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10:30:47 Jul 1st 07 - Mr. Master:

what happened to legacy? i havnt played in ages soi dont know are they still there coz i cant see em? plz post an answer....(no nooby answers ty)



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10:31:37 Jul 1st 07 - Dark Lord Finwe:

[LGC] Legacy
With Mr. Roxbury as leader.
Really not hard to look on the highscores page now is it :)

10:33:29 Jul 1st 07 - Mr. Master:

sorry i found em theyve changed their sign to blue...(god its been to long)

10:35:05 Jul 1st 07 - Mr. Cros:

They have always been blue. Only one era...

10:38:48 Jul 1st 07 - Mr. Master:

nope 1 time they were purple

10:47:16 Jul 1st 07 - Mr. Cros:

so I say 'only one era'...

12:36:47 Jul 1st 07 - Lord Weirdgrivi The Diplomat:

How bout when they were pink? That was Kewl. Guess that makes it 2+ times :)

13:20:21 Jul 1st 07 - Mr. Helmuth Von Moltke:

Went red too, and black

13:32:08 Jul 1st 07 - Mr. Killstone The Destroyer:

i liked it when they where pink =D

13:50:06 Jul 1st 07 - General Konichiwa:

    Pink =)

We have a much nicer rainbow banner but Swifty is a spoil sport

14:19:35 Jul 1st 07 - Dark Lord Finwe:

21:21:58 Jul 1st 07 - Duke Azaruc:

Damn, the reporting sucks... especially when the report link is just under your bookmarks... XD

21:36:21 Jul 1st 07 - Mr. Cros:

Duke Azaruc, opera/FF? Same problem :D

21:38:33 Jul 1st 07 - Sir IM Shyers Who The Hell Are You:

The real LGC retired, it's just robots now.

21:41:31 Jul 1st 07 - Mr. Master:


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