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[discuss] MU Cost change
15:56:53 Dec 10th 07 - Sir Xelnage:

with the majority of races having a mage base training cost of 240, its equivalent of the cost of the old MUs at level 12 magic science..

i did not get the reason for this update, i thought originally its to make magic more appealing, but in fact this nerfed magic even more at the cost of training magic unit has become way too high.



16:18:14 Dec 10th 07 - Mr. Agent Johnson:

It helps mages relatively, as they have higher magic science than attackers. 240 is probably not enough to slow down attackers in any real sense, but it does help pure mages. Even Elf a bit over Dwarf, as they will have higher tech.

16:19:18 Dec 10th 07 - Sir Revenge:

He has finally taken a step towards saving elves

16:20:12 Dec 10th 07 - Sir Xelnage:

The cost of retraining has increased.

Attacker do not need to retrain loss mages. Blowing up mages and retraining them back has only become harder with this cost.

However, relatively speaking, elf at higher magic science level does better at training MU's compared to dwarves :)

16:31:18 Dec 10th 07 - Mr. Agent Johnson:

The cost of retraining MU has increased yes. It depends how much you use up though...a good mage usually conserves. Typically towers can be as much of a cost as MUs to a mage. Overall this change still helps mages, but the system still needs work.

17:21:05 Dec 10th 07 - Mr. Killer Matti:

One can also call it End of the Trollmages. The final blow to that race for me.

17:44:36 Dec 10th 07 - Mr. Sloth:

agreed on that. it also makes a dwarf mage train as if he had L10 magic units. thats a big hurt (but fair) if you're only L4-L5 magic :-/

17:49:22 Dec 10th 07 - Sir Xelnage:

a minor correction for my first post, at the cost of 240 for most race, its the equivalent of old magic unit at lvl 7 magic.

ya dwarf's mage now is the same as old one at lvl 10 ;o

18:07:10 Dec 10th 07 - Sir Revenge:

Its really thrown magic about!

19:06:39 Dec 10th 07 - Sir Erunion Telcontar:

Well, it will save the elf mages a bit of cash, not much, but it's a start.

19:34:22 Dec 10th 07 - Lord Scientist:

It has helped out a little, although it doesn't really aid in trying to CW blockers which a whole kingdom is filling........
The elf would still lose at that........badly.........

20:39:54 Dec 10th 07 - Mr. Soc:

revolution! maybe elf MU should DECREASE in cost as magic level increases! o.O

21:27:51 Dec 10th 07 - Sir Revenge:

Not a bad Idea, great in fact

22:43:49 Dec 10th 07 - Mr. Atreides:

Soc! That's pure genius! It actually makes sense though....I mean, like really, really makes sense. It would help in lotsa ways. Better for pure mages than attackers, better for elves. Well...2 ways anyway.

22:45:17 Dec 10th 07 - Sir Revenge:

Put it on the suggestion page!

02:37:45 Dec 11th 07 - Sir XelNaga:

it was already suggested for a long time..... last era.. or even earlier...

05:49:41 Dec 11th 07 - Mr. Soc:

ya, i dont read anything about magic, so i was just hoping to get scientist to stop b!tching!

17:48:12 Dec 11th 07 - Lord Scientist:

You can't stop someone doing the one thing that they're good at.......

06:25:33 Dec 12th 07 - Mr. Haywood Jablowme:

scientist is my *beep*

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