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Zetamania Next era II
12:41:30 Aug 25th 08 - Mr. Peacemakerofdoomwowowowowowowo:

Hey guys, who's going their next era


11:40:31 Aug 26th 08 - Mr. Elendur:

2. Faith (if the 50% cr@p doesn't count there :-p)

04:47:49 Aug 27th 08 - Mr. Bloody Sabbath:

the 50% rule will more then likely be there next era

04:56:30 Aug 27th 08 - Sir Chucky:

i dont know what zeta was smoking when he came up with it

04:59:51 Aug 27th 08 - General Zondervan:


07:16:55 Aug 27th 08 - Ms. Living Dead Girl:

       Its all about skilled and experienced players to play on mantrax and Fantasia ...obviously if you are new the 50% will not be a big deal . 

08:13:13 Aug 27th 08 - Mr. Military:

Military's going there, both of em.  Haha

I can understand the 50% rule, its to really prevent bullying....but at least if the little sh!t your targeting asked for it (by attacking you) you can wipe him out.  Basically just lure em, hook em, and reel em in.  Honestly idk about you guys but it might be pretty fun using new types of deception.  Haha

08:50:38 Aug 27th 08 - Lord Random:

im going to mantrax :)

08:52:21 Aug 27th 08 - Sir Chucky:

fant =]

15:33:17 Aug 27th 08 - Mr. Aragorn II:


20:00:13 Aug 27th 08 - Mr. Troncho:

I thing the 50% rule should be a 25%...

20:37:46 Aug 27th 08 - Mr. Athens:

Why troncho, so you can get me back :)?

20:38:12 Aug 27th 08 - Mr. Athens:

Tronch, I'm only 46% your size based on what everyone knows

20:43:21 Aug 27th 08 - Mr. Wins:

me surely going to zeta PREDS RULE !! :) lol
what is the 50% rule?:)
(sorry me new:D)

20:45:15 Aug 27th 08 - Mr. Athens:

Lol, I'll just say you'll hate it. Also, Preds rule? Remember me when I wiped all your @$$es a few era's ago :)?

05:22:10 Oct 23rd 08 - Mr. Utopia:

figure we may aswell use this thread agian :p

its like recycling :p

 burnt will be on zeta

05:23:14 Oct 23rd 08 - Mr. Resistance:

Mystical will own on Zeta... I mean be on Zeta -_-

05:28:22 Oct 23rd 08 - Mr. Utopia:

lol Thats two Stating to pwn the zeta map who else in the battle for zeta?

Come on .. we need more meet:p

05:37:07 Oct 23rd 08 - Lord Charley Deallus:

Think I may be moving up to bigger and better things...but then again I will be taking the era off ;p  (or at least being more inactive)

14:00:47 Oct 23rd 08 - Mr. Struddle:

Well Guild of the Fallen will be there.  Should be interesting as we are friends with a lot of the kingdoms who will be here next era.  Cant wait to see how this turns out. it's almost like bro vs. bro.

It's like sibling rivalry.  AND EVERYONE KNOWS THAT'S ALWAYS FUN!!!!!!!!

14:19:08 Oct 23rd 08 - Lady Mia Valerie:

ODC will be hanging out in Zeta again, but some of our players(including me) will be either away and inactive. So don't bully us! :P

16:16:31 Oct 23rd 08 - Mr. Pink:

RD won't be on zeta but please keep me updated with pms about how the era will turn out i'm very curious :-)

20:12:40 Oct 23rd 08 - Demonic Shezmu:

I'll be at least inactive and might not even play at all...on whichever world I end up :P

20:17:27 Oct 23rd 08 - Mr. Utopia:






 Ok who else already ?


20:24:50 Oct 23rd 08 - Mr. Roheran:

Dealers of Death.. DoD

Brand new KD to add a bit of variety to the mix  ;-)

20:33:11 Oct 23rd 08 - Mr. Jondrusx:

Mr. Elendur


8/26/2008 5:40:31 AM
2. Faith (if the 50% cr@p doesn't count there :-p)


hello Elendur

04:03:56 Oct 25th 08 - Mr. Mad Maxx:


04:48:37 Oct 25th 08 - Sir Deadpool:

It looks as though I will be taking Vengeance to Zeta as well

05:26:43 Oct 25th 08 - Mr. Utopia:








 Ok who else already ?

05:29:18 Oct 25th 08 - Mr. Resistance:

Kingdom of Heaven lead by Mr. Honor

and isn't Military coming too?

06:06:06 Oct 25th 08 - Mr. Peacemakerofdoomwawa:

lol i changed NAMES!

10:53:51 Oct 25th 08 - Sir Whoop:







Comenius ;)

11:04:26 Oct 25th 08 - Mr. Roheran:

I few knowns.. a few unknowns.. should be fun!

11:22:40 Oct 25th 08 - Mr. Wormdigger:

Taking a break from Fantasia to explore Zeta for the first time, under the flag of Vengeance.

12:48:14 Oct 25th 08 - Sir Jonny Bacardi The Noble Hero:

Paladins aren't sure yet. We may be moving down due to the fact that we have FOUR active players (active means log in once every two days or so)

I'll keep you posted on it though

12:54:09 Oct 25th 08 - Mr. Roheran:

welcome Wormdigger.. and maybe see you on zeta Sir Jonny!

12:57:21 Oct 25th 08 - Lord Random:

wait thats active... what do you call a normal player....

13:04:53 Oct 25th 08 - Mr. Roheran:

shhh random.. lol

13:09:50 Oct 25th 08 - Mr. Van Effen:

jonny why dont the four of you join another kingdom then?

13:30:13 Oct 25th 08 - Sir Jonny Bacardi The Noble Hero:

yea, thats active for us. You should see the other guys, missing 7, 11, 31 and 35 days now.

and haha, us, join another kingdom? I've been POFF leader since era 30, why would I change that now....?

13:41:19 Oct 25th 08 - Lord Random:

because there are 4 active players....

and they'd be a good asset to another KD?

02:09:44 Oct 26th 08 - Sir Jonny Bacardi The Noble Hero:

or we could keep messing around and recruit heavily on a lower world like we've done almost every era up to this one. This era really was the one eception,because we started so late.

02:49:59 Oct 26th 08 - Mr. Pimp:

damned all going to die painfully.

02:22:52 Oct 26th 08 - Mr. Szalor:

GS will be found on zeta...

15:31:30 Oct 26th 08 - Mr. Captain America:









16:33:05 Oct 26th 08 - Sir Whoop:

Huh?? Superheroes from fantasia are going to Zetamania?? :S


Why didn't you guys stayed on Fantasia?

17:01:10 Oct 26th 08 - Mr. Resistance:

lol, Why not just welcome them to Zeta.

Its gonna be a fun era :)

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