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utterly confused
13:12:54 Aug 10th 10 - Emperor Palpy Has New Toy Deathstar:

mods can push this wherever they want/...

but i just have no idea what is going on...where is all the final scores for the era?? has that been ditched?

alliances,worlds and chartacter thingy it is darn confusing...i am just a poor sith...

please can someone clarify...losing interest pretty darn fast.

13:13:38 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Vuggy The Annoying Bastard:

Yes. Zeta in all his infinite wisdom has ruined the game even more with yet another dimwitted update.

13:55:21 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Four Your Eye:

1. Wolflord Karac Ravage Regime
2. Mr. Radioactive Forget Everything and Run
3. Sir Sexy Kool Forget Everything and Run
4. Mr. Elsin Forget Everything and Run
5. Pirate Lewatha Legion Under Leaving Zondervan
6. Mr. Scottology Music
7. Mr. Vencrow Fate
8. Clown Wankin Between Ticks Forget Everything and Run
9. Lady Jade Forget Everything and Run
10. Mr. Path Forget Everything and Run
11. Hentai Verll Forget Everything and Run
12. Mr. Tasty After Dinner Mint Fate
13. Sir Iesus Rex Music
14. Sir Butters Forget Everything and Run
15. Ms. Jennaside Forget Everything and Run
16. Mr. Halfling Isthe Newtroll Legion Under Leaving Zondervan
17. Mr. Kreed Legion Under Leaving Zondervan
18. Lord Sky Forget Everything and Run
19. Mr. Goob Ravage Regime
20. Pope John Paul Forget Everything and Run
21. Fire Lord Nova The Sleeping Dragon Fate
22. Mr. One Two Bandit DOA
23. Lord Vicious Pimpalicious Fate
24. Mr. Heimdall Gladiators
25. Sir Dont Look Down Forget Everything and Run
26. Duke Drakos Ravage Regime
27. Dr. Evil Smevil Ravage Regime
28. Mr. Admirable Forget Everything and Run
29. Princess Aisha Gladiators
30. Mzz Vicious Babealicious Fate
31. Mr. Tactical Nuclear Penguin Forget Everything and Run
32. Mr. Glad The Bloody Gladiators
33. Mr. Scipio Gladiators
34. Duchess Sexxy Minx Fate
35. Mr. Bogdan Forget Everything and Run
36. Sir Levi Ravage Regime
37. Mr. Airborn Ravage Regime
38. Sir Vicious Spankalicious Fate
39. Mr. Bling Fcukers Forget Everything and Run
40. Dreadlord Valarion Forget Everything and Run
41. Mr. Satanclausas Gladiators
42. Mr. Ancient Gladiators
43. Duke Darkfaith Music
44. Ice Prince Zephyr Ravage Regime
45. Mr. Triumphus Gladiators
46. Sir Erythnul The Deciever Gladiators
47. Mr. Arthur Zonds Fav Legion Under Leaving Zondervan
48. Mr. Beze The Second Mad and Dangerous
49. Mr. Briefcase Legion Under Leaving Zondervan
50. Ms. Vicious Kinkalicious Fate
51. Lady Skittles Forget Everything and Run
52. Mr. Megas Nikos Fate
53. Swedish chef Brashen Slowty Ninja Forget Everything and Run
54. Mr. Jack Daniels Legion Under Leaving Zondervan
55. Lady Cao The Kozachoker Gladiators
56. Mr. Randomnized Fate
57. Mr. Ivan The Terrible Legion Under Leaving Zondervan
58. Mr. Mcikan Music
59. Mr. Thunder Fate
60. Ms. Midnight Music
61. Lord Agamemnon Fate
62. Sir Biffy Clyroheran Gladiators
63. Mr. Danygraig Forget Everything and Run
64. Mr. Greymatter Mad and Dangerous
65. Mr. William The Sneaky Bastard Ravage Regime
66. Mr. Tealis The Gladiator
67. Mr. Darkentel Legion Under Leaving Zondervan
68. Mr. Roxbury Forget Everything and Run
69. Mr. Knigh Fate
70. Warlord Kaizen Legion Under Leaving Zondervan
71. Mr. Legend Gladiators
72. Mr. Adakis Fate
73. Mr. Vahmose Legion Under Leaving Zondervan
74. Mr. Seloc Music
75. Ms. Stormy Legion Under Leaving Zondervan
76. Mr. Azrael DOA
77. Mr. Don Kichotas Ravage Regime
78. Guildmaster Drenthinio Legion Under Leaving Zondervan
79. Lord Wee Dont Speak Americano Fate
80. Sir Feanor Fate
81. Mr. Thundering Silence Ravage Regime
82. Grumpy old Fivehundred Pound Lezzie
83. Sir Skyer Fate
84. Mr. Loleslaw The Second Mad and Dangerous
85. Mr. Ryroth Legion Under Leaving Zondervan
86. Mr. Heroix Music
87. Emperor Palpy Has New Toy Deathstar Gladiators

14:03:56 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Scottology:

i want the list of scores, not just some lame number next to me saying i came 6th! where is the other info?

16:13:56 Aug 10th 10 - Emperor Palpy Has New Toy Deathstar:

lol does that mean i came last? lol

still happy with 87 for now! but yeah i want the other info...

16:25:47 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Legend:

Palpy if you go to highscore and then scroll down to 5th age (something like that) you will see Karac Ravage regim click on it and you will get the list of entire fant score.

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