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22:51:06 Dec 5th 08 - Mr. Killmeeee:


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Name: Dontkillmereally
Members: 2
Created: 12/5/2008 10:03:54 PM
Leader: Mr. Killmeeee


Please send an application. Our leader will think on it very carefully, look into your history, ask detailed questions then reject it. :D

Only Osiris is welcome to stay if he wantsss

Mr. Killmeeee

12/5/2008 9:21:50 PM im lonely =( journal of Bleddyn coming right up...

Bleddyn saw the land was good so he made a city. He magically made 1000 pesz appear to occupy it to start, then more came. Bleddyn was happy so he made anouther city, and decided to be greedy and get lots of gold. He sighed as he wishes his father and mother were dwarves, since he could be greedy without it being noticed again. In the place he was no one was around him, so he could be greedy and not die for a time. but if nasty people with troops came he would die, so he deicded he should be halfway sensible and make a little city for making troops. He sent out some swordsmen to make it, and waited for them to report to him when it was made.

Dark Lord Osiris


12/5/2008 9:32:31 PM And the great Lord of the Dark Osiris came down from the heavens and kill the empire before it started

**presses kick button**


:D No one welcome!!!!

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