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Zetamania Wars (Era 33)
15:45:46 May 12th 08 - Mr. Money:

Zeta is packed and theres some good KDs in mix, who will take home the prize?

16:59:32 May 12th 08 - Mr. Mcmax:

Will as in "want to" or as in "able to"?

17:20:25 May 12th 08 - Sir Ernie The Orange:

Who will have the drive/desire/urge to take home the prize?

20:29:05 May 12th 08 - Mr. Patriot:

It'll be quite the interesting battle

23:13:49 May 12th 08 - Lord Carthac Pendragon:


there are very formiddable opponenets this time around...

it will all come down to the momentum in strategics

23:31:44 May 12th 08 - Mr. Phoenixblaze:

the world just got BIGGER =-) more elbow room

23:45:09 May 12th 08 - Lord Carthac Pendragon:

not good for the ones who were already on the edge...




poor bastards

23:47:35 May 12th 08 - Mr. Patriot:

Oh hello, a nice new mountain range all to myself.  Such a good present from zeta, haha.

00:19:14 May 13th 08 - Sir Trogdar Liech:

blah... whatever

00:20:47 May 13th 08 - Mr. Little Brain:





17:26:02 May 13th 08 - Lord Zucox Junior:

HVCHavoc20Mr. Whoops

ROCRoyal Order of Claidhmore18Sir Kevdwayne
SKSarafan Knights19Sir Slade

wolfKnights of White Wolf16General Wolfenstien
AAAagainst All Authority20


BPBorder Patrol19

BCThe Black Chain11
OPOwnified Pzornification7Mr. Dogga
UNSCUnited Nations Space Corporation10Mr. Lord Admiral Terrence Hood
DFDark Fires11Mr. Archmage Pesterd
KotBRKnights of the Black Rose6Duke Loren Soth
MADMad Against Drugs18Mr. Hilario
LotRLords of the Ring3Mr. Arathorn II

MAP kingdoms

PHXPheonix12Mr. Uchiha Sasuke
RoTRain of Terror2Mr. Hellspawn
MasonsMasons5Mr. Demon
OLZOutLawZ5Master Cloutier
AoAArmy of Anubis12Mr. Anonymous

17:26:10 May 13th 08 - Lord Zucox Junior:

this is all war i know off.. did i miss anything???? or anything is wrong here?? please update my latest news...

17:37:31 May 13th 08 - Sir Wraith:

HVC Havoc 20 Mr. Whoops

ROC Royal Order of Claidhmore 18 Sir Kevdwayne


Who the **** decided this?!?!

17:38:06 May 13th 08 - Sir Wraith:

And you've got loads of mistakes...

18:01:22 May 13th 08 - Sir Slade:

im not going to Fight Wolf
you have fuked up sooooooo bad half of them arnt Evan at war

20:10:53 May 13th 08 - Mr. Mcmax:

Well, many wars starts because of misinformation.......

But on the other hand: A VU-prophet might be born??????

20:42:38 May 13th 08 - Sir Slade:


20:46:25 May 13th 08 - Mr. Frank Castle:

IFFF those wars are correct, there will be some very good battles going on early in the era. You may see a top kingdom eliminated early of this is true.

21:15:36 May 13th 08 - Ms. Llyl:

LOL - Zucox - You're awesome.

21:45:08 May 13th 08 - Mr. Phoenixblaze:

thats really wrong..... im not even gonna correct the parts i know are wrong because there is some info that should always be kept secret as long as you can such as ALLIES AND ENEMIES  i never understand why everyone posts these sort of things anyway

23:03:29 May 13th 08 - Sir Panic III:

i think that is hilarious... gj stirring the pot

is this what you want to see?

23:54:26 May 13th 08 - Mr. Patriot:

Well, this shall be fun.

00:59:53 May 14th 08 - Sir Kevdwayne:

we're at war!?!  why didn't someone tell me!?!

01:42:08 May 14th 08 - Mr. Little Brain:

General wuffie thought he was good about 6 months ago... he was schooled then.
if it does come down to it, it'll happen again...


/me loves to talk *beep*

01:45:25 May 14th 08 - Sir Wraith:

All this time and I still have no idea what you're saying.... =P

And Kev, we must have been off-duty at the time...

01:56:52 May 14th 08 - Lord Carthac Pendragon:

Black Chain and OP haven't even encountered yet...


this is one guys trying to stir up crap...


03:20:58 May 14th 08 - Mr. Dogga:

fighting Black Chain. thats new to me too

03:30:01 May 14th 08 - Lord Carthac Pendragon:


i am glad we are at agreement here

i havent even seen you guys

you're probably on the other side of the map and a conquest like that would end in disaster...


this guy needs to stop trying to stir the old bucket o' crap

03:31:49 May 14th 08 - Sir Wraith:

Lol, ye he does.


MAP kingdoms

PHX Pheonix 12 Mr. Uchiha Sasuke
RoT Rain of Terror 2 Mr. Hellspawn
Masons Masons 5 Mr. Demon
OLZ OutLawZ 5 Master Cloutier
AoA Army of Anubis 12 Mr. Anonymous
DOG DogMen 3


Does this mean they are all allied together? If so, why not just make ONE Kd for it? -.-

If not, could someone explain it to me please? xD

03:33:28 May 14th 08 - Lord Zucox Junior:

well.. all did was just coyp the kingdoms in Zeta and out the words "Vs" betweeen them.. :P  have fun...

04:08:11 May 14th 08 - Mr. Archmage Pesterd:

lol he was matching them up by rank because we all no that UNSC is no match for DF...

04:29:56 May 14th 08 - Lord Carthac Pendragon:


i dont get the point in this

05:10:26 May 14th 08 - Mr. Archmage Pesterd:

lol neither do i but im the first OOP:-)

07:59:14 May 14th 08 - Mr. Money:

The idea when these topic are made is to get warring KDs the chance to talk the other or flame each other, whatever the case may be.

Anyway i will own this world or it will die by my hands, thats all any1 needs to know =P

08:07:23 May 14th 08 - Mr. Phoenixblaze:

lol why dont you put your moeny where your mouth is >_>,  

i made a pun

08:31:06 May 14th 08 - Mr. Money:

In due time, i will just wait an see =)

09:19:33 May 14th 08 - Mr. Whoops:

Havoc didnt heard anything from that war :p

13:07:10 May 14th 08 - Mr. Archmage Pesterd:

lol this is fun

13:21:31 May 14th 08 - Lord Carthac Pendragon:

i still dont get why hes saying war that dont exsist, exsist...

13:59:16 May 14th 08 - Sir Slade:

Well like so many people said many small KDs are going to get nocked out

i say in a week the KD list in Zeta will be cut in half

14:55:05 May 14th 08 - Mr. Whoops:

probably yes slade :p

15:08:04 May 14th 08 - Sir Slade:

i mean with the amount of Kingdoms in this World everyone has to be crampped togather

i have 10 kds near me

i mean right near me

15:51:35 May 14th 08 - Mr. Phoenixblaze:

0_o   wow i dont see that many kingdoms..... well not 10 at least a few more than normal beginning of era sure but 10.... wow

18:26:13 May 14th 08 - Mr. Archmage Pesterd:

lol ya i see three kingdoms near me but one of them is close to extinsion

18:43:28 May 14th 08 - Mr. Frank Castle:

BP Border Patrol 20 Mr. Patriot 100
DF Dark Fires 11 Mr. Archmage Pesterd 40


AAA against All Authority 20 Lord Zucox Junior 81

It seems that BP and DF got the early jump on this one. lets hope we keep it up.

03:30:43 May 15th 08 - Sir Slade:

Yeah i could name them for you but it would be a waste of my Time

04:11:41 May 15th 08 - Lord Carthac Pendragon:


Theres really only 5 kds in our immediate reach...




04:55:25 May 15th 08 - Sir Slade:

haha your still 4 down on me


05:31:08 May 15th 08 - Lord Carthac Pendragon:


: )

06:59:23 May 15th 08 - Mr. Tonganboii:

you guys know what??


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