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~V for Vendetta~ Recruitment
00:11:01 Dec 24th 07 - Sir Pesterd:

V for Vendetta

Kingdom Banner

Name: V for Vendetta
Members: 1
Tag: VofV
Created: 12/23/2007 11:25:26 PM
Leader: Sir Pesterd


The Kingdom Of:
~V for Vendetta~

This Kingdom was instituted a few eras ago and was very successful. I am here to bring the old days back. Although many of the old members are not here I will allow around 15-20 new recruits.

1. Era"s Played
2. Previous Kingdoms
3. Previous Names
4. Activity In Game
5. Forum Activity
6. Loyalty To The Kingdom
7. Respect To The Leaders

Thank You,
~*Sir Pesterd*~


00:12:36 Dec 24th 07 - Sir Pesterd:

Please send me messages in game and applications in game. If you would like you can post the application here. I will gladly accept you.
Thank You,
~*Sir Pesterd*~ =*VofV*=

00:22:35 Dec 24th 07 - Mr. Justainius Fontainius XI:

gd luck pesterd it wud be nice to c v for vandetta again


00:26:13 Dec 24th 07 - Mr. Dung Beetle:

kl i saw this kingdom when i first started hope you do well and lost the old banner?

00:26:43 Dec 24th 07 - Sir Pesterd:

Thank You Justin Fontain.
(i like calling you by the name I am most familiar with)

00:35:34 Dec 24th 07 - Dark Lord Finwe:

did you ask the original leaders if you could take the name? just curious

00:48:23 Dec 24th 07 - Lord Weirdgrivi The Epyon:

LOL Finwe, I told them it's ok.

I wasn't going to remake it anyway :)

00:50:21 Dec 24th 07 - Dark Lord Finwe:

wasnt V Auspices kd?

00:50:46 Dec 24th 07 - Lord Weirdgrivi The Epyon:

Whose multi did you think Auspice was? ;)

00:53:32 Dec 24th 07 - Mr. Xanatos Chivalier:

not urs XD

00:56:37 Dec 24th 07 - Lord Weirdgrivi The Epyon:

Prove it!

01:27:14 Dec 24th 07 - Sir Pesterd:

lol auspicous stopped playing..

01:28:46 Dec 24th 07 - Dark Lord Finwe:

Sir Pesterd


12/23/2007 7:27:14 PM
lol auspicous stopped playing..
did he? he won last era and the smiths are are mantrax so im sure some of the V founders are in thier

01:44:07 Dec 24th 07 - Sir Pesterd:

I meant the nickname....

And please don't flame. I am trying to recruit for my kingdom please message me in game if you have a problem.

02:21:37 Dec 24th 07 - Ms. Fellatio:

You meant the nickname? What does that mean? If he improvements his nick it means you don't have to ask him? That's not the way it works kid.

02:50:34 Dec 24th 07 - Sir Pesterd:

Its his kingdom?
he paid for it is it copy writed?
what makes it his kid?
just because he used the name it makes it his kid?

think how immature you sound...

02:56:17 Dec 24th 07 - Duke Epyon The Weirdgrivi:

just because he used the name it makes it his kid?

well for starters, its not a kid, I believe it's called a kingdom

of course he doesnt have a copywrite, it just makes people look down upon you for bringing back a kingdom that you didnt even start and not being able to come up with your own kd...

03:02:16 Dec 24th 07 - Mr. Sloth:

what is this? who are you, Sir Pestard?

03:11:39 Dec 24th 07 - Sir Pesterd:

i was saying kid because he was calling me kid.

OMFG stop flaming the thread..... if you wana flame then send me a message!
Its not right how u can ruin something that I just started a few hours ago.
I wanted to bring back a kingdom that I played against I dont see a problem with that.
For all i care i could have named it legacy.... I just like the name better and it has a cooler icon...

03:15:39 Dec 24th 07 - Duke Epyon The Weirdgrivi:

gee... who sounds immature now? ;)

03:37:03 Dec 24th 07 - Sir Pesterd:

OK if anyone has something to say then send me a message in game.. I don't want to start a fight just because i used an old name..

04:48:25 Dec 24th 07 - Sir Dead Oralive:

dont get all mad at them they just like to do that it makes them laugh. Their evul like that. Evul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Besides they like flamming its about the only other thing you can do to pass the time other than *beep*ming of course :)

04:53:38 Dec 24th 07 - Sir Pesterd:

lol thank you sir dead or alive

04:54:02 Dec 24th 07 - Mr. Haywood Jablowme:

Duke Epyon The Weirdgrivi


12/24/2007 10:15:39 AMgee... who sounds immature now? ;)

I am! got any problems with that? 

*slaps epyon with the sezy hand*

04:58:22 Dec 24th 07 - Sir Pesterd:

lol save that for ye olde taverne
wait nevermind
*slaps epyon with the pesty hand*

04:58:37 Dec 24th 07 - Sir Dead Oralive:

Oh i forgot to say good luck. Good Luck :}) ------ {:)

My smileys have a mustaches and a unibrow(is that spelled right) woot!

Wait is this a slap festival?

*runs out before he gets slapped*

05:04:51 Dec 24th 07 - Ms. Sezymon:

Twam, wtf is a "sezy hand"??:P

05:10:16 Dec 24th 07 - Mr. Haywood Jablowme:

its arzun's fault!  and epyon too! 

its off topic but here goes:
I edited my slap in irc.  Instead of saying:
twamao slaps epyon with a large trout   it says:
twamao slaps epyon with a seXy hand

and then arzun said:
oooh the seZy hand

and then there came, the Swifty hand, the Valar hand and the roxbury hand.  lol

epyon said he likes the roxbury hand the most.  Arzun like Binh to turn on his "calculator"

05:19:16 Dec 24th 07 - Mr. Xiax:

Wow!! When did Sezymon get the operation done?!

05:36:18 Dec 24th 07 - Duke Epyon The Weirdgrivi:

lol twamao, I remember that :) you know I like teh sexy hand!! ;)

05:40:41 Dec 24th 07 - Sir Pesterd:

what about pesty hand?
*trying to get attention*

05:41:08 Dec 24th 07 - Duke Epyon The Weirdgrivi:

ehhhh not so much :S


05:49:55 Dec 24th 07 - Sir Pesterd:


07:36:40 Dec 24th 07 - Mr. Sloth:

I don't want to start a fight just because i used an old name..

Sir Pesterd, there are many who were in Vendetta, including the founders, who are still active in VU!

08:11:58 Dec 24th 07 - Mr. Adam Sandler:

sloth was one of the greatest members to play in vendetta =]

08:53:34 Dec 24th 07 - Mr. Gothrim:

Yeah, I'm not sure this name is a good idea. Even though I wasn't there and wasn't of course in Vendetta, the name has a certain meaning for me because of all the history I've picked up the past while. So when people say they were in Vendetta, it means some particular thing about their past. And that's what this new use of the name surely can't ever mean again. Don't you think?

11:51:08 Dec 24th 07 - Prince Mielo:

Ms. Sezymon


12/24/2007 5:04:51 AMTwam, wtf is a "sezy hand"??:P

It's a very very verrrryyyy old hand!

12:10:56 Dec 24th 07 - Mr. Willem II:

this ain't the original Vendetta?

15:12:42 Dec 24th 07 - Sir XelNaga:

*goes to contact the movie copyrights group*

04:40:11 Dec 25th 07 - Mr. Soc:

not the original.......... just another copycat. sad people can't even come up with new names to use.............

13:29:36 Dec 25th 07 - Lord Protector Nimic:

So he remade a kingdom he wasn't even in? Classic!

Who wants to help me remake.. umm... SaS? Maybe Mirror?

13:46:11 Dec 25th 07 - Dark Lord Finwe:

im gonna remake Zetas Zealots!

17:44:04 Dec 26th 07 - Prince Mielo:

Great then I'll start the minor kingdom Abydos!

20:32:17 Dec 26th 07 - Mr. Clone XXX:

Hey if we're bringing back old kingdoms I will bring back gods of war!!!

(in case some here remember that newb kingdom, i guess i will have to try to think up an even more random, lesser world kingdom:P)

00:25:09 Dec 27th 07 - Mr. Soc:

I will bring back Jester! oh, wait...................... :)

00:32:47 Dec 27th 07 - Mr. Clone XXX:

@Soc: Can i join?

01:17:25 Dec 27th 07 - Mr. Soc:

i hope you know i have that phrase copyrighted! :)

............maybe i should bring it back again.............. :P  ah, the good ol days. eh storm?!

01:19:02 Dec 27th 07 - Prince Mielo:

Jesters suck ...

01:33:00 Dec 27th 07 - Lord Protector Nimic:

I've got two kingdoms I could rightfully bring back, and a bunch I was in but not really leading.

*considers the possibility*

Nah, no one would join. They're all either retired from VU or in Legacy  :p

02:17:16 Dec 27th 07 - Mr. Brannigans Law:

Jesters!! wooh! bring back jesters!

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