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10:32:13 Mar 25th 18 - Endless (Mahatma Rice):

so DF, what happened with our one on one battle? you need help hence Shiva’s arrival or what? epic lol

18:42:10 Apr 19th 18 - Mr. Stoned II:


Get me outta this era!

14:34:36 Jun 1st 18 - Mr. Johnny Rotten:

So Power twats feel the need to use bt's on the zeta map. seriously GTFO. you that desperate to beat a kd training players. Zeta i would ban the faggots just for even thinking of it.

15:54:07 Jun 1st 18 - Gilth (Lord Gilthas):

What are bt's? They sound like I should get some of them? 

18:33:44 Jun 1st 18 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Nasty):

bt's???? Is it something related to bathtubes???? if so, just buy and use them.

19:52:05 Jun 1st 18 - Gilth (Lord Gilthas):

Oh! I was hoping they would be bacon toasts. Feeling hungry now...

13:43:47 Jun 3rd 18 - Duke Chade The Reuniter:

I always thought they are a brand of smokes:

16:12:25 Jul 8th 18 - Schepp (Mr. Schepp The Morning):

Anyone on Zeta recruiting for next era?

22:43:09 Jul 8th 18 - Mr. Trundle:

Beo and maybe Mijiu are probably the only KDs next era.

Someone from Mijiu said they weren't going to be playing next era though.

Power can't retain active members with only 1/3 of the founding members being active, so this KD is done for as far as I'm concerned.

I don't expect 24/7 activity, but come on... When you wake up... maybe during lunch... before or after dinner... Maybe even before you go to sleep.

But when you're basically solo playing with late starting members and they log on maybe once every 1.5-2 days... I'm just done with KDs

Being a solo KD on maps that don't allow army merging is a lot more fun imo.

I'm also not a big fan of Beo going out of their way to never fight KDs head on, even if they're ahead, opting to take advantage of poor map terrain and walking past blockers.

Mijiu can complain about me all they want, but I never walked past their armies when I could have.

23:01:52 Jul 8th 18 - Endless (Ms. Gods Left Nut):

not sure Muji was complaining about you but I can check the internal forum lol

Muji is always open to new players, we teach if necessary.  I'm taking a brief break from VU for RL stuff but somebody will be in there and active to accept players.

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