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black hollar of red cross
09:15:54 Nov 22nd 10 - Mr. Gimli:

Ok so this guy is dishonorable. I will post every message I have had with him and one from my kd leader.

Mr. Amaroq XXI (11/19/2010 10:23:31 AM) GOOD BAD
Everyone do not attack Red Cross. They are not going to attack us...
You (11/19/2010 1:57:39 PM)
Can I get sex traffcing back tho.
Mr. Amaroq XXI (11/19/2010 3:09:28 PM) GOOD BAD
Message them first, we dont need to open up a war with them. I wouldn't approach it tho. there is a 100k army inside...
You (11/19/2010 4:11:50 PM)
Just to make sure. I will never engage in a battle till I have orders from the leadership to do so.
Thats the message from my kd leader. Basically saying we have a cf/nap with them. The reason I say could I take back those two cities were because I was no kd about 13 days ago.

now the messages from him in a list by date.

You (11/20/2010 8:36:27 PM)
Can I plz take back this city and aids for you?
Mr. Black Hollar (11/21/2010 2:02:39 AM) GOOD BAD
no .
You (11/21/2010 2:18:48 PM)
May I ask y
Mr. Black Hollar (11/21/2010 2:25:52 PM) GOOD BAD
because they are mine and u are a traitor .
You (11/21/2010 3:25:49 PM)
Ummm How am I a traitor.
Mr. Black Hollar (11/21/2010 4:00:14 PM) GOOD BAD
u said u were farming to help galactic , and u join the enemy how are u not a traitor.
You (11/21/2010 4:35:25 PM)
You and them should know that nothing is finally untill I have joined them etc. I had every intention on joining sleepless
Mr. Black Hollar (11/21/2010 6:31:19 PM) GOOD BAD
Mr. Gimli (11/15/2010 12:25:56 AM) GOOD BAD
Dude. Im joining feds. I am just farming up so that they can take cities from me. I just havnt let them take any cause I need the income for cavers which will allow me to build much more with lower building count.
You (11/21/2010 8:56:13 PM)
So you could of still attacked me. You choose to believe something that was a lie. You need to get smarter.
A lot of people should know that nothing is finally until it is agreed upon. I also didn't feed feds at all so if he watched closely he would of realized they only took one city from me and that was more to keep me alive and them not kill me.

Mr. Black Hollar (11/22/2010 4:41:01 PM) GOOD BAD
U think im just some chump u can talk to any way u would like.
Next time bring the men to back it up . *beep*!!
You (11/22/2010 5:19:28 PM)
DUDE WTF. We have friendly realtions and then you atatck us. What is the meaning of this.

and I havnt gotten a reply.

Also my kd leader has gone away for 4-5days he will be back in 3 days or so. But this guy just comes out of no where and attacks me. My armies were about to go on the attack so they were in my city furthest away from my mines because it was safe to do so. then this dude breaks a cf/nap.

09:57:29 Nov 22nd 10 - Mr. Barny:

I see a lot of bitching about wanting your cities back and a mention of you "joining the enemy".

I'm not on anyone's side here, and frankly I don't really give a shit, but you might want to clear the air a bit and explain what that is about.

10:28:37 Nov 22nd 10 - Mr. Pure The Nub:

Barny they arent enemies he mentioned before.

11:39:32 Nov 22nd 10 - Mr. Barny:

Short Version: Even the most detailed analysis of the information in this thread and what we can find from using tools in VU's kingdom page still does not provide us with enough information. Black Hollar and Gimli are both idiots, but we can't tell if neither, one, or both of them have acted dishonorably.

 Pure, I was just quoting something that Black Hollar said. I am sure you will agree with me when I say that this thread was a bit poorly composed. I merely made that post to help suggest that Gimli should be more elaborate. It's very hard to actually interpret what is going on in this chat log because creator of this thread, Gimli, uses pretty poor grammar and leaves out a lot of information that would be helpful to the reader. 

The thread is titled "Black Hollar of Red Cross", and based on the tone and what Gimli directly says, he is trying to say that Black Hollar broke a CF or NAP agreement.

To begin, you can see by clicking "Old Forum Design" that Gimli is not in a kingdom. The first conversation Gimli posts in this thread is with "Mr. Amaroq XXI",  the leader of the kingdom "Sleepless" on Armageddon. In the messages Gimli is told not to attack Red Cross, and he asks if he can have a city returned, and he later asks Black Hollar for 2 of his cities back.

Black Hollar is the leader of a kingdom called "Red Cross". In Gimli's messages, he asks Black Hollar for 2 cities back. Black Hollar responds by saying that the cities are now his, and that Gimli is a traitor. When Gimli asks how he is a traitor, Black Hollar says that Gimli claimed to be "farming to help galactic", and then he joined "the enemy". Gimli responds by say that nothing is final until he has joined "them", and that he had every intention of joining the kingdom Sleepless.

Black Hollar goes on to say that Gimli is pathetic, and he copies a message that Gimli was sent someone 6 days earlier, in which Gimli claims that he intends to joins "feds", which is shorthand for the Armageddon kingdom "Galactic Federation of Light", and that he is just farming up so that "they" (which can either mean Galactic Federation of Light, or it could be a pronoun for the "the enemy" that is mentioned ealier).

Gimli also says that the only reason "they" haven't taken his cities yet is because he wants to have income to train cavemaster, so that he can create more land to feed someone. This further demonstrates that Gimli is probably an idiot, because the gold he spends on cavemaster would take about 10 days to pay itself back. He could just produce land with that gold instead. Then again, given how poorly composed and lacking Gimli's post in this thread is; we really don't need anything else to prove that Gimli is an idiot.

Gimli goes on to say that Black Hollar chose to believe something that was a lie, and that Black Hollar should "get smarter". In Gimli's present tense analysis of the messages, he says that "A lot of people should know that nothing is finally until it is agreed upon"   and that he did not feed cities, and that cities were only taken to keep him alive.

The last message log shown demonstrates that Black Hollar attacked Gimli, who was unprepared; and that the leader of Gimli's kingdom is away for a few days.

Overall, based on the information that we have, we really can't pass judgement on Gimli or Black Hollar. We know that they are both morons based on the way they type. Gimli flat out says that he lied to someone about which kingdom he would join, and that his word means nothing; and something is only final after it has happened. Black Hollar may or may not have broken and NAP or CF, we can't really tell from what we have here.

13:37:57 Nov 22nd 10 - Duke Some Fckin Dude:

Barny!!!! you always have to kill it mann :(
Im not reading all that :/

14:54:30 Nov 22nd 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

Well, at least barny made a thorough analysis of it XD

14:57:15 Nov 22nd 10 - Duke Some Fckin Dude:

welll i read it and black sounds like a dick IMO
Not taking sides but meh he does :)

15:15:12 Nov 22nd 10 - Mr. Barny:

05:57:15 Nov 22nd 10 - Duke Some Fckin Dude:

welll i read it and black sounds like a dick IMO
Not taking sides but meh he does :)


Black dicks you say?

I am... interested. Go on.

19:50:28 Nov 22nd 10 - Mr. Calculus:

Yeah barny I was halfway reading it but stopped. Too effing long lol.

21:49:38 Nov 22nd 10 - Duke Some Fckin Dude:

Barny keep your fetish to yourself now! :P

07:31:33 Nov 23rd 10 - Mr. Gimli:

Thank you barny for doing all that. And yes I do have poor english skills although I am only 14 and just passing english = |. I do try to be good at grammer tho.

thxs sfd for your opinon.

15:51:05 Nov 27th 10 - Mr. Donut:

05:57:15 Nov 22nd 10 - Duke Some Fckin Dude:

welll i read it and black sounds like a dick IMO
Not taking sides but meh he does :)


Black dicks you say?

I am... interested. Go on.

Trouble is, Barny, Holler's more like a limp one.  In which case the colour doesnt make much difference ;)

16:27:15 Nov 27th 10 - Mr. Amaroq XXI:

I can shed some light on the issue since i am leader of Sleepless.  We are currently on Arma. which has the 50% rule in effect.  Gimli was in another kingdom that was defeated by Daffodils earlier in the era, so he went kingdomless and started over in a area very close to us.  I spoke with Gimli and agreed that when it was safe, he would join Sleepless.  As right now, he could not be attacked by any members of Red Cross or Feds due to the 50% rule. 

Now as for red Cross, they are comprised of Black Hollar and 1 other member.  Earlier in the era they were nearly wiped off the map.  They tried to relocate near us and we made an agreement that we would not finish them off as we could since they had made attacks against us and we had attacked them (50% rule no longer in affect), and in return they would not attack us and would farm up to help against Feds. 

Fast forward to just before the message Gimli posted.  I find out that Red Cross had joined into forces with Feds and they ask us for a formal era long NAP, which as far as i'm concerned was already there, but i agreed to just make it formal as i wanted to concentrate on Feds.  Gimli had already joined Sleepless prior to their request for official terms.

So I was able to push Feds back so the only members in the area of Gimli's cities were Red Cross who we have friend relations with, and another friendly kingdom.  So Gimli decides to join us and help with Feds.  As soon as he joins us, Red Cross could now attack him because 50% rule no longer applied since both kingdoms had attacked each other earlier.  Gimli messaged me in regards to the attacks from Hollar so I message Black Hollar the leader who said that they planned on taking him out before, even tho they couldn't because of hte 50% rule.  I advised Black that Gimli had joined prior to our official NAP agreement, thereby he is covered by the terms.  Then Black Hollar refused to message me back and finished taking Gimli's cities.  I still have not heard back from Black Hollar after several messages. 

So if you ask me, not only did he take for granted that I allowed him to live and rebuild near us earlier in the era, but he broke the era long NAP that he himself had asked for...

22:18:00 Nov 27th 10 - Mr. Barny:

Oh, ok. The situation makes much more sense when it is well written.

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