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2008 Canadian Federal Election
06:49:23 Sep 17th 08 - Mr. Utkarsh Bhardwaj:

Who do u think is gonna win this federal elections?

Conservatives = Mr. Stephen Harper
Liberals = Stephane Dion
NDP = Jack Layton
or Bloc Quebecois???

13:46:06 Sep 17th 08 - Mr. Basch:

no one seems to be interested in canadian politics and they probably never will be ;p

14:55:53 Sep 17th 08 - Mr. Spoon:


16:16:19 Sep 17th 08 - Mr. Utkarsh Bhardwaj:

yeah im going for conservatives as well

16:24:00 Sep 17th 08 - Mr. Mpesh:

canada has elections?


16:46:29 Sep 22nd 08 - Mr. Basch:

yeah sounds very odd to me aswell :S


06:57:25 Sep 28th 08 - Mr. Sorra:

Stephen Harper is an *beep*...wants to get us in all sorts of *beep* over-seas like bush did to the US.

Stephane Dion is new to the stage, dosent have good english but i hear he's very well expresses himself in french.

Jack Layton is somtimes the only one making any sense out of the major 3 what so ever.

Bloc Quebecois dont understand that quebec needs canada to survive/keep there current life-style and they will never ever get a single vote outside of quebec further pushing them away from everyone else. They most of the time dont even get a majority in quebec. A major issue to them in canada seems to be "Whitch french region first invented the poutine"

The Green Party never get any votes.


Thats the run down on canadain politics!

15:57:08 Oct 1st 08 - Mr. Utkarsh Bhardwaj:

thanx sorra for the rundown.....yeah i agree with u a fair bit also....i will personally be voting for the liberals this year or the NDP....conservatives are just a minortiy gov't which is not gonna help Canada

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