^The button appears on other worlds too at the moment, I have slaves so I checked and it still doesn't work. Either that or its just disabled on other worlds, but the button still shows.

23:21:45 Jun 16th 11 - Duke Some Fcked Dude:

where is the build GW button?
i dont have it :(

03:14:37 Jun 17th 11 - Mr. Jakee:

Army transfer page, bro. :P

03:19:11 Jun 17th 11 - Duke Some Fcked Dude:

ikno i looked on the news page and seen Zeta had a topic about it :P
thanks anyway :D

03:20:40 Jun 17th 11 - Mr. Jakee:



03:23:44 Jun 17th 11 - Ice Prince Zephyr:

wow VU looks cooler than it used to be;P
I am looking for a kingdom, not inactives please, more info msg me(;

03:32:46 Jun 17th 11 - Duke Some Fcked Dude:

<3 xx

04:05:47 Jun 17th 11 - Mr. Veigar:

why isnt the build great wall button working?

04:34:21 Jun 17th 11 - General Undercover Agent of:

maybe you have no slaves, and we need slaves first. i know it use to tell u wat u need once u got the size u want. but may be different this time

07:42:11 Jun 17th 11 - Mr. Redwyne:

Looking for a fairly large kingdom. New player, so I would need some help. ^___^ I used to play back in the day though. Actually was a member of the Peacekeepers, the Phil Empire, and this other fairly prominent clan.

07:49:38 Jun 17th 11 - Mr. Dexter The Serial Killer:

Kingdoms in Zetamania
Beothuck10Ms. Jennaside107
Torment11Mr. Acerf The Majestic100
Bane Elemental6Mr. Mablung Culnmo38
The Great Duchy of Lithuania5Mr. Vytautas Didysis24
Celestial Crystal9Mr. Veigar23
RED Academy2Lady Macbeth of Arunun21

13:59:21 Jun 17th 11 - Mr. Polymer:

^ wow, showing no love for alot of kingdoms, still very early:

Kingdoms in Zetamania
Beothuck10Ms. Jennaside485
Torment11Mr. Acerf The Majestic349
Bane Elemental6Mr. Mablung Culnmo177
RED Academy5Lady Macbeth of Arunun166
Forsaken4Mr. Crown Royal Thefallendrunk100
The Great Duchy of Lithuania5Mr. Vytautas Didysis91
Celestial Crystal9Mr. Veigar91
Lesbocy4Mr. Mielo71
Peacekeepers10Mr. Bidi67

20:13:40 Jun 17th 11 - Mr. Mielo:

Members Leader %P
Kingdoms in Zetamania
Beothuck10Ms. Jennaside299
Torment11Mr. Acerf The Majestic246
RED Academy6Lady Macbeth of Arunun144
Bane Elemental6Mr. Mablung Culnmo137
Lesbocy7Mr. Mielo100
Celestial Crystal9Mr. Veigar91
The Great Duchy of Lithuania6Mr. Vytautas Didysis73
Forsaken4Mr. Crown Royal Thefallendrunk60
Peacekeepers10Mr. Bidi55
Fearsome Brave Individuals3Mr. Brave Dalimor26
Darker Blood2Ms. Black Man1

04:06:06 Jun 18th 11 - The Architect:

PKS has opening for 2 players if anyone is still looking for a Zeta kd.

04:08:16 Jun 18th 11 - General Undercover Agent of:

so any wars yet. almost OOP time.

05:22:36 Jun 18th 11 - Duke Some Fcked Dude:

archy there is a 10 mann cap?


08:49:31 Jun 18th 11 - The Architect:

Yeah, at least there was last era.  I'm not sure if Zeta removed it or not.

12:24:51 Jun 18th 11 - Lady Macbeth of Arunun:

I forgot about that cap (one of the reasons I stopped playing this map), was he planning on removing it?

12:27:40 Jun 18th 11 - Duke Some Fcked Dude:

idkno i doubt it tbh

14:37:06 Jun 18th 11 - Mr. Maraudr Die Kill Die:

Torment has 11 members (or so it says)

15:26:16 Jun 18th 11 - Mr. Jakee:

It's a soft cap, 11 can't LAND in the same kingdom.... but as soon as someone lands, they can join a kingdom with 10 or more members :P

21:53:58 Jun 18th 11 - The Architect:

I thought I had heard he was going to, but maybe that was just me hoping...

00:46:33 Jun 19th 11 - Lady Macbeth of Arunun:

it was you hoping Archi, just like we hoped way back in Age 3 of Zetamania :D

05:14:14 Jun 19th 11 - Mr. Veigar:

why when i tried to build great wall and it gives me error?

07:35:04 Jun 19th 11 - The Architect:

I was having problems with GW's, but they all seem to have been fixed.  I look forward to gathering my 80k slaves to build one...

Maybe we should petition...again...for the cap to be removed...

07:50:48 Jun 19th 11 - Mr. Veigar:

yeah.. the caps... LOL!!! thats a problem.. i really hate the caps.. the size of mantrax and zeta is around the same and how come only zeta has caps... 

07:52:11 Jun 19th 11 - General Undercover Agent of:

not around the same, it is the same :P

08:34:27 Jun 19th 11 - The Architect:

Especially with the introduction of Merges and GW's.  Everyone is interested in playing in Zeta to see how it is.  Caps are ridiculous for this number of players.

It's not too late to remove them for the era! =)  We can change before an era reset!  It is possible!

08:45:18 Jun 19th 11 - Mr. Aeroloop:

Like caps, so lazy vets cannot hide in big KD

08:54:06 Jun 19th 11 - Mr. Jakee:

Why can't people be happy they have GW's and merges? 

anyhow, I see the cap as a nice way of forcing more kingdoms, thus more warring, and the silly habit of napping 2+ kingdoms not creating as bad of conditions for the world. :P

09:09:14 Jun 19th 11 - The Architect:

Did anyone say we weren't happy?

There's always ways to improve things, and improvements are all we are suggesting.  

Why can't people accept that we just want to see the game get better than what it currently is?

The problem becomes that less experienced people are creating kingdoms and accepting players when they don't really know the game all that well themselves.  While it's not against the rules by any means, it does create less of a good learning environment for new players they might take on eventually degrading the quality of gameplay.

Large kingdoms allow for people to learn from the more experienced people who have started and taken up root in those kingdoms.  

Large kingdoms also prepare people for a move to Mantrax or Fantasia.  It is an entirely different dynamic when playing with 9 other people vs playing with 24 other people.

09:12:55 Jun 19th 11 - Mr. Jakee:

The number of members doesn't matter as much as people in a kingdom willing to teach newbies. I learned in a small kingdom and even play on Fant now.

People willing to teach > size of a kingdom

Besides, five lower worlds for newbies. Fant, Mant, and Zeta are suppose to be the top three worlds, with Starta and Nirvana as buffer worlds, as far as I see it.

09:16:04 Jun 19th 11 - Mr. Dexter The Serial Killer:

I have to agree.  we only want to see progress continue in a game we all love so well.

09:51:19 Jun 19th 11 - The Architect:

If Zeta is included in the top 3 worlds, then there should be no cap and it should be on equal ground with Fant and Mant by your own suggestion.  So why are you against it?

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