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~~~Wanna make a KD~~~
16:49:37 Jun 18th 08 - Mr. Monastory:

I want to create a Kingdom, with me in charge, here is my experience:

Played since era 12  
Ran one of the most successful KD in era 13
Taken out legacy's leader thus taking out the hole KD
Best kingdom: Kingdom of War

Sadly all thats gone, i'm in TALENTS

Type my name and send me a message if you want




17:22:32 Jun 18th 08 - Lord Protector Nimonic:

Never heard of you.

17:31:27 Jun 18th 08 - Ms. Penis From Venus:

Sounds like something Hamish would say, lol.

17:42:45 Jun 18th 08 - Wolflord Karac:

but hamish would speak the truth,this guy obviously isnt.

17:17:45 Jun 19th 08 - Mr. Water:

hamish is in the mantrax :D

18:22:45 Jun 19th 08 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:


18:54:06 Jun 19th 08 - Mr. More Inactive Than You:

Legacy is a "Hole KD"? :D :D :D

20:17:11 Jun 19th 08 - Sir Drunken:

So which poor lgc leader's hole was that :o

06:23:34 Jun 20th 08 - Mr. New Person:

Well he's obviously not using his real name.

Here is what I think makes him a fake.
He could be Adelbert, but I think Adelbert played longer then era 12, since he says he started in 12, I don't think he's him.

He ran the most successful kingdom during that era, those two kingdoms would be LGC who go 9/10 top spots in Fant that era or Harstad Vikings where Adelbert got the only spot that LGC didn't get and that was #1. We already ruled out that he is not Adelbert, so that means he was not the leader and is just a fake. I don't think he's Draiken [LGC], then there's Mirror [M] and I really don't think he's Azurac. I doubt he's Il Magnifico of *beep* Table [NT]. I am almost sure he is not from NA*beep*, and he's most likely not Sayain Empire [SE] because all of their leaders played before era 12. So that basically rules him out of ran best most successful KD in era 13.

Another reason is that he did not tell us who he was, if he was really that good he would tell us because he wants members to join him, but he doesn't want to be found out a fake so he makes some things up.

Does he mean Kingdom of Heaven or Serenity when he means Kingdom of War? I don't remember any Kingdoms of War and I have a pretty good memory, unless it was before my time,

17:52:59 Jun 21st 08 - Lord Protector Nimonic:

He's obviously full of *beep*, and he's definitely not Adelbert (or Draiken or Azaruc).

17:56:29 Jun 21st 08 - Mr. The Great Elf:

i remember a kingdom of war. KOW it was for short i forgot the era though but it was an era where consequence played

18:41:45 Jun 21st 08 - Dark Lord Sun Yun Huu:

lol adelbert was in lgc the entire era and only made HaVi at the end :D

20:10:28 Jun 21st 08 - Mr. Brick:

I will help you create your KD, i am on Talents, just landed

01:20:54 Jul 3rd 08 - Mr. Legendary Warrior:

well yes,

i see your kingdom on talemts and its totally a *beep*.My brother play in talents for haLL.and u guys are not much to be considered as a u have like 3 or 4 memebtrs.If u look at the talents hoh list u see that haLL if dominating the whole hoh

00:51:02 Jul 4th 08 - Mr. Man:

I don't really think that is fair to say.  They got a late start and as a result they never really had a chance to show how talented of players they were.  A couple of them did have really good activity though :)  Enough to be a bit of a nuisance...which really is the most you can ask of someone in that situation.

01:13:59 Jul 4th 08 - Mr. Caradoc III:

he still hasnt posted back though... i always come back and check my forums and explan myself, all two or three times or so

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