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fuzzy little man peach that !
19:09:04 Jul 26th 08 - Mr. Hanky Panky:

fuzzy little man peach

kingdom banner

name: fuzzy little man peach
members: 7
tag: greg
created: 7/18/2008 1:06:10 pm
leader: mr. woody


i"m old greg!

easy now fuzzy little man peach. hmmm, you ever drunk baileys from a shoe. you want to go to a club where people wee on each other?

its attached yo your rod mother licker!

requirements in your application:
~recent kingdoms you have served in
~how many era"s experience you have been involved in
~your activity
~any additional information you deem necessary that may help you application



we are the fuzzy little man peach !

this is a story based on the kingdom of the fuzzy little man peach. this is a small kingdom, a new kingdom existing out of six rich and strong knights whose goal is to grow out towards one of the biggest and well respected rulers ever seen in the history of visual-utopia. these rulers started out with the command of a few city's that joined them, and a small unexperienced army. they needed more city's to join them and ofcourse a much stronger army to achieve their goal. after a few days a scout returned, and he reported what he had seen to his lord, sir gallyon

the dream team

msn name posts rank race world last login
* woody 5 leader elf nirv. today
* hanky panky 505 vice orc nirv. today
whoop 34 mr. dwarf nirv. today kick / promote
* gallyon 141 mr. dwarf nirv. today kick / promote
* old greg 44 mr. dwarf nirv. today kick / promote
* ruby knight 55 mr. dwarf nirv. today kick / promote
* insomaniak 48 prince orc nirv. today kick / promote


this is a serious kingdom...(i think) we are recruiting, we will be around next era ! maybe under a different name like ;)



19:50:12 Jul 26th 08 - Mr. Gallyon:

lol...we are taking in good members no newbs :D

and yes i know, they made an exception about me :D

19:51:04 Jul 26th 08 - Mr. Lord Kathandarion:

Wait Wait Wait.Wasnt ruby knight in SS a little while ago and get kicked.I presume he wasnt kicked for anything serious if you took him in.

Note this is not me flaming or flame bait just a simple enquiry.

20:55:59 Jul 26th 08 - Mr. Gallyon:

Yes, that is true, Ruby Knight was in SS. We took him in just a few hours ago. We are having a spy inside the Kingdom of SS. and they thought it was Ruby Knight. so they kicked him out of their kingdom.

when i heard about that, I felt i was responsible for that. so i decided to take him in in our kingdom. And he's an old friend, he was in Music with me a long time ago :)

ur not flaming, ur just BURNING :D

22:17:02 Jul 26th 08 - Mr. Old Greg:

wow zis KD iz so 1337!!! i sooooo  wanna be part of this

22:18:39 Jul 26th 08 - Mr. Gallyon:

:O:O Ur...ur...The great guy on our picture...

Woow...It's great meeting you :D
why are you blue??

22:29:37 Jul 26th 08 - Prince Insomaniak:

Behold! Infidel Scum!!!
*the peasantry start to tremble in fear by the thunderous voice booming from within the shadows*

I have returned to wreak havoc and ignite the darkness that lingers inside the races inhabiting this puny world!
*a creepy sound of winged creatures is heard from the shadows*

Your attempts to stop me from fulfilling my ultimate goal shall all end in failure, for I cannot be destroyed, cannot be stopped and most important...I cannot be reasoned with to alter my plans!!!
*a youngborn starts to cry as a flock of ravens emerges from the shadows and attacks its mother*

You shall all perish as that flimsy little woman did just now!!! you shall ALL become food for my beasts, none of you will see the day of light EVER AGAIN!!!
*a demonlike man emerges from the shadows, his skin dark and scale-like, his eyes glowing eerie greenish and as he raises his clawed hand into the sky, the sky starts to turn dark as if a shroud of darkness has been put over the wold* perish!!! Infidels!!! die with great pain, for this is just the start!!!
*after speaking these last words, packs of shadowhounds start pouring onto the fleeing peasants, ripping them apart with their claws and teeth...screams fill the air...and the demonlike man grins in a sinister way as he watches the slaughter unfold*

22:38:18 Jul 26th 08 - Mr. Gallyon:

I wonder though??? where are those shadows?? :D The sun is shining very brightly shadows :d:p


YES, He shall perish everyone (as long as I want to). Every little kid will be eaten untill their mothers beg for mercy and kiss Woody's Hand (he loves that)

*Suddenly Woody Appeared out of the bright light :D

he just stood there, and said nothing...hmm..wonder what he thinks :D

23:01:45 Jul 26th 08 - Praetorian Wyzer:

"What's that smell?"

23:26:30 Jul 26th 08 - Mr. Dire Wolf:

Is gallyon haha =P

09:54:32 Jul 27th 08 - Mr. Gallyon:

prolly not, I wasnt even there :D

10:38:24 Jul 27th 08 - Mr. Dire Wolf:

hmm.. Woooooodyyyyy... *grin*

10:56:03 Jul 27th 08 - Mr. Gallyon:

it's probably the smell of the Red flowers that are planted all troughout our Kingdom to give joy and inspiration to the people that are in need of it.

11:01:16 Jul 27th 08 - Mr. Dire Wolf:

The same red flowers that are turning brown?.. you should water them more often.

11:05:21 Jul 27th 08 - Mr. Gallyon:

no no, you shouldn't give them too much water. you much be talking about the flowers on your side of the river

11:12:49 Jul 27th 08 - Dark Lord Osiris:

keep it on topic people or you will be moved to the hangaround

11:13:18 Jul 27th 08 - WolfLord Durza Floyd Pepper:

The mighty boosh!

14:29:57 Jul 27th 08 - Ms. Evans The Married:

No more Trio then?

14:34:53 Jul 27th 08 - Mr. Old Greg:

Hanky is at greece atm, making 1-2 logins per day, hes back around the 7th of spetember although ill doubt he will be on VU much as hes got alot to catch up on with his family, i know hanky in real life so he is staying with me(hes my *beep*) :)
trio dont need hanky, hanky sucks :)

14:51:22 Jul 27th 08 - Sir Chucky:

thats a weird kingdom

15:27:44 Jul 27th 08 - Sir Valentine:

Why not trio? He was the founder of trio am i wrong? Lol.

15:55:21 Jul 27th 08 - Dark Lord Osiris:

because he isnt in trio :) 1-2 logins a day is more then enough

16:25:59 Jul 27th 08 - Mr. Hanky Panky:

I usually make one login a day im online more than i should be its draining my wages lol I live accross road from the internet caf'e :(

i am the founder of trio im just not active enough to play nor help lead a kingdom it would be wierd being in trio and not being part of leadership :P

i only joined teh fuzzy kingdom to help some RL friends and old friends out =) i did only sign up for a week too but that got extended :P

Now feel the wrath of fuzzy little man peach :D bwahaha

16:27:05 Jul 27th 08 - Mr. Hanky Panky:

Greg <3

17:35:45 Jul 27th 08 - Mr. Gallyon:

Why is everyone so Interested in Hanky?? :O :(

17:38:03 Jul 27th 08 - Mr. Old Greg:

Hanky is overrated

18:17:29 Jul 27th 08 - Mr. Gallyon:

Introduction New Member

This Is Amazing News, The Kingdom of The Fuzzy Little Man peach has received a new member. This new Member came originally from The Soul Society Kingdom. But was kicked out for unknown reasons.

She is our first Female member and a stunning beaty. Let Me have the honour to introduce Miss Panda to the world of VU as a member of 'Greg'. She is a very good diplomat (she deceives all men ). A great Fighter in the field (she will come for you). but most of all a great asset to this kingdom.

We hope to have you with us for a long time. Welcome Miss Panda!

20:59:17 Jul 27th 08 - Prince Insomaniak:

let's get kinkeh!!!

smacking Panda bottoms and such...rawrrrrrr....all night long baaaaby!

21:54:20 Jul 27th 08 - Ms. Panda:

Or we could sit down and have some crumpets and tea!

I'm not one for having my bottom smacked all night long.

08:31:40 Jul 28th 08 - Sir Gonzo The Great:

Silly Hankyz :P <33

08:46:28 Jul 28th 08 - Mr. Gallyon:

lol, Carrot :) you need to treat her with respect.. :)

10:41:56 Jul 28th 08 - Sir Valentine:

Mr. Gallyon


7/28/2008 12:35:45 AM
Why is everyone so Interested in Hanky?? :O :(


Well, if you image google it, as in type Hanky Panky, you will see SOMETHING... :P

So he is the GURU.. :P

Ms. Panda


7/28/2008 4:54:20 AM
Or we could sit down and have some crumpets and tea!

I'm not one for having my bottom smacked all night long.

WOW? 0_0'' :P

Panda reminds me of Kung Fu Panda.. :D <3 the movie..

01:36:37 Jul 29th 08 - Mr. Sir Jondrus II:

mr woody is a liar.  I'm too small to attack he says.   BS  garbage.  I just started playing 5 days ago.  COWARDS

02:00:30 Jul 29th 08 - Mr. Sir Jondrus II:

why am I being attacked?

21:16:01 Aug 1st 08 - Mr. Gallyon:

Sir Jondrus watch your tongue. We made an non-permit arrangement. and if u do not stay polite we could change that.

21:30:23 Aug 1st 08 - Mr. Gallyon:


The Kingdom of The Fuzzy Little Man Peach has at this moment declared war upon the Kingdom of Soul Society. We have various reasons to do this. People might have been aware of the tensions between our two Kingdoms the past few days. These Tensions have now exploded and came to the moment in which we war eachother. We are having the following reasons to Attack the kingdom of Soul Society:

- Building inside Our Core (which is not allowed according to NAP)
- Attacking one of our Scouts
- Not giving Aid against Heaven when it was requested
- Insulting our members in public and private
- Making War preparations against us few days ago (and denying it)
- Not controling ur own members
- Giving us incorrect information (ex. U said u could beat Mystical)

I think that are all of them, I might add some later if i think of it. Members of SS should know that we are not warring them because of any personal grudge we might have against you all. Also, Good players like your king and perhaps some vices are allowed to send in an application to our kingdom for next era. I hope this action is understandable.

Yours Sincerely,
- Viceroy G of The Kingdom of The Fuzzy Little Man peach

21:30:54 Aug 1st 08 - Mr. Old Greg:

21:58:16 Aug 1st 08 - Mr. Opportunity:

Greg's speechless : )

21:59:24 Aug 1st 08 - Mr. Old Greg:

the word war..its just so,so, wonderful!!! war war war war makes me speachless!!

22:45:54 Aug 1st 08 - Prince Insomaniak:

Silence!!! I'm trying to enjoy myself at the sight of the first casualties in this war...not to mention the wonderfull smell of death and decay lingering in the air already...quite lovely when the sun is setting...

23:33:53 Aug 1st 08 - Mr. Squiddy:

That's just wei... actually you're right, it does smell lovely.

Hankle, you must give up your real life and come back to the light, which is VU! Only then can you realise your full potential... and become the next VU Mod.

00:05:16 Aug 2nd 08 - Mr. Old Greg:

7th of sept he comes back to england, it wont be long till he comes crawling back

08:14:15 Aug 2nd 08 - Mr. Khalifa:

Yes Yes what he squiddy said

11:54:53 Aug 2nd 08 - Mr. Gallyon:


The Kingdom of The Fuzzy Little Man Peach is welcoming another New member. This member is not completely new. She has played from era 9..and has taken a large break a while ago. She is our second female member. and ofcourse we are very proud to have her in our midst. She is one of the most sexy Female's on Visual Utopia. And she is a proffesional model. and is now shooting a photoshoot :). anyway. on the picture above you can see her. we are very proud to welcome you to our kingdom.

Welcome Lady Viper! :)

12:27:18 Aug 2nd 08 - Mr. Carbon:

Hmmm.... there must be something about fuzzy little peach men that women like... hmmm....

13:10:44 Aug 2nd 08 - Mr. Dreadlord:

im a vet in fantasia can i join?

13:42:44 Aug 2nd 08 - Mr. Gallyon:

Dreadlord if u seriously wish to join us then you should just send in ur application :):P

15:05:38 Aug 2nd 08 - Prince Insomaniak:

it cant be true!!! does she come with a free tattoo?! ;)

15:45:13 Aug 2nd 08 - Mr. Dreadlord:

depends are you serious about the hot female kd member? :P

18:18:10 Aug 2nd 08 - Mr. Gallyon:

I am serious about the Hot Female kd member :P, I could give you her msn adres :P

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