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iPF recruting
03:50:54 Jan 28th 08 - Mr. Chimaira:

ok seriously wheres all the active ppl looking for a kd just throw in an app lets go lets  get some more primates for next era

16:11:23 Jan 28th 08 - Mr. Bob The Builder:

Only if i can join your farmers core....I discovered a new growth method for tomatoes and would like to spend next era exploring optimum soil conditions on VU to do this....Preds force me to fight all the time which causes pain to other people and i dont like that....

08:11:34 Jan 30th 08 - Mr. Anubis:

BoB you telling me you dont like Burning Armys with RoF or burn and destroying city or Killing armys

You lie YOU DO U LIE


03:36:20 Jan 31st 08 - Mr. Chimaira:

man ok im keeping the framer so my kd will live to next era after that every farmer will be kick im hoping to recruit ppl willing to fight so don't hate this era i have always had a army out and/or training the only time i stopped training was to fix the sparta cities i took they sucked and you know exactly what im talking about but i really wanted more war going on this era but with the pl that don't listen and rainbow city and or keep preping on allies cities and never respond are those killing my king dom so far i know of three people that will stay with me next era the rest will be booted unless they change the way they do things

02:20:14 Feb 1st 08 - Sir Stalin:

Chim....ill try and find some ppl for you=)

ill talk to some ppl and come up with some active (wanting to serve and loyal members) for you ok....ill pm you if i get a hold of anyone interested ok

07:28:40 Feb 3rd 08 - Mr. Chimaira:

kk thx

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