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a game of high adventure
15:38:50 Feb 8th 11 - Mr. Crom:

what has this game become......

16:24:08 Feb 8th 11 - Mr. Legend:

The best game you will ever play -.-

20:40:10 Feb 8th 11 - Mr. Tyr Tokugawa:

VU is the game I have played the longest, tried a ton of others, might take a while before I find anything that has even a chance to replace it...

21:24:30 Feb 8th 11 - Mr. Rousseau:

People are being so critical about this game, but still everyone gets back and are all in their own ways addicted to VU... (:

14:46:02 Mar 4th 11 - Mr. Right Hand of Korwyn:

Crom.. As in Lord Crom??

19:46:37 May 20th 11 - Mr. Jellybean:

Loved this game in phases since I was 10.. and i'm 15 now >.<

20:10:39 May 21st 11 - Mr. Jackdaniels The Forgotten One:

lol it's cause zeta injects you with a very small dose of heroine whenever you click

21:59:25 May 21st 11 - Duke Some Fcked Dude:

JD that is all LIES!!!
Zeta loves us he would never do that :')

23:21:49 May 22nd 11 - Sun Warrior King Liu Bei of Shu:

Idk SFD Im sure he might have slipped something into our drinks when we were not looking.

23:55:26 May 22nd 11 - Mr. Lone:

I wouldent be suprised either tbh, somhow I love this game, and yet people look at it and don't have a clue how I could be addicted.

03:01:20 May 23rd 11 - Mr. Pure:

I don't even know how I can be addicted to the game when I look at it.

18:05:11 May 24th 11 - Princess Bloodrayne:

Is anything changed here? :) Did everyone quit? :D
I set alarm once a month so my Princess title would not get deleted, but I guess I could just let it die because nothing is changing here?

18:16:30 May 24th 11 - Mr. Jakee:

Zeta is going to try fixing the 50% problem and aotd stuffs, etc.... so somethings are changing, I s'pose. ;P

19:24:23 May 24th 11 - Mr. Binh The War:

yes we are starting to get updates again as soon as new fantasia era begin.

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