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highlands Honor officialthread
20:21:23 Jan 31st 09 - Flame Lord Phoenix:

Highlands Honor

Kingdom Banner

Name: Highlands Honor
Members: 2
Tag: HH
Created: 1/31/2009 8:15:43 PM
Leader: Flame Lord Phoenix


HH is a group of people who hold honor above all else. we each work to ensure the survival of eachother as well to help everyone flourish. experience is not a requirement to join HH all we ask is that you come here with an open mind and willingness to fight for the greater good and ensure everyone haves a good time.

those who wish to join HH we are currently recruiting send in an app and it will be accepted so long as it is a serious app. "let me join you" wont cut it. we dont requre exp but we wish to know who has it in order to know who needs more help than others.

22:05:35 Jan 31st 09 - Mr. Weston:

What world are you planning on heading to?

22:23:07 Jan 31st 09 - Flame Lord Phoenix:

we will plan on either mant or zeta.

22:28:26 Jan 31st 09 - Mr. Weston:

Do you have whats-her-name, lady Rihanna back?

01:41:30 Feb 1st 09 - Flame Lord Phoenix:

-_-,      everyone asks that and the answer is no. she was only leaded for 1.5 of the 4 eras HH was around. i was co founder of HH.

03:02:22 Feb 1st 09 - Mr. Weston:

Yeah i know, I saw HH when it was formed =P
Do you know if she still plays?

08:09:27 Feb 1st 09 - Flame Lord Phoenix:

when she left hh she quit the game also.

12:17:55 Feb 1st 09 - Duke Random:

can i join?

17:40:17 Feb 1st 09 - Mr. Frankie:

Um phoenix i dont think she quit the game cuz i saw that name around for a few eras after that. I think she recently quit.

18:07:21 Feb 1st 09 - Mr. Bruennor:

I sent in my app

19:21:58 Feb 1st 09 - Flame Lord Phoenix:

yea random you can join if you want to.  its nice to fight with you again bruennor =-D

00:24:50 Feb 2nd 09 - Flame Lord Phoenix Highlander:

well looks like HH is a fant kingdom now ...   0_o,

00:31:54 Feb 3rd 09 - Mr. Bruennor:

lol i have placed you in the leader part phoenix so create again please.

00:38:39 Feb 3rd 09 - Sir Magnetassium:

let me join you

01:07:55 Feb 3rd 09 - Mr. Weston:

Elements kd hopper, burn him!

01:45:45 Feb 3rd 09 - Flame Lord Phoenix Highlander:

>_> there was not enough people interested to take on fant. since i was forced to fant HH has merged into another kingdom.

03:26:26 Feb 3rd 09 - Mr. Justin:

i know its a bummer :( but the kd we are in is good to. Fant is gonna be fun =P

04:28:49 Feb 3rd 09 - Mr. Weston:

Aww damn, Justin is back. I knew last era was too quiet.

05:35:38 Feb 3rd 09 - Mr. Justin:

Lol What a shame

06:00:07 Feb 4th 09 - Mr. Barny:

Merged into Fraternity, eh?

16:13:07 Feb 4th 09 - Mr. Justin:

Yep yep Barny

08:00:41 Feb 6th 09 - Flame Lord Phoenix Highlander:

=-D  yea were frat boys now >_<

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