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predators are nap breakers
17:11:56 Jun 23rd 07 - Mr. Mbeidas:

preds on world zeta are nap breakers they dput the armies around your kingdom which u think oh we are in peace with them then they break it and attack you that what happened to the demolishers and paladins of the order of the frozen flame its true

17:16:30 Jun 23rd 07 - Ms. Natalia:

do you have proof?

17:38:11 Jun 23rd 07 - Mr. Deadguy:

probably not

17:45:22 Jun 23rd 07 - Ms. Natalia:

so he is ranting and trying to make a honourable kingdom look bad with no proof, i'm sorry but they are my friends and helped me out last era, i and others will need proof before we believe you.

17:52:15 Jun 23rd 07 - Mr. Deadguy:

funny place to put it too lol is he trying to avoid some people or something?

you know the leader of that kd was in my kd before i left it

17:55:27 Jun 23rd 07 - Ms. Natalia:

most likely, i recon they pissed him off and he wanted to make them look bad, but doesn't have the guts to in the poltics thread

11:19:39 Jun 24th 07 - Mr. Phantom Liano:

well we all know preds back stabbed td and killed them with legion

14:28:24 Jun 24th 07 - Mr. Naerey:

let's make it clear
There was a POFF guy attacking Predators.
So a predator guy attacked that guy.

so um, who broke the NAP? both? or nobody? :)

17:11:31 Jun 24th 07 - Mr. Naerey:

haha and the guy that attacked POFF (Stooks) left (or got kicked?) Preds and joined  POFF!!!


19:10:20 Jun 24th 07 - Mr. Mbeidas:

Mr. Darkmarsbar [Preds] (6/24/2007 10:06:51 AM) GOOD BAD
the preson who attacked you has been kicked from predators.
i know that ti is to little to late
i offer my apologies to you for not taking care of this matter alot sooner.

Vice of Predators
You (6/24/2007 1:57:00 PM)
i know i even dont have name in high scores only cuz he attacked from behind
You (6/24/2007 2:01:00 PM)
do u know the funny thing he came to our kingdom i kick him in new era and that will be soon as i get my revenge and revenge of my capital jerusalem

19:11:21 Jun 24th 07 - Mr. Mbeidas:

we apolgies and said he is un active and rix said no war will began cuz of wall and small city

19:13:12 Jun 24th 07 - Mr. Mbeidas:

MDOW your next i know we losed the war but now we have clear look on your stratigy

20:24:30 Jun 24th 07 - Mr. Naerey:

Mbeidas, just please, once in a while: *beep*!

Let's clear this thing up!

*I* took Jerusalem
*I* Killed your friggin armies and now you're not on the highscores anymore
*I* went through your walls because you built them bad, and even worse, left the gates OPEN

Stooks just attacked and took a 30k city that was not even yours!

Now about the fact that you lost the war... you didn't really lose, you were losing really bad :)
I'll give you a few suggestions:
* Try to build walls so they don't have holes in them..
* Close your damn gates
* Keep your armies in the blockers, or in big cities near the edge, not in the armory that is 50ticks away.
* Have an armory closer to the edge


00:03:52 Jun 25th 07 - Mr. Rocky:

Now  naerey you sounds *beep*y and like a PITA and a know it all. Whats wrong with me I just like to fight I dont claim to be the best I just love to battle win or lost. I JUST LOVE TO FIGHT THATS ALL.

00:16:46 Jun 25th 07 - Mr. Naerey:

Mr. Rocky
Um, did you at least read the messages before?

geez, defending a person and now I'm a PITA and knowitall.... wtf is wrong with you people?

02:50:31 Jun 25th 07 - Mr. Rix:

ok, lets clear up a few things

~stoooks attacked on his own. He says our leader gave him permission to - but based only on previous grievances with players who subsequently joined POFF. They had taken cities of his earlier in the era and treated him poorly for it. As far as I know, only stoooks attacked POFF - i purposely stayed out of it even though i had a city nearby. Dark tried to talk reason to him, but he would not stop attacking.

~We had no official NAP with POFF to my knowledge (it is not in our forums)- we had neutral with developing friendly relations with them. They may have said we had an NAP based on my correspondence - but that was just in response to one of their members attacking a wall we controlled - i told them it was not worth starting a war over such a small thing. That is NOT an NAP. If you want an NAP with us, you must contact a vice with the phrase 'we want an NAP with predators' or the equivalent. The vices will vote, and we will get back to you with the results. We do not attack neutral kingdoms, unless they attack us first or make hostile moves, or it is in the interest of the predators to attack. Most of the time we contact the kingdom in question and notify them of our intentions. We cannot vouch for the odd player going out of bounds and attacking without permission. every kingdom has these players once in a while, we deal with them accordingly.

- As for TD, we had heard of their intentions to attack us and legion. Harsh words were exchanged which did nothing to assuage any concerns we had. They had a spy in our kingdom (for TD) which we became aware of before hostilities broke out (this spy was also tasked with entering our south core and suddenly switching sides to TD- naughty). Biggerboom moved a corps into our north core without permission and it appeared without warning. These and other hostile acts/words did nothing to assure us that TD was not intent on attacking predators as soon as they could. I'm sorry if it did not feel like a fair fight, but you messed up on the diplomatic front.

Mbeidas, i am truely sorry that stoooks attacked POFF when he did. I would like to think if i was there that day, he would have stopped at my insistence before attacking further. I still cannot believe that he was allowed to join POFF after that - it does not make any sense to me.

If any other kingdoms have issues they would like to resolve, use this thread to air your concerns. I will try to answer them to the best of my ability and knowledge.

12:50:47 Jun 25th 07 - Mr. Mbeidas:

i ws coming to post a sorry to preds

and nareay rome falled hetlar losed the ww2 and sdam is dead

dont be proud much and i say anther sorry for preds i just got mad

12:53:37 Jun 25th 07 - Mr. Mbeidas:

but biggerboom was a TD before so he cant join later after he leaves and i think preds give the member ship easily i think u must hard as

what eras you play before cities number armies number kingdoms before

12:55:00 Jun 25th 07 - Mr. Mbeidas:

leader let him join to turn his armies against MDOW and by the way you are not 5 people so you got a free and on sales disband lol

12:56:34 Jun 25th 07 - Mr. Mbeidas:

omg i post alot i would have the 3rd position in the world but it was taken


13:03:04 Jun 25th 07 - Ms. Hathor:

I'd LOVE seeing you on fantasia =)

13:12:23 Jun 25th 07 - Mr. Mbeidas:

people who got losed and they was great:

napeleon bonapart losed in waterloo he was the emapror of europ

rome falled by barbarians with no even power to defend the people get scary and opened the gates for them

hetlar losed the world war 2 after teaching french lessons and feared brition the normandy was the place which american forces got in.

richard the lion heart had 500 000 men in his crusade army but he didnt beat 12000 men was defending jerusalem so he turned to england back.

alexander the great after he spend his life fighting make the greeks more powerfull he died when he is drinking wine leaving half of the world in fights between his genrals.

haniball was the carthage king had horse men more than u can imagine losed thus he was a great planer in bontic army against rome only cuz roman people fight with it and the allied people did the reason why haniball losed the roman seiging  cuz the horse men cant get in walls they needed walking millitry.

i mean in last 2 for narey jerusalem will be rebuild and i will still in poff not cuz they are powerfull just cuz they helped me when they even attacked me and they are my friends

13:13:53 Jun 25th 07 - Mr. Mbeidas:

i meant bonitic war not army lol

13:27:17 Jun 25th 07 - Ms. Hathor:

I think you ment people who lost...

not people who GET LOSED

13:29:26 Jun 25th 07 - Mr. Darkmarsbar:



14:02:26 Jun 25th 07 - Mr. Naerey:

Wow..... i'm almost speechless Mbeidas!

But my point was that Predators were not guilty of your destruction Mbeidas...

15:04:28 Jun 25th 07 - Mr. Ali Great:

Darkmarsbar what name you playing under now?

15:58:35 Jun 25th 07 - Mr. Darkmarsbar:

i am still playing under the name of darkmarsbar and i will stay darkmarsbar for ever

21:24:51 Jun 25th 07 - Mr. Spud:

The whole thing with TD:

We were helping them get rid of Gods Of Destruction, I took 2 cities from GOD. Then Biggerboom came along and took the 2 cities without any question and then killed my army... I said WTF?? to him and then he said sorry and laughed...AND LAUGHED! So we killed off TD...the end.

21:32:46 Jun 25th 07 - Mr. Mbeidas:


22:19:59 Jun 25th 07 - Mr. Spud:

Ok, need to get angry...just thought I would post my side of things.

22:20:03 Jun 25th 07 - Mr. Mbeidas:

final say


22:42:19 Jun 25th 07 - Mr. Ali Great:

It wont lemme message you dark, u no longer exist....are  you really here or am i drunk?


22:43:55 Jun 25th 07 - Sir Razios:


@Naerey Nice job on the last minute invaion. I didn't think that Brother Wessick would leave his cities undefended but guess I was wrong.

@Natalia Whats with the insults at one of our members! I still can beat you at this game ;P no offense though.

And I want the final say lol.

23:06:07 Jun 25th 07 - Mr. Darkmarsbar:

ITS DARKMARSBAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


and ali maybe im a ghost

01:31:55 Jun 26th 07 - Mr. Spud:

Yes...he is a ghost Ali...a very dark chocolatey ghost that lives on mars.

01:33:19 Jun 26th 07 - Mr. Ali Great:


01:34:15 Jun 26th 07 - Mr. Ali Great:

Write a letter

There's no ruler named Mr.Darkmarsbar.



So you really are a chocolaty ghost from mars?

01:38:13 Jun 26th 07 - Mr. Spud:

Dont put the Mr. in there. Just send the letter to Darkmarsbar.

03:59:46 Jun 26th 07 - Sir Razios:

Maybe I should make my name DarkVenusBar hmm.

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