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2008 Election
06:39:11 Sep 6th 08 - Mr. Gliendel:

I was wondering what people think about the candidates and how the election is going in terms of speeches, ads and other things. Please post who you would vote for and why. It's ok to diagree but please don't try to insult.


If I could vote this November I would vote for McCain because he currently has more experience than Obama as he has been in Washington longer than Obama. I don't remeber when he came in but Obama has 4yrs of experience as a senator. I don't like McCain's VP choice she is really inexperienced 20 months as a govenor of Alaska. There are a lot more qualified candidates than Palin. I feel she is only there to bring in female votes. I don't like how the Republican convention ripped on Obama a lot. But McCain when Obama was nominated had an ad as I'm told congrajulating him. On the other hand I see Obama as charismatic young and if he had the experience I would vote for him. I hate how Republicans rip Democrats as being umpatriotic you can see this a lot. It really irritates me.

Overall I see many flaws in both candidates but whoever gets elected I hope he will be ready for job.


06:44:13 Sep 6th 08 - Mr. Ghost:

Well honestly we need a president with military experience which Obama and his running mate have none. McCains running mate was head of the Nation Guard in alaska for 2 yrs and i cant remember McCain.

Honestly i dont like (D) because most want to take the right away to own firearms (especially that stupid B*tch Hilary Clinton. She was already President cause her husband didnt have the balls to run it himself. She controled his life. But i guess thats just women cuz we realize women will always control our lives)and im a hunter so ya i have major issues with that. Plus im a republican so ill always vote republican when i am able to vote in the next election

06:44:27 Sep 6th 08 - Sir Ice Ice Baby Ice:

I was watching Palin mumble on about being a pitbull with lipstick etc

I agree that she there for the female votes

I think Osama should definatly had Hilary as his VP
She has alot more connections than he proberly does

07:00:05 Sep 6th 08 - Mr. Gliendel:

Now as far as the fire arms thing Demacrats don't want to take all guns they mainly want to limit machinegun type weapons and armour piercing which on the info my friend gave me said armor piercing is eithin a smaller bullet or more powder. Mr. Ghost I don't expect you to like Hillary but I find your refence to her to be imature. I don't really like her either but showing respect is a right thing to do.

07:04:53 Sep 6th 08 - Mr. Ghost:

No offense dude but i dont respect ppl who defend Murders and get them off scott clean

07:12:26 Sep 6th 08 - Mr. Gliendel:

Can you provide me with more information on that please.

07:14:30 Sep 6th 08 - Sir Charley Deallus: isnt the guns that cause murders...but those that wield them.  It is a simple and known fact that guns themselves dont suddenly go on rampages...unless you failed to mention them becoming sentient..

07:14:42 Sep 6th 08 - Mr. Ghost:

Ok awhile back was a group called the black panthers. Pretty much a KKK. They brutally killed a black man. They had like 5 ppl defending them amongst them was hiliary clinton. Beacuse of her they got off scott free.

07:15:23 Sep 6th 08 - Sir Charley Deallus:

Hmm...well I never liked Hilary -_- she scares me

07:16:02 Sep 6th 08 - Sir Ice Ice Baby Ice:

sniper-1.jpg image in Gamesradar Forums l337 pics

07:16:38 Sep 6th 08 - Mr. Ghost:

Lol Nice Revenge =P

07:21:44 Sep 6th 08 - Mr. Gliendel:

I'm sorry I haven't heard of this do you know where I can look into this more? But if you look more into the black panthers' history you will find it is very different from the KKK. But I will look in to that if you can tell me where to look.

Also I encourage people to look at both candidates web pages even if you don't like that particular candidate you'll find that both have some good ideas on different things.

07:22:23 Sep 6th 08 - Sir Charley Deallus:

Maybe....we have TWO presidents!!! We would be so kewl!

07:31:16 Sep 6th 08 - Mr. Ghost:

Lol charley if Obama ever got into office the day before he takes the oath he would be shot. Not only will another person be murdered by our government but there are a bunch of ppl who dont want him in office

07:31:38 Sep 6th 08 - Mr. Gliendel:

I looked at both webpages and found out that Obama to me is easier to read and pick out information because it is in bullet point but McCain has more indepth information than Obama's page and is in paragraph format. I compared Energy for both webpages to make the decision.

07:36:50 Sep 6th 08 - Mr. Gliendel:

Um Ghost I checked the link and within 5 seconds I saw that it doesn't have that good of a recomendation for your oppinion of Hillary. It states your view and it says it's false. Maybe another link would be better. I think you might want to check the entire link out.

07:41:14 Sep 6th 08 - Mr. Ghost:

dude all of them are nothign but rumors. The only true proof it was true was deleted after i checked my email a few days ago

07:44:51 Sep 6th 08 - Mr. Wicked Witch of The West:

You  just opened a can with a *beep*load of worms and not just any worms, *beep*ing mutated worms that are 6 feet long!

Obama for 08! How can Republicans even argue about Obama not having enough experience when you look at Palin! If she can be the next president then so can Obama. Hell at least he gave his opinions in the DNC speech all I heard from Mccain and Palin was rhetoric. Thats real useful in life. Palin is a hypocrite too last night she blatantly lied about a multitude of things. Palin could have been a chance for real change in the GOP. But after last night? Talk about a figure head. She's only their to get the women in the election and you know as well as I do that Mccain only put her on the ticket because Hillary was so succesful. Ironiclly Palin and Mccain had only met once, so he knows absolutely nothing about her.

07:48:46 Sep 6th 08 - Mr. Ghost:

Forget that if Obama is put into office he will pull our troops out of Iraq. if that happens that LZ where tehy are being taken out of is going to turn into a massacre. the terrorists will be all over that LZ and ppl will be killed. Sure we are defending oil but you know what the middle east is fuked if we stop buying oil. Alaska holds enough oil and natural gases that if we drilled them out we would NEVER have to buy a drop of oil again.

07:49:56 Sep 6th 08 - Sir Charley Deallus:

I think everyone needs to go to bed :p

07:51:14 Sep 6th 08 - Mr. Ghost:

lol i plan on it charley after the tic. Its 11 pm here and im fighting my sleeping pills

07:51:26 Sep 6th 08 - Mr. Gliendel:

Well if you look in my opening post I said I didn't like Palin for being inexperienced and also expressed that I thought she was there for women votes. So I don't think I opened a can of worms. I like being fair and balanced on politics.

07:53:30 Sep 6th 08 - Mr. Ghost:

True Palin is there for women votes but honeslty no politician has ran a fair compain. We vote for the ones who lie the best. Lets do somethign to screw them up. how about no one vote so none of the Canadites get any Electoral Votes

08:02:07 Sep 6th 08 - Mr. Gliendel:

That is not a very good idea. Too many Americans don't vote. Most people who don't vote are young people. If you want to keep them honest stay informed and if you feel confident about yourself run for office and stick to your values. If you don't like them because they lie when you run don't lie.

I find candidates and people to be more respectable if they ahow respect to their opponent even if they don't see eye to eye on issues.

08:12:53 Sep 6th 08 - Sir Peter Jackson:

who cares?
its only america =]

08:26:44 Sep 6th 08 - Mr. Juggernaut:

 Both candidates suck, you have to realize once they get to that point they're only puppets for the other politicians that have gotten them that far, there are very few exceptions. So they're both full of crap to one degree or another. The decision you have is if you're willing to believe the, "I'm gonna solve everything" bull sh** from Obama, or have a continuation of the last 8 years with McCain.

08:34:23 Sep 6th 08 - Mr. Audeamus:

Some black people see Obama as a "house negro." Just putting that out there to see what you guys think about that.

09:05:39 Sep 6th 08 - Mr. Brain:

Ron Paul was one of the best candidates that people liked a lot.
But then suddenly the media stopped talking about him completely and people started forgetting, while on the internet he was the most popular guy.
He had very radical anti-bush ideas which personally I support.

Obama would probably be the best candidate since he's a more peaceful and diplomatic person, with a pretty good vice president that has the experience he lacks.

McCain will bring the USA to be a fascist country, opposing Russia and beginning maybe yet another 'cold war', and trying to dominate the whole earth. Being an economist he'll get up the USA economy, but the social sector will suffer greatly. Note how he plans to increase the military budget, continue the Iraq war "until his 150th birthday".

So, if you guys want war, McCain is the way to go.
If you want a better life, go for Obama.

10:39:14 Sep 6th 08 - Duke Argyle:

Reading the first post made me very confused, not all people live in the us and care about who will ruin your country even more... Maybe it would have been good to write "in the us"

17:20:56 Sep 6th 08 - Mr. Brain:

oh trust me, you will care once they start ruining your country too...

17:30:01 Sep 6th 08 - Mr. Ghost:

I like how everyone is talking about these canadites and not the other one. You know the one from the INDEPENDT party.

17:58:51 Sep 6th 08 - Mr. Sloop:

Obama has to think when he answers questions;McCain answers them before they're completly asked.I want someone who answers quickly :)

18:14:51 Sep 6th 08 - Mr. Juggernaut:

I like how everyone is talking about these canadites and not the other one. You know the one from the INDEPENDT party.

 Oh you mean the one that doesn't have any chance of winning?

Obama has to think when he answers questions;McCain answers them before they're completly asked.I want someone who answers quickly

   Ya this is just genious, you want someone that goes to war quickly too? Youtube search: McCain's youtube problem, should come up with, "McCain's youtube problem just became a nightmare." - this chump already has his own compilation of f**k ups, and he's not even in office yet.

  That pause between the question and Obama's answer is him wondering how he can insert the word, "Change" into it.

18:16:07 Sep 6th 08 - Sir Doomsday:

"So, if you guys want war, McCain is the way to go.
If you want a better life, go for Obama."

yeah better life... lets think about this. he promisses all kinds of *beep* that the goverment cant afford. how does he plan on fixing that problem? higher taxes. no one want to have higher taxes. we want to keep the money we make. your probably some nigger living off wellfair and like him because you can still sit on your lazy ass and play this game while people like me work and we PAY FOR YOU. yeah. i dont want my money going to some nigger that doesnt want to work, id rather get my own money in my own pocket and spend it for some lazy sack of *beep*.

18:38:37 Sep 6th 08 - Mr. Sharkmen:

Mr. Ghost


9/6/2008 6:48:46 AMForget that if Obama is put into office he will pull our troops out of Iraq. if that happens that LZ where tehy are being taken out of is going to turn into a massacre. the terrorists will be all over that LZ and ppl will be killed. Sure we are defending oil but you know what the middle east is fuked if we stop buying oil. Alaska holds enough oil and natural gases that if we drilled them out we would NEVER have to buy a drop of oil again

You gave a image of American people that is typical to the rest of the world.
you just see oil and even consider on destroy Alaska to obtain that. O.o

That is why people in the world start to dislike the American attitude. And the American People. (Because you have the choice to change but NO, is just war the perfect thing)

Your goverment have to make a big big chang. and start see the Nature respond to the big poluction that your contry help allot make.

18:39:06 Sep 6th 08 - Mr. Same Name:

I like how everyone is talking about these canadites and not the other one. You know the one from the INDEPENDT party.

 Oh you mean the one that doesn't have any chance of winning?

i dont give a *beep* if the guy wont win. id much rather waste my vote like that then vote between 2 dumbasses

18:45:22 Sep 6th 08 - Mr. Sharkmen:

and yes it should say 2008 election in the Us

21:18:52 Sep 6th 08 - Mr. Brain:

a bit racist are we?

Btw, I'm from Europe. Hi.

21:55:59 Sep 6th 08 - Sir Charley Deallus:

America is screwed both ways :p

22:07:15 Sep 6th 08 - Mr. Oowk:

Well, just because you drill somewhere doesn't mean you destroy the environment. When that oil is refined and what not then I guess it hurts nature, but Wind power isn't exactly helping nature either ten of thousands of birds die each year.

Also if a country doesn't take advantage of it's natural resources, and decides not to use those resources that country is only hamstringing itself. China doesn't care about the environment infact China polutes way more than America, and takes advantage of every resource they have. So why shouldn't America take advantage of it's natural resources because it's the right thing to do?

Obama plans on rising taxes on oil companies/rich people/other big corporations. Though he says hes planing on lowering taxes for middle class, and lower class I don't believe him because for one national healthcare hows he suppose to pay for that? Also even if you don't want to be part of national healthcare you'll still have to pay taxes for it. Then theres that fact that HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of jobs will be lost because think about it the healthcare in America is a multi-billion dollar business, and it works fine because it is a competative market. (National healthcare is socialism too which I greatly have a distate for socialist ideals) Plus the fact that I have family working in the healthcare market just makes me more opposed to Obama. Though Obama promises to "change" Washington I doubt he'll be any different from normal politics. Obama says "change" every f**kin five seconds like hes some d*m poor person on the street asking for money.

Now onto McCain.....

McCain does offer a a change for the economy which I think will benefit a lot of people for instance McCain wants to lower taxes for everyone. Though his economic plan might be less complexsive than Obama's you can't really blame your government for a failing econmy because for one PEOPLE drive the economy not one man. Though that one man may have the choice to change things that can greatly affect the economy, PEOPLE are the main factor affecting the economy. Also if you think McCain is just some person out for war think again. Obama isn't going to pull out troops once he gets into office because the U.S. already has a deal with Iraq that by 2009 MOST U.S. troops will have pulled out of the big cities, and only a SMALL amount of U.S. troops will occupy the rural areas of Iraq. Though by 2011 ALL U.S. troops will be pulled out of Iraq. Then theres the fact that Obama ISN'T GOING to pull out troops in Afganistan. Although I'm not saying it's true, but Obama might even add more troops to Afganistan. You people may also think that Obama is some peaceful person he even said it on National Television that he if the time comes, and Iran could get nuclear missles that he isn't leaving out the option of Military Action. So he isn't the "peacey" person you may think he is. McCain I hate him too, I wish he hadn't of even been chosen as the Republicans nominee, but I'd rather have him than Obama.

On another side note Joe lieberman supports McCain not Obama, Joe lieberman was a democrat now hes a independent, but what does that tell you?

Lol, most of you probably won't even read most of it....

22:10:25 Sep 6th 08 - Mr. Brainiac:

Both Candidates suck a$$

23:10:07 Sep 6th 08 - Mr. Juggernaut:

 You said it Brain. :)

03:00:26 Sep 7th 08 - Sir Charley Deallus:

Sir Charley Deallus

9/6/2008 4:55:59 PM
America is screwed both ways :p
Mr. Brainiac


9/6/2008 5:10:25 PM
Both Candidates suck a$$
Mr. Juggernaut


9/6/2008 6:10:07 PM
 You said it Brain. :)
EDIT-And let's completely ignore Charley's very simliar statement

03:01:26 Sep 7th 08 - Sir Soccerwithnotheme:

ah, a very valid political debate. im excited!


I admit, I began as an Obama lover. I fell for his charisma. The first thing he did to make me lose some confidence was involving his pastor. Obama attended that man's church for around 30 years (not sure of this fact, only remember it was a long time). once he got into  the political stream, the republicans threw some dirt at him, calling out the faults of the pastor. Obama eventually disassociated himself with the pastor, in order to not lose votes. I find that to be cowardly, and a lack of conviction in his beliefs.

 Watching Obama'a speech at the DNC (i live in denver, and am interested in presidential candidates) i found some major flaws. Obama flip flopped twice. Early on, he saluted foreign workers and their work. This shows he encourages immigration (even illegal). Later, he stated he opposed illegal immigration and would *change* (there's that famous word) legislation.

He also discussed how taxes wouldn't be raised for 90% of america. he later discussed how he would overturn our national debt (over 9 trillion dollars, about 65% of our annual GDP) in 10 years. To overturn that debt, either every citizen would have to pay about $35,000 or we would have to give around 7 months of produced goods away, while getting nothing for it. I have no idea how he plans on doing that as well as national healthcare. Maybe he plans on taxing the top 10% almost all their income.........


If Obama does become president, the economy will tumble further down the drain. He is for labor unions (as many liberals are) and there is already talk of Wal-Mart creating one under Obama as president. It is projected (by CNN, dont have any proof, it was a documentary on tv, im sure someone can find it online) that Wal-Marts prices will double with a labor union. our economy will be crippled.

so, after getting caught up in the popularity and charisma of Obama, time has presented numerous things that i do not wish to happen.

After all, you cant lead a nation with a microphone.

(flobots, also from Colorado ;))

03:28:07 Sep 7th 08 - Sir Hades God of Underworld:

I'm starting to think that Europe and Asia think America is one nation and not a bunch of individual nations. Please if you hate one country state the nations name not America if your so smart why cant you do that simple task instead of bringing them all into one category.

 Now for this America please for this thread quit confusing the US and America because America is the continent and the different countries that make it up while this election is happening in the United States thus whatever happens affects the US not America the US is part of America it is not America. A few of you screwed up and used America instead of US.

Oh and OBAMA!!!!!

04:00:20 Sep 7th 08 - Mr. Wicked Witch of The West:

I wish people would stop bringing up Obama's pastor as a point against him. Just because his pastor was more televised doesn't mean that he was worse then Mccain. Seriously look up Mccains Pastor on Youtube. Cause you know Hitler was a gift from God for the Jews to help them. And I mean it's not like Obama wanted his pastor's vote/praise. Mccain asked for his pastor's endorsement on TV.

Theirs a big difference between the more televised one and the worst one. Having the media being more interested in you isn't always a good thing. Obama calls a lady "Honey"after a stressful day and before the Media even swarms him with questions he calls her personally and tells her how sorry he is. Mccain calls his wife multiple explicitive's after a stressful day. Guess which one got more air time?

04:17:18 Sep 7th 08 - Sir Soccerwithnotheme:

It has nothing to do with that witch. (pardon the pun :P)  it has to do with conviction. Sure, McCain's pastor is lame. but, McCain didn't disown him, he stuck with what he believed. Obama did that opposite. After 30 years of following him, once the republicans said negative things, he gave out on his pastor. I feel like you shouldn't change who u r just cuz people say it's wrong. Ur beliefs are ur beliefs...................

05:47:22 Sep 7th 08 - Mr. Gliendel:

A lot of my friends want Ron Paul and I would rather vote for him but he has a very poor shot at winning.

05:52:42 Sep 7th 08 - Mr. Gliendel:

As far as Obama's pastor, I think it is pretty cowardly but smart to abandon him but Rev. Wright does bring up some important issues. The U.S. greatly affected Iran to what is today, not intentionaly but the U.S. had a strong impact on Iran.

Also there are other religious figures that say some pretty bad things. One in Kansas says that our tolerance of *beep*s is causing God to kill soldiers in Iraq.

07:37:32 Sep 7th 08 - Mr. Brainiac:

Hades if you are so smart then you know it's called North America, and obvisously Canada/Mexico/Greenland or any other NORTH AMERICAN name resembles nothing CLOSE to America so STOP YOUR DAM           B!TCHING. We didn't say North America we said AMERICA so if your so dam smart then you should get it through your thick skull that were talking about the U.S. not Canada not Mexico or any other country in NORTH America. Anyways it's the United States of America meaning I can call it America if I g0d dam want to... 

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