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15:08:22 Jul 7th 07 - Mr. Sanoh:

who believes in this stupid 7-7-7 crap. i am constantly hearing how all these ppl are going to get married on 7-7-7.

15:09:43 Jul 7th 07 - Dark Lord Finwe:

at least you wont forget your anniversary

15:34:32 Jul 7th 07 - Mr. Love:

Well next year we got 080808. So there is still a few years to get a good anniversary.

15:54:48 Jul 7th 07 - Mr. Soulreaper:


16:10:03 Jul 7th 07 - Mr. Mbeidas:

i have luck with number four i was born in forth of april

my last birthday was on wensday 4/4 and it was my 14 birthday

but i dont beleive he give me alot of luck

17:43:57 Jul 7th 07 - Mr. Spoon:

Live Earth ftw.

Snoop Dogg in Hamburg.. Damn, he sucks at live performances...

18:46:40 Jul 7th 07 - Sir IM Shyers Who The Hell Are You:

hey, i'm getting married on 777, whats wrong with that? me and my three wives and two husbands think it's romantic.

and i don't think the 777 is about luck people....7 is heaven

20:51:22 Jul 7th 07 - Mr. Mbeidas:

nice the 444 happened on my birthday

20:53:25 Jul 7th 07 - Mr. Trynton:

7 is only a lucky number because of the slot machine

21:29:15 Jul 7th 07 - Mr. Love:

The *beep* machine?

22:40:17 Jul 7th 07 - Mr. Mbeidas:

7 and 3 is most numbers god like

22:44:30 Jul 7th 07 - Dark Lord Finwe:

666 ftw?

03:40:40 Jul 8th 07 - Mr. Strike Zakira:

ahaha lol from reading this thread i knew there be a trible six

03:59:05 Jul 8th 07 - Sir IM Shyers Who The Hell Are You:

figures, who let the evil in here?

05:45:46 Jul 8th 07 - Sir Razios:

I was born o*beep*.C.E and whever I open a fortune cookie my lucky numbers are 1, 3, 13, 6, 66, 666,

06:06:14 Jul 8th 07 - Sir Tiber Septim II:

"That isn't abnormal at all, besides, 616 is the real number"

04:49:55 Jul 9th 07 - Lord Arzun:

Live Earth FTW!

00:57:27 Jul 10th 07 - Sir Spud:

Yeah, also on 06\06\06 they said the world would end...

01:24:59 Jul 10th 07 - Mr. Seloc:

616 is the real number! 666 is a spoof.

04:32:07 Jul 10th 07 - Mr. Game And Watch:

Do you guys remember how the world ended on 6-6-6?

04:52:17 Jul 10th 07 - Sir Tiber Septim II:

Yes, happened a few thousand years ago, some guy came and said

"They aren't making MGS4, But now they're making one, horray"

15:34:51 Jul 13th 07 - Mr. Iwasfrozen IV:


16:02:07 Jul 13th 07 - Mr. Iwasfrozen IV:

it's friday the 13th


16:23:56 Jul 13th 07 - Mr. Mbeidas:

i watch it when i was a kid

i always chek if ther is a friday in the month , lol its friday 13 in this month lol

it must happen every 7 months if its not a new year and so it happened in

jenuary 13

15:27:26 Jul 15th 07 - Sir Fizban:

Live Earth for teh sux. Or did anyone not have to listen to clips of Kanye West trying to rap 'Message in a Bottle'?

I guess the Church of Global Warming doesn't have taste in music. :-P

22:20:59 Jul 15th 07 - Duchess Samus:

That's why you don't waste your time with rap.  Listen to some real music.  Try some nice rock, from the 80's if I may suggest.

05:14:38 Jul 16th 07 - Sir Bruto Cikayson:

Start at 70s with Jeff Lynn and his Electric Light Orchestra, Styx, etc, then work your way into the 80s.  Skip the 90s entirely and flip on the radio for anything this past decade.

21:53:54 Dec 31st 08 - Mr. Sanoh:

why was this brought back up and how was it brought back up? it says that the last entry was 7-15-07, but its on todays news

21:57:41 Dec 31st 08 - Prince Valan Septim:


22:02:55 Dec 31st 08 - Duke Michael Deallus:


22:11:06 Dec 31st 08 - Prince Valan Septim:



I'm magic!

07:41:31 Jan 1st 09 - Duke Michael Deallus:

About as magic as mushrooms...


Yes I am half drunk ;)

07:44:16 Jan 1st 09 - Mr. Bow Wow:

this year its gunna be 09/09/09
(i mean tommorows year)

01:30:49 Jan 3rd 09 - Mr. Sutekh:

omg and next year is gonna be 10/10/10. isn't it crazy??? omg!!! it's odd. how this can be true?!!! so mysterious!! omg. that must be announced to all the world!
It's something like zetitgeist or 9/11. wow!
wtf with those dates to people?

02:23:08 Jan 3rd 09 - Mr. Erebus:

getting married on 11/11/11   would be cool, to bad the world's ending in 2012 xD

10:08:51 Jan 5th 09 - Sir Spoon:

So you belive that crap Erebus? =)

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