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world of armageddon betray
08:57:32 Jan 19th 08 - Mr. Arathon:

Well it's like that!
Me and mr. Kingdom join a kingdom.
We fight for what we're worth against Fire Starters.
Then the kingdom disbans. And they have made some kinda pact.
The people of the kingdom we use to play with join a kingdom that's nap'd/map'd with Fire starters.
They agree not to accept us (eighter firestarters or that other kingdom will accept us).
So they are afraid of me and kingdom... and the whole world agrees on killing us.

Mr. Souloflife


1/18/2008 7:11:03 PM HKG is disbanding and will be joining Wolf. The war will be over and we kill all non-Kingdom members. Arathon and Kingdom will be not in a kingdom. FS and Wolf will rule this world. This will happen in 24 hours.

I've been betrayed by a kingdom before but not yet been betrayed by a whole world!

Pathetic if you ask me

09:27:36 Jan 19th 08 - Sir Revenge:

Thats really pathetic....

09:42:54 Jan 19th 08 - Mr. Potato:

I hope you and Kingdom hold up your own against them!

Go get em guys!

...yeah. thats low.

10:20:11 Jan 19th 08 - Mr. Architect:

I kinda wanna come and join you guys wherever you guys are.  Hold out against em guys, if I die, which I wont but if somehow I do, I'll come fight with you guys...  Don't let stupid people boss you around...  Kill em all.  Find a strong spot to hold out and pump the crap out of a blocker.

10:41:24 Jan 19th 08 - Mr. Dolfyn:

Arathon ... slip in that bastard food some laxatives. he will sure rule the toilet seat :D

13:57:47 Jan 19th 08 - Ms. Sally:

This was none of Fire Starters doing. This was decided by HKG and Wolf.

I for one do not like it either...If we are napd with Wolf then the rest of the era will be boring as we are the only 2 kingdoms really left.

14:34:04 Jan 19th 08 - Mr. Pan:

if anyone has a prob with arathon joining wolf they will have to talk to me , yes i accepted him and anyone that attacks him will face my zerks :D

16:46:31 Jan 19th 08 - Ms. Lyll Ranth:

Arathon - you dissolved your own KD to join an traitorous, lying KD - then you whine when they betray you in return and you're having your ass handed to you.

Man up, cry baby.

16:51:44 Jan 19th 08 - Mr. Rtas Vadumee:

I hope all u die.

17:05:49 Jan 19th 08 - Mr. Souloflife:

Are you serious Arathon. Your going to get pity from other members of different worlds when you told me you will be the best on this world. Now look your getting destroyed. You have now gone through 3 different KD just to kill FS and protect yourself. I have no sympothy for you as you attacked us with your ex Kingdom Gondor. You merged your kingdom with HKG to try and kill FS. So that plan doesnt work becuase our armies are marching through your walls. Now HKG disbands and joins WOLF. Your not accpeted cause no-one likes you because you made your own statement in this war. Finally Pan feels sorry for you so he accepts you. I'm not happy with that since i cant attack you anymore but i am keeping my word on not attacking any Wolf members. So you need to tell the whole story about what you have done instead of a one-sided story. Once again Arathon. No-one is afraid of you as your armies are weak. I personaly dont like your personality as you are bossy to your own members and very big headed. I also accepted Kingdom into FS. My fight isnt with Kingdom as he hasnt done anything wrong but go by your orders and attack us. Your leadership is very poor and if you decide to attack a KD twice the power of you then dont whine to VU about you getting crushed on Armageddon.

17:12:20 Jan 19th 08 - Mr. The Cheej:

In other games I've played, you can't just run to a group that's NAP'd with the one you're losing to--in Travian, for example, it would be completely normal for an alliance to not accept you because you were at war with one of their allies or NAP's.  Same with the real world.  I don't see what's so hard to understand about this.

Personally, I don't think Wolf should have accepted anyone from HKG if they wanted to maintain an NAP with us.

18:08:46 Jan 19th 08 - Mr. Wyzer:

What server are you on in Travian Mr. The Cheej?

18:32:44 Jan 19th 08 - Mr. The Warrior Ones Called Skiepe:

well souloflife!
That's beginnerstalking! Arathon is just been the best player over the whole era!
Everybody got scared of him and so you guys decide to put him into a dumb fact if you ask me!
I think that's only stupid if you guys all turn against 1 or 2 persons!
I've seen the hohlist in your world!
He has been nr 1 for long time and had some of the biggest armies.
 Respect for Pan! That was the right thing to do!

18:42:15 Jan 19th 08 - Mr. Souloflife:

Um the longest person to be the best ruler would go to Stalin in the beginning. Arathon took the lead for 2 days. Then i took it for a day and now Sightburner has had it for the rest of the time. The best army in Arm would go to Stalin. Arathon might had 1 or 2 HoH armies but they were weak and didnt stand up to FS armies. I cant believe your giving him pitty as he decided to attack us first. If your going to attack someone you better hope you can win becuase if you dont then you will be in arathon's position right now whining to VU making up lies. Warrior you havent seen the map and you wernt there to know what has been going on in Arm. But you can ask Stalin me or anyone on this map that arathon wasnt even close to the best on this map and no-one was scared of him. Like i said he has gone through three Kingdoms to protect his own ass because of his cowardness. I have no respect for cowards and whoever backs them up. How bout you read what i put before this message before you start making assumptions about Arathon.

18:52:51 Jan 19th 08 - Sir Tnega Htims:

Does seem a little bad for a "whole world" to attack two untagged players - you must've really upset them somehow. I see you've been accepted now, but next time try this...

You're on the HoH, Kingdom is on the HoH and even the "big" KDs there don't have a lot of power (we've been really hit this era, but FS with 22 members is still only 78% of us). 

So two HoH players, with a little thought and tactics, could take them on and survive.  Do that, and people may not get so upset next time you say you're gonna be the best ;-)

20:42:52 Jan 19th 08 - Mr. The Cheej:

I'm on US 4, Wyzer, and will start US 5 next week.

Back to the topic, the world didn't decide to combine forces against Arathon.  He panicked because things didn't go as he planned and so is trying to get support from others for the next era.  Also, on a mostly unrelated note, how much can you trust someone who can't spell his own name correctly?  The father of Aragorn, king of Gondor (the kingdom Arathon led), is ArathoRn.

21:13:59 Jan 19th 08 - Mr. Clone X X X:

someone made a spelling error? omg, kill them!

21:29:45 Jan 19th 08 - Mr. Ambrosias Arilyonis:

The world of Armageddon is officialy a Farmers Paridice!

22:44:08 Jan 19th 08 - Sir Tnega Htims:

Well said, Mr Cloan X X X :)

01:33:16 Jan 20th 08 - Mr. Souloflife:

You know what Arathon. The real pathetic thing is i posted that up in my forums. How did you get that? Who is your source. Im now going to take you down and the snitch who gave you that info will watch you die.

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