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traitor idiot
15:09:41 Mar 21st 10 - Mr. Goob:

ok, not sure how this works but i rad a few other topics and seems we have a lot of this here.

ok im on fentsteria, this guy named Sir of the Abyss joined me and a couple others. he never talked much or anything, all he did was put up way points saying dont build here and there because hes going to "Farm" or whatever that is.

so i didnt, then this other guy we are fighting is attacking me and the other person with me. next thing we know the abyss guy leaves and is attacking us also. 

this is a load of bull crap, if this is what this game is, i wish i never started playing it and your admin should seriously just close the damn game down or get rid of these people.  

15:37:24 Mar 21st 10 - Duchess Cawkmaster:

you should pick your allies more carefully :P

not everyone is like that ;)

he's probably just one of those "kill on sight" kinda players :)

15:38:48 Mar 21st 10 - Mr. Omgcoconuts:

I gave you a headwarning, telling you he sent me :

Sir of The Abyss (3/19/2010 9:33:28 PM) GOOD BAD
go go attack them btw mate I am gona join you this kd is now inactive by tomorrow i will have a lot of troops to take them.

he applied now, but I won't accept it. I don't like traitors.

15:40:37 Mar 21st 10 - Mr. Goob:

well the thing is, he was fighting us and he was about to die and he asked if he could just join instead. so i let him and even kicked some guy thats topped playing at his request to he could take his cities. then he just trains troops for a while and leaves, then attacks me and my friend. thats a dick move.. and ill be sure to remember this guy if i stick around. 

we werent even active, we logged everyday and we talk in our forum. plus we use the mail. he never replies to anything. 

and id rather you have our cities than him. though i wont just give them up. but im not going to let him have any. 

16:00:37 Mar 21st 10 - Lord Reddragon Reborn:

Dont let this player ruin your experience in this game, you can make good firends here. I know there are a few players that do that, but theyre only few. I enjoy being part of this comunity.(*reddragon pokes radomly Slade and runs away).

16:08:47 Mar 21st 10 - Mr. Goob:

not sure if i can say he ruined my first time playing. but he did. not sure what happens when i die or anything. but im trying not to die. though its hard to stay alive now with someone attacking me in the back. 

16:15:43 Mar 21st 10 - Lord Reddragon Reborn:

You can restart after you die, if not in that world in another one, but the era is ending so keep fighting XD.

16:18:33 Mar 21st 10 - Mr. Goob:

i am fighting! me and the guy omgcoconuts are running in circles really. 

16:20:14 Mar 21st 10 - Sir Moonshine:

Join a better kingdom when this era ends. You will have a much better time then than in the newbie worlds.

16:23:42 Mar 21st 10 - Mr. Goob:

im not sure which worlds are the newbie ones, but it stuck me here on this one. 

16:52:51 Mar 21st 10 - Sir Moonshine:

Latha, Fensteria and Mogrox are newbie worlds where all the new starting out players comes out and plays there so no more experienced players kill you faster. But once you join a more experienced kingdom next era, you may feel about VU differently from the experiences you are experiencing now.

17:07:05 Mar 21st 10 - Mr. Goob:

im enjoying the fighting, its going back and forth. but that guy really pissed me off. i took him in and let him live..then he stabs me in the back

18:13:23 Mar 21st 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

yeah, people usually spread the word of such players, and some of them come to regter it :P it happens now and then. I had a small scale betrayer in my kd too, but he had his reasons, didnīt wanna hurt the kd too much.

18:24:32 Mar 21st 10 - Mr. Teirdel:

Goob if i may recomend some decent kingdoms you should start getting in touch with now to apply to next era.

This is only if you plan to play for awhile. I have heard these individuals are looking for players and all of them are above the norm.


Black Flag-Hamish a halfer monster

Guild of the Fallen- the guildmasters in it are pretty decent.

Gladiators has a 2 era minimum so you cant unless you can talk to one of them but glad is a tad bit ruff but a kool guy none the less.

Flame lords- I know many of the players in that kingdom are personal friends of mine. (Bragi, Roderian etc)

Relentless-if you are willing to learn and stick around then i highly recomend relentless. New kingdom and has some good players in it. Yet again from another kingdom i was in. Kreed was my right hand man tell him i recommended ya and you shouldnt have too much trouble. even then none at all.

As for the post if i left anyone out please forgive me these are the few that just come to my mind at this point in time. As for the typos and lack of caps in my post my keyboard no longer has buttons but lil plastic peices until wed this week.


18:28:33 Mar 21st 10 - Lord Fuelled Byy Lsd:

Funny how you didnt even suggest ROC :p

19:38:39 Mar 21st 10 - Mr. Goob:

thanks, some one mailed me about the next era. am assuming next game? least sounds as if. 

19:47:08 Mar 21st 10 - Mr. Pantheon Curse:

I noticed that too FBL  : )

20:07:42 Mar 21st 10 - Mr. Teirdel:

lol i like rocs current size wraith. that and well it would seem extremely cocky of me to suggest my own kingdom wouldnt it. after all if i play the nice guy maybe he would ask me to join MY kingdom which would be Roc no?

20:54:25 Mar 21st 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

Its all about tactics as teirdel hinted at :P

21:07:49 Mar 21st 10 - Mr. Bragi:

I got mentioned I feel so important now :)

and yeah most of VU is nice but there are always some who ruin it for the rest -.-

22:43:33 Mar 21st 10 - Clan Elder Mcfarin:

Thanks for suggesting us, Teirdel. It's very welcome.
We do have special training for new players if asked for. However if you want to make your own mistakes, you are granted the freedom to do so (as long as it doesn't hurt the kingdom). :) Well, I just wanted to express that you won't receive more help than you ask for (we won't be pushy / obtrusive, but we've got two open ears for just about any question asked).

Guild of the Fallen
Recruitment and Training.

22:48:35 Mar 21st 10 - Junior Guildmaster Shmeh:

Guild of the Fallen- the guildmasters in it are pretty decent.

Yes we are =P nah but thanks Teirdel, much appreciated.

04:24:12 Mar 22nd 10 - Mr. Aloysius:

Leading a kingdom is not that easy especially that you are starting to learn this game. Diplomacy, internal affairs, kingdom security and defense, member management, kingdom area/core management, etc... are daily concerns of every leader/king. If you started playing here as a leader of a kingdom, you should expect more of that when your kingdom gets bigger and experienced. You should also keep in mind that our history books have many things similar to what happened to you. :)


Hmm..I can say that all of the top kingdoms in VU are decent and honorable. Not all of them are open for recruitment though but if ever they will, surely they produce competitive and honorable members.

06:33:45 Mar 22nd 10 - Mr. Kreed:

Teirdel thanks for acknowledging me and my kingdom. it really means a lot. in all honesty i'd suggest anyone who truelly wants to learn to play this game to join ROC. Teirdel did an amazing job when we were in Berserk 2 eras back of whipping inexperianced players in shape

13:02:47 Mar 22nd 10 - Mr. Teirdel:

thanks for compliments kreed but keep in mind alot of you guys were willing to go out of your way to seek help which made it worth it. Also i dont think most people have come to the relization that im targ but w.e. That era we did good so far its my golden era. perhaps in the near future we can get the gang back together and dominate like we did then. also kreed you are always welcome in roc too eh.

15:05:59 Mar 22nd 10 - Mr. Kreed:

thanks for the offer Teirdel but i'm going to have to refuse. i got to much of a good thing going for me here in Relentless. we may only be a 9 member kingdom as of now but each one of those players are quality players. i'm sure Teirdel that our paths will cross once again down the road as we both have many eras left in us

15:38:35 Mar 22nd 10 - Duchess Cawkmaster:

reddragon, I'm not slade... he's a nub >:)

16:28:58 Mar 22nd 10 - Mr. Orrises:


17:14:07 Mar 22nd 10 - Sir Some Fcked Dude:


17:27:16 Mar 22nd 10 - Mr. Omgcoconuts:

Could we stick to the topic? So the traitor...

*rides on a white horse*

"I'll save you Goob!"

17:30:33 Mar 22nd 10 - Sir Some Fcked Dude:

ok on topic...

*rides a black horse*

"no i'll save you goob"

*rides past omgcoconuts*

"everybody knows black horses are faster then white horses dumb ass"


21:25:02 Mar 22nd 10 - Mr. Han Solo:

lol Dude you are awesome.

06:25:15 Mar 23rd 10 - Duchess Cawkmaster:

shut up sfd. :P

07:02:09 Mar 23rd 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

or Thutmosesin :P

16:54:35 Mar 23rd 10 - Sir Some Fcked Dude:


21:29:37 Mar 23rd 10 - Mr. Han Solo:

Oh so Duchess is Rando lol XD

22:31:44 Mar 23rd 10 - Mr. Goob:

no one is saving me, not even him :( he said he would give me cf, i said ok. then he attacked me and takes more cities and says nvm he likes killing me more. and u all said just a few people. 

22:59:25 Mar 23rd 10 - Mr. Omgcoconuts:

ehem, I clearly said I offered YOU a ceasefire, YOU wanted to get your other member in on that, which I do not like (I enjoy fighting too much) so I declined on that counterproposal.

messages here:

You (3/22/2010 5:21:00 PM)
I could kill you, but that is of no importance to me. The victory is mine, let us leave it at that.

If you would like to, I could sign a CF with you, so I can focus on the traitor while not having to kill you.

What do you think?
Mr. Goob (3/22/2010 10:40:55 PM) GOOD BAD
sounds good, but my member is included in the cf.
You (3/23/2010 6:49:37 AM)
I'm afraid I enjoy fighting too much for that.

Mr. Goob (3/23/2010 10:19:43 PM) GOOD BAD
not much more honor than the last guy..
You (3/23/2010 10:54:27 PM)
It is not a matter of honor, it is a matter of vanquishing all possible foes. You were of no threat any longer so you would be no harm to CF.

CF'ing Priceless would mean she can take me by surprise. Which is unenjoyable for me to say the least.

23:16:42 Mar 23rd 10 - General Admin Zondy:

if you have a cf, then she couldnt take you by surprise dude lol. you would have same agreement with the goob guy. meaning she wouldnt attack you and neither would he and u didnt attack them.

23:18:23 Mar 23rd 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

one of them is a traitor, that isd why coconuts doesnīt want to have both included. thats the picture I get.

02:33:47 Mar 24th 10 - Mr. Teirdel:

matters little. goob when you get into a reputable kd itll be different.

03:05:37 Mar 25th 10 - Mr. Goob:


Mr. Goob.

The city of Dis is now under our command!

They had 7923054 gold, 0 stone, 0 tree, 21490380 food and 0 slaves in the city, that is now yours! We also took 46409 of their peasants as slaves!

We killed all of the 10011 troops.


since u helped me, the dice has to always be below chance correct? i never even noticed it was there before

12:41:57 Mar 25th 10 - General Admin Zondy:

correct, the dice must roll below your chances to win. also, nice haul on food :)

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