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Zetamanie 13
17:55:44 Feb 29th 12 - HorusPanic (Mr. Panic):

First world to the unlucky, 13th era... looks like a nice crowd:

Kingdoms in Zetamania
Flame Lords Legion17Mr. The Clap134
ROC Elders12Prince Roc Hearted100
Trein Musketiers10Mr. Terrorman97
Beothuk18Mr. Unicorn The Rapist78
Peacekeepers7Mr. Grim Darkhammer36
The Federation7Mr. Uther Pendragon36
Dendarii Mercenary Corps5Mr. Insane XXXX26
Sleepless4Mr. Roq25

21:01:23 Feb 29th 12 - Lord Jellybean (Mr. Jellybeanz):

I'm on this world with an untagged character, should be fun :) 

08:39:26 Mar 3rd 12 - Tyr (Mr. Tyberculosis):

Let the madness ensue :D

09:00:32 Mar 3rd 12 - Zond (General Dendarii):

It has, me vs a multi kd :p

oh the fun!

07:20:31 Mar 9th 12 - Tyr (Mr. Tyberculosis):

All Quiet on the Zetamania Front, a new book written by Tyr Berculosis.

07:34:15 Mar 9th 12 - Zond (General Dendarii):

not so quiet. we are winning wars here :p

07:43:06 Mar 9th 12 - Tyr (Mr. Tyberculosis):

So are we, it was just a joke at the forums being quit even tho stuff is happening. :P

07:44:11 Mar 9th 12 - Zond (General Dendarii):

oh i know, and i was saying we are having quiet wars ;)

07:48:08 Mar 9th 12 - Tyr (Mr. Tyberculosis):

oki :P

07:49:10 Mar 9th 12 - Zond (General Dendarii):

i hear u guys beat up Feds again... :/

07:54:40 Mar 9th 12 - Tyr (Mr. Tyberculosis):

Well Im kinda causing them some problems on my own, so its more like 1 vs feds atm :P

07:56:45 Mar 9th 12 - Zond (Sir Ariolation):

oh i see, well 1 vs someone else. :p

19:30:40 Mar 9th 12 - McMax (Mr. The Roc Star):

Well, a little (small, tiny - nearly non) information from the eastern front:

Something IS going on over here.

19:34:13 Mar 9th 12 - Tyr (Mr. Tyberculosis):

Good to hear that everyones having fun then :)

19:59:48 Mar 11th 12 - Tyr (Mr. Tyberculosis):

Stuff is starting to go down in zeta :)

02:26:39 Mar 12th 12 - Mr. Uther Pendragon:

Tyr ripped me a new one. :P

Not too good at this these days. I'm getting old and fat. :P

05:47:53 Mar 12th 12 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Mr. Delusional):

lol well thats good news for us in roc are you getting lazy also uther

00:27:46 Mar 15th 12 - Mr. Ramza Beoulve:

On my own vs entire alliance of Black Knights and Daffodils

Looks like Trein Musketeers attacking Daffodils and Flame Lord Legion attacking Black Knights.

Looks like i may survive or die, who knows




04:36:24 Mar 15th 12 - Zond (The Valhalla Savior):

Looks like no matter how many multies Trein guys make, they still cant even fight off PKS. let alone us in DMC, BOOYAH!!

05:28:23 Mar 15th 12 - Iceworks (Mr. Nightsiayer The Troll War):

FLL also attacking ROC

07:34:17 Mar 15th 12 - Mr. Terrorman:

Funny how we are being called a multi, when we consist of IRL friends.
Problem either is now that we miss 5 guys who went to London (from Monday until upcomming Friday) with school and can't manage to defend.

Wish everybody good luck, even tough the hating. :)

07:41:34 Mar 15th 12 - Mr. Palpy Forum Troll:


Oh yes and your brother plays and so does your aunt, your cousin and your pet goldfish...

07:41:35 Mar 15th 12 - McMax (Mr. The Roc Star):

IMG Kingdom Name Members Leader %P
Kingdoms in Zetamania
ROC Elders 16 Prince Roc Hearted 100
Trein Musketiers 12 Ms. Cassiopea 80
Flame Lords Legion 14 Mr. The Clap 75
Dendarii Mercenary Corps 15 Mr. Insane XXXX 38
Beothuk 16 Ms. Sapphire 25
Peacekeepers 7 Mr. Bidi 18
The Federation 6 Mr. Uther Pendragon 6
Black Knights 5 Mr. Great One 5
Daffodils 7 Mr. Donut Bugme 4
Sleepless 4 Mr. Roq 2

12:35:24 Mar 15th 12 - Mr. Yuini:

MSNNamePostsRankRaceWorldLast login

Trollbear7ViceTrollZeta.4 days

Waltier1Mr.HalflingZeta.4 days

Hopfand2Mr.HalflingZeta.4 days

Theodor9Mr.HalflingZeta.4 days

Yaelinx12Mr.HalflingZeta.4 days
* Yuini27Mr.HalflingZeta.Today

Woodpecker0Mr.DwarfZeta.1 days

* Bloodshotcanada0Mr.TrollZeta.Today

Believe what you want ^^
Next era will be different :3 GL all

13:08:54 Mar 15th 12 - Zond (General Dendarii):

Yours and terrorman use same msn? LOL

Btw, i talked with Trollbear.. hes says otherwise. 

But cool, cool, You are the same guys who farmed on Mant and "went inactive" and fed an orc. 

13:17:53 Mar 15th 12 - Mr. Elfontop of Rabies:

"Yours and terrorman use same msn? LOL"

Pet Goldfish can't sign up for msn.

13:23:41 Mar 15th 12 - Zond (General Dendarii):

You guys must all live in teh same house, to not have to post things in teh forums ^^

13:26:06 Mar 15th 12 - Mr. Yuini:

When was that, in Mant?

19:20:24 Mar 15th 12 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Sir Repayinkind):

well this is To Kobu great Job in holding off RoC for as long as you did i did not think one player could last that long against the odds you faced but you surprised all of us and almost started to give me a run for my money but if it had been any other world  you would have won

23:13:35 Mar 15th 12 - Jenna (Ms. Sapphire):

yes this era been fun but why even nap peeps let your hair down and just go all out ...

20:41:46 Mar 16th 12 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Sir Repayinkind):

yeah jenna why even nap peeps

21:38:24 Mar 16th 12 - Mr. Ramza Beoulve:

w00t, myself vs 1 member of FLL, Black Knights and Daffodils.

*cries, picking on the little guy* :P

22:36:53 Mar 16th 12 - Mr. Something:

Ramza you were the one to initiate hostilities with Black Knights and Daffodil so I have no idea why you are trying to play the victim. Not to mention you had an at least two day head start on everyone in Black Knights and had significantly better income and armies.

01:10:35 Mar 17th 12 - Mr. Ramza Beoulve:

lol Something, true i was playing the victim to a point, nonetheless. Sure i had a few armies and an income, but still numbers surely should beat little oh me =P

I initiate Daffodils, but definitely you had offensive magic on me Something, essentially the very beginning is started by you ;-)

Though i must admit, i thought Hunger Games would have used a mix of lvl 2 and nazzies, would have been a very bad ass and tough (may have lost really).

06:00:30 Mar 17th 12 - Mr. Something:

The only thing I had cast on you was EitS because you kept on moving armies around. Unfortunately Hunger games had to go inactive for a few days and so was not able to develop as much. My kingdom only settled 7-8 days ago so a two day advantage is pretty significant.

I would have beat you myself but unfortunately I went mage this era and thus had a pretty crap military. =P

12:05:05 Mar 17th 12 - Mr. Ramza Beoulve:

Nonetheless, those failed spells meant something to me that i wasnt aware of which it was at the time. So it was your own fault that chances to spy or whatever you did was very accountable to encounter a retaliation and inevitably to brew war. Was very fun and strategic :)

16:11:27 Mar 17th 12 - Mr. Something:

I am not blaming you for the war, I just don't understand why you are so proud of starting wars and then implying that Black Knights and Daffodils ganged up on you. That was something we had no intention of doing until you attacked both of us.

21:21:26 Mar 17th 12 - Mr. Ramza Beoulve:

i guess i like the drama, the thrill of excitement, keeps things interesting =)

Not suggesting you did bad things nor in the wrong, just like to keep the interests ;-)

19:26:48 Mar 18th 12 - McMax (Mr. The Roc Star):

Now this is telling all about the cruel rule, that FLL are using upon innocent pezzies:

17:00:06 - Tired of the rulership of Mr.Porphyria the people of Trolls Inn that are loyal to you have returned the city to your command.


Personally I guess that was the war-taxes they (FLL) put on "the little farmers daily consumes (read beers)" that made the uprise :big-grin:.

19:54:31 Mar 18th 12 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Sir Repayinkind):

i know they started taxing the booze i had coming in and your people were not down with that

14:06:00 Mar 24th 12 - Zond (General Dendarii):

So, here we are after we killed Trein...

You (3/3/2012 5:07:56 AM)
run a multi check on the kd called Trein Musketiers.
VU Admin (3/24/2012 2:45:15 AM)GOODBAD
It was positive. Thanks.

18:00:25 Mar 26th 12 - McMax (Mr. The Roc Star):

Looks pretty good...... at least for some.......


Kingdoms in Zetamania
ROC Elders 21 Prince Roc Hearted 100
Dendarii Mercenary Corps 11 Mr. Insane XXXX 51
Flame Lords Legion 14 Mr. The Clap 51
Peacekeepers 8 Mr. Vytautas Didysis 30
Daffodils 7 Mr. Donut Bugme 13
Black Knights 6 Mr. Great One 3
Sleepless 6 Mr. Roq 1
Dasein 3 Mr. Tasso The Mediocre 0

18:46:56 Mar 26th 12 - Tyr (Mr. Tyberculosis):

Lol yeah :P

20:35:08 Mar 27th 12 - Mr. Hanta Orc Virus:


You think you can add a few mo kingdoms to help you out?c'mon manh, i know you can do it, psst... why not get a couple dead ones to enlist as well?

ahhh hahaahahhahahahaaha

20:47:29 Mar 27th 12 - Zond (General Dendarii):

Epic part, you started the wars with half of the ones your fighting. Not other way around.


14:46:08 Mar 28th 12 - Mr. Hanta Orc Virus:

epic part? if we started the wars with half then would'nt we only be fighting half the map?


14:51:33 Mar 28th 12 - Mr. Hanta Orc Virus:

Im just kidding man ... lol, im just kidding please don't get mad Mr. Zondervan, lol no really i think it's incredible and fun to fight the whole map.

personally i think being feared is a greater accomplishment than being needy... i mean, well imo, i am happy we did not have to ask for help, and have not asked for help... 

i only wish kingdoms would get back to kingdoms and not groups of people with agendas.

18:52:42 Mar 28th 12 - Zond (The Valhalla Savior):

personally i think being feared is a greater accomplishment than being needy

finally i have a great accomplishment ;)

And, yes. But from my kd its just me. rest are off doing god knows what :P

And we had no agenda! just came on the map to kill everything, we actually highly believed we would die OOP 

01:20:31 Mar 29th 12 - Mr. Annunaki:

[6:11:42 PM | Edited 6:13:20 PM] Jillian: I congrats all kds in zeta  this era and roc for beating me/us, few..  the shadow of what beo was  just saying if my whole crew was there you wouldnt  stood a chance  :) but cheers to you all have a great era
[6:13:30 PM] Jillian: could you post this on my behalf

03:00:58 Mar 29th 12 - Dragon (Mr. Phelan):

Thanks you too

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