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age of, new clan name
13:37:59 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Marick:

if any of ago of is listening we will changing our name but not our logo or ppl...nobody new can join and that is final. we do except clan treatys and will not attck them unless attcked and then will go full force (we will kill and then ask questions not the nice way).

14:07:53 Mar 23rd 08 - Lord Zucox II:

Can someone translate this into english please...  I dont' get what he tried to say..

14:09:23 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Thomas VII:


14:54:43 Mar 23rd 08 - Demonic Bernie:

he's saying they'll get pwnd cuz no1 will be able to join them (them prolly being him and his multi's) so basically..."eh wtf?!" followed by "what's this button...resign..." followed by a RL "GDAMN!!! I Can't login no more..." followed by...less crap for us to get annoyed with ingame...

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