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07:01:40 Oct 3rd 07 - Mr. Hilario:

Im here to say things about the current political and military stand MAD had since crosswall deletion of Zeta and some statements concerning to the incidents it brought.

Our leader allowed me to post about this because he is inactive for almost a week now due to real life concerns.

The vertical wall that cuts SunBlock and LetCounttheK is made by MAD. Khan and others made a mistake there cause they were not online (me too) when that happened. I hope this clear some arguments raised in other threads.

The deletion made by Zeta in the DB/MAD front was not advantageous to us as well. DB claimed it gave us some benefits, but that is only a statement made from a non-MAD players. They are not in the position of making claims like that for us.

BlueIce made a thread about 'Admin Favoring DB'. I believe it was made only to counter the other thread, and introduce other ways to view the deletion incident. MAD council is not supporting this thread as a whole, Aloy already advised us especially Blue to avoid posting anymore in those thread.

We can avoid any kinds of Crosswall, but if that theme were used against us, we will use it and make sure it will benefit us in every end. The DB/MAD war is fine and ok, atleast before DB made that SunBlock crosswall. In my own opinion, if you are against a certain kind of glitch better not use it at all because if someone did better than you, you can be the first person who will criticize it and prove that its not legit.

We agree that Admin made a mistake when he had a wall deletion exercise. He should ask for information and hear both sides first before doing an action that may jeopardize the gameplay. We asked that Admin will impose rules concerning creation of walls and crosswalls when it is legit and when it is not, because we can claim it is legit but may not be legit in Admin's reactive vision..

In my opinion, its better if DB will not say that Baldurs gate is underdefended when deletions are made. Because, LetCounttheK is also underdefended when that happened.

07:08:58 Oct 3rd 07 - Sir Frederick:

How was it not in advantage to you? Wouldnt you still be outside the wall at this very moment if the wall had not been deleted? You are currently inside, otherwise you would probably not even be near it. Saying its not to your advantage is just illogical to say the least. MAD wasn't even close to breaking the DB blocker before, you lost more than a million troops to the DB sweep made a few days, maybe even a week before. DB went from blocking in one point to two points, you went from one option to two options. One of those options was an undefended blocker that you could reach earlier than that DB could split their blocker defense. Again, could you explain how it did _not_ benefit MAD? Currently you're inside DB territory, you wouldn't even be close otherwise, thats for sure, seems like a big advantage to me.

07:48:28 Oct 3rd 07 - Mr. Mastro Geppus:

C'mon Frederick....I thought you wre a bit more rational. Mad would have been inside that blocker if DB did not build the first crosswall bringing the defense point from 2 to 1. Zeta deletion brought back the defense points from 1 to 2....thats it. Ah forgot to say: Mad has now 4 points to defend instead of one before Zeta you do your calculations. 

Now, I understand that nobody likes this is an appeal to Zeta: Please make them impossible. It does not exist a legit or illegit crosswall if there are not rules stated or it is technically possible to do it. Full stop.

It is unbelievable that people is even able to claim the contrary.

08:17:39 Oct 3rd 07 - Mr. Ptah:

OK for those that havenít figured it out yet.



I mean crosswalls have been around for as long as I have been playing this game. Deal with them. MAD cutting off DB's blocker sucked, and was nasty but not illegal. MAD changing the script on Finally was out and out cheating and that player should have their IP permanently banned.

Zeta makes the rules - it is his game- and if he hasnít made it imposable to build them and wants them to be illegal thatís his fault not the player that builds it.

Now after everything that has come out, I feel MAD is in the wrong. Yes they made a wall that blocked the entrance to DB's core but did it with scripting. first violation, second they didnít accept responsibility for this scripted wall and whined to zeta that they didnít build it, finally it comes out that they did and it gets deleted, this whole thing taking around 2-3 real days so they can move quite a bit more troops into the area. Now alls fair in love and war but cheating then lying to god (games operation director) to gain time is kind of despicable. Now after the big hoop-la with the current deletions taking advantage of the now undefended area exposed to you by admins flub-up is just as despicable.


14:40:17 Oct 3rd 07 - Mr. Sun:

Putting all disputes aside, I think Hilario has said it well that we would like the admin to...(quoted from Hilario)

 "We asked that Admin will impose rules concerning creation of walls and crosswalls when it is legit and when it is not, because we can claim it is legit but may not be legit in Admin's reactive vision.."

We would also like to have something done with regards to script-wall-building. Perhaps refining the script so it hides wall parameters in the url with some modifications.

That would be great. Thanks in advance for the efforts from the admin.

16:19:55 Oct 3rd 07 - Mr. Mastro Geppus:

Sorry guys....but you are assuming that there was a wall scripting here??:)!!!

In particular you have been assuming a lot of things in the past all wrong, I dont think you should talk about any scripting till you have the proof (and i guess Zeta has the means to check it out).

Personally, I dont even know what scripting means....but lets not assume anything in here...ok? 

16:21:07 Oct 3rd 07 - Mr. Sun:

If you dont even know what we are talking about, then stop posting nonsense plz. Nobody is blind, if you hover the walls checking up at different places, you will know some walls are not built the normal way (including the tiny little one right in the middle of the field sticking into sun block earlier)


p.s. All wrong about you buying bts or plundering? Well show me your .. what is it maybe 20k nazgul now at least? If you cant, then you simply could not have trained 3k nazgul in 7 days without other means. If you at least admit plundering someone who was inactive with a huge mine, I might understand.

16:22:37 Oct 3rd 07 - Mr. Spoon:

When I do poopie, my ass makes the sound 'SPOOOON'.

16:33:31 Oct 3rd 07 - Lord Yerean:


* Relentless owned by Mr. Universe[MAD] are preparing an attack on Berry Blocker
* Crossguards owned by Mr. Slade II[MAD] are preparing an attack on Exercito
Hilario just took a city of ours (Pingvi) and yet I don't know anythin about it...

so what is up with THAT?

*flamer of Carnage

16:53:03 Oct 3rd 07 - Mr. Blue Dog Anchorite:

@Spoon: Damn that made me bust my gut laughing^^

18:37:47 Oct 3rd 07 - Sir Hephaestus:

I'm not really sure what scripted walls are, either.  Someone explain?

18:54:08 Oct 3rd 07 - Sir Frederick:

@Geppus: My point is that MAD built the cross wall that first benefitted MAD. DB took it and makes use your MAD's wall. Then MAD's wall (owned by DB) gets one half deleted. No active action of DB in that except that they took the blocker. If you built it and you get screwed because of building a bad wall, i dont think we should pity you. If you did, then the balance stays in the middle. Either way, i think MAD should not complain about their own bad wall building.

18:59:38 Oct 3rd 07 - Mr. Ptah:

without telling you how to do it scripted walls:

changing the scripting on the wall graphic while building it so that it does not need to be supported on either end by terrain. this way you can build cheaper walls that only cover the area you want instead of what you can get by using the buttons on the mini-map. Its basiclly using knowlage of scripting to alter what you build, something 95% of the players dont know how to do, or wouldn't do simpley because its cheating. whats next hacking in so that your troops are free? or sciences? and the proof that walls were scripted is easy see any walls that dont reach the edge of terrain? Finally is a prime example.

20:12:55 Oct 3rd 07 - Mr. Penguin:

lord yerean first eipow took my pingviniukstis :)p

20:28:20 Oct 3rd 07 - Sir Frederick:

Sorry about my last post, its not completely accurate about who built what wall. Sorry.

20:49:12 Oct 3rd 07 - Khan Emmula:

Me sorry 'bout statin several times that the wall through Sun Blocker was not built my us. Clearly, it was...

And i dont believe spoon, and i have no idea what scripted walls are, either.

And on behalf of 40k soontobedwarvenfood troll berserkers: could someone build some walls between me and Sun Drone, please? And i mean NOW...


20:59:23 Oct 3rd 07 - Mr. Sun:

soontobehumanfood :)

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