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~Predators Recruiting Thread~
11:04:33 Feb 9th 08 - Mr. Ding:

Predators. We are recruiting Powerful, experienced rulers to join our almighty and honourable kingdom of Predators. If you are interested please send an application to our leadership to be part of the ultimate kingdom on Mantrax.


Kingdom Banner

Name: Predators
Members: 33
Tag: Preds
Created: 8/20/2007 9:39:22 AM
Leader: Sir Darkmarsbar


Predators Kingdom

If you are a former predators member that is late in joining us, send your application.

if you are intrested in join us plz send an application stating:
how many eras you have been playing
what kds you have been in
how often you are online
why do you want to join us

To all other kingdoms: If you are wondering about something concerning us or one of our members, message the leadership and we will try to clarify the situation.


11:06:02 Feb 9th 08 - Ms. Brannigans Law:

why do you need MORE ppl? you have loads as it is!

11:10:53 Feb 9th 08 - Demonic Bernie:

OMG!!! this is HILARIOUS! you need even more then 33 players?! ffs! split up the KD and try again?!

11:29:30 Feb 9th 08 - Mr. Elvish:

lol i think he just posted this to make a point out of that they shall rule!

12:06:13 Feb 9th 08 - Pirate Lewatha:

Preds Predators 33 Sir Darkmarsbar 83


indeed... you seem to have quite enough members.

13:06:08 Feb 9th 08 - Sir Darkmarsbar:


why..... never mind

we are currently sorting out our members, out of 33 we have 5 players still to restart and we have a few unactive ppl in the kingdom so we may have a few open spots for good ACTIVE players

13:06:59 Feb 9th 08 - Mr. Penguin:

im good? could i join?

13:08:01 Feb 9th 08 - Sir Darkmarsbar:


13:08:14 Feb 9th 08 - Mr. Penguin:


13:10:02 Feb 9th 08 - Mr. Peacemakerofdoom IIII:


13:59:15 Feb 9th 08 - Sir Vengence:

can I rejoin?! even though I dont want to at the moment!?

14:38:15 Feb 9th 08 - Mr. Justanius The Revengful:

dont...u might join them...with another 50 members later on ;)

16:12:02 Feb 9th 08 - Mr. Brutal: might not have any choice later on !

13:36:10 Feb 15th 08 - Mr. Howells:

Preds might have alot of members now but most of um could be unactive and r never on so  they might just need to kick unactive players n get some more active ppl to join

16:18:21 Feb 15th 08 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:

Yeah Predators has huge amounts of farmers[ACE] and like 13 really good fighters. Not to mention the inactives.

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