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10:14:39 Jun 28th 21 - Mr. Mullet Aswell:

go do what you do 

mullet claims top left
ask arma pros to point you that way as featured last era

13:00:35 Jun 30th 21 - Lord Caedus:

Is anyone else finding the bridges are very sensitive to threading armies/scouts through?

13:05:06 Jun 30th 21 - Konspyre (Captain Meme Drop):

no not at all

04:46:12 Jul 2nd 21 - Jarl Uhtred of Bebbanburg:

Anyone having issues with the Market?

06:27:58 Jul 2nd 21 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Thorin Oakenshield):

Only that someone sold stone at 0.65 so i can't naitive at 0.6... I guess I'll have to take her cities instead. ;)

06:49:26 Jul 2nd 21 - Mr. Thogrim Dooblade:

Durins in the house yo!!

07:05:08 Jul 2nd 21 - Mr. Mullet Aswell:

qwick aside selling shares lowers the price. if you want the price to go up again maybe buy or do things that require that ecenomic resource.

IE irl lumber is going back down because its being bought for construction again and not stored at net lose

17:19:29 Jul 2nd 21 - Endless (Ms. Ratatoskr):

whats happening is when you add more product to sell at a lower cost (and lower your selling price on the total quantity ) it is not reducing the total product cost of all goods put on the market itís just nativing the smaller amounts 

15:30:47 Jul 3rd 21 - Haldimir (Mr. Muradin Bronzebeard):

Whose KDs are fighting?

19:26:05 Jul 3rd 21 - Sir Merlin The Magician:

Respect to Durin, good teamwork and activity

Well deserved win. 

09:52:45 Jul 23rd 21 - Lord Caedus:

I have to say - this has been a fun era. 

We had a bad drop whilst transitioning from Fantasia to this map - got divided between two cores. 

The game progressed and we got an alright start, farming was going well - but the way the game has progressed in terms of politics and other KDs strategy etc. has turned this into a really interesting era. 

A great welcome to the world for us! <3

10:01:59 Jul 23rd 21 - Mr. Whoop of Hvergelmir:

Yes, i agree. When OOP we had a hard time to survive and we had to replace. Not much time for farming and a lot of war :) 

The era is absolutely interesting. 

11:10:00 Jul 23rd 21 - Lord Caedus:

I think NAPs etc - have made mixed it up quite well. We certainly made an assumption that has come back to bite us! haha.

16:38:34 Jul 23rd 21 - King BurningLegion (Mr. Burninglegion The Sinner):

Is it time for us all to jump on durin?

17:21:25 Jul 23rd 21 - Endless (Ms. Ratatoskr):

you go for it if youíre bored BL, Yggdrasil is fighting Albatross 

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