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09:01:32 Jun 11th 07 - Mr. Slayer:

Look my cities new and im probly going to get killed here on nirvana as its still in devolpment times i was wondering will i get ganged up on or is there some onhourable people who will help me cause at the moment am stuck in some mountains all on my billy and its no fun

09:08:59 Jun 11th 07 - Mr. The Navigator:


10:22:56 Jun 11th 07 - Mr. Messiah:

There is a new era starting in just a few days. My tip is that you try to join a kingdom before that so that you can start up next era and have some friends to cooperate with.

10:32:20 Jun 11th 07 - Mr. Deadguy:

if someone really big attacks then get all your armies and forget about defending yourself and go for some big cities its the best way to be really really anyoying and to stay alive

02:38:08 Jun 12th 07 - Sir Razios:

Well then, I'm tired of sheltering new players when all they do is be inactive. BTW just rainbow and send lv 1 to raze thier cities. Be annoying as hell and soon they'll stop.

03:17:07 Jun 12th 07 - Mr. Dovydas:

Dead guy you ar a *beep*... You'r not supposed to give advices!

03:18:22 Jun 12th 07 - Mr. Dovydas:

Come better to LDK i gonna teach you how to win with scout against 100k army! And ofcourse build a rainbow,of which Jesus will be jelous

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