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Abydos abuse
18:34:08 Mar 12th 08 - Mr. Roxbury:

Merge chains = not cool!!

18:51:44 Mar 12th 08 - Mr. Brannigans Law:

finally, chance to flame abydos

19:01:36 Mar 12th 08 - Mr. Slightlyhornieroldbastard:


my merge chain is niftier :p

19:25:21 Mar 12th 08 - Mr. Mushasji:

really subtile, erm ... bastard ... :-p


20:27:00 Mar 12th 08 - Sir Revenge:

It is cool!
Now leave my chain alone   xD

Its too stop PKS going through, its a defensive line   x]

02:59:19 Mar 13th 08 - Mr. Dakarius:

Show us on the doll where the naughty Abydos touched you.

03:07:07 Mar 13th 08 - Sir Shyers From The Black Laggon:

i think chain smoking= not cool
pls help me stop.

18:11:44 Mar 13th 08 - Mr. Seth:

What a cool wall.....if u cant build big wals this era why not making one?:P
not even the chinese ppl could've done it better:))

18:30:12 Mar 13th 08 - Sir Iwasfrozen VII:


lol, not really :)

04:58:52 Mar 14th 08 - Sir Shyers From The Black Laggon:

your not frozen! you lier! i can see you moving!

06:13:06 Mar 14th 08 - Mr. Spud:

i"WAS"frozen....stupid shyers, read his name before you assume.

Got your back Iwasfrozen...

How come this war in Fant looks smaller than the wars going on in Mantrax?

09:58:36 Mar 14th 08 - Crazy Xuaron:

coz on fantasia KD's have 3-4 wars at the same time.

15:05:02 Mar 14th 08 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:

Fant KDs have giant MAP fests :P

22:45:21 Mar 14th 08 - Sir Erunion Telcontar:

coz on fantasia KD's have 3-4 wars at the same time.

And we don't???...

23:03:55 Mar 14th 08 - Duke Ulgrin The Bastard:

Fewer kingdoms with more members, that's why it "looks" smaller.

06:24:04 Mar 15th 08 - Sir Shyers From The Black Laggon:

cuz zeta hates on us ;'(
so we get a small map

08:43:45 Mar 15th 08 - The Architect:

If all you Mantrax people think you are soo great, and all of us on Fantasia are soo horrible and petty, come to our world and play our game.  Prove me wrong.  Prove to me that even a word of all you've said is true.  Come to Fantasia and fight like a large kingdom, like a Fant kingdom, and see just how different it is.  Most, if not all of us on Fant started out on a lesser world like Mantrax, so we know how the game works there, and the difference between fant and mant is huge.  If you think you're fighting more than us, or that you are better than us, do it through actions rather than words, because until you play our game, your words mean nothing.

12:49:18 Mar 15th 08 - Mr. Malakas:

i agree. :)

13:15:38 Mar 15th 08 - Mr. White Widow:

Raist thats lame, put some effort into it man.

This is a bunch of eras old, but still the best.

14:10:16 Mar 15th 08 - Mr. Dreadlord:

a bunch?
comma's dont even exist (,)

14:46:49 Mar 15th 08 - Sir Revenge:

I came to Fant this era, and the Great Aby let me in   <3
Its different here, I have to say
A tiny decision can crush you, while on Mant you can make a mistake, and get around it
Here, people know every trick in the book
Its high pressure stuff
Ive had most of my miners taken   { Dam PKS...}
Im down to like 225k income, but Im still pumping decent Axemen
Because even if one person slacks, it could be the end of you...

The difference is Experience, which increases the pressure...
Its different, Im not experienced but I can see it through my kingdom mates blood
I need that experience, and I tell you... theres no better place to feel VU than on Fantasia

15:30:00 Mar 15th 08 - Ms. Geneva:

Nope... nothing special but the walls... Mantrax should definately go here and show Fantasia that they have not visited Mantrax too long.

06:31:16 Mar 16th 08 - Mr. Clamps The Dishonoured:

Most, if not all of us on Fant started out on a lesser world like Mantrax, so we know how the game works there, and the difference between fant and mant is huge.

Lame... How long has it been since you were on Mant? You don't know anything about it anymore. It's different yeah but not in the way that many Fant players claim it is.

If all you Mantrax people think you are soo great, and all of us on Fantasia are soo horrible and petty, come to our world and play our game

Also POWERFULLY lame.... I'm sure there are exceptions, but every last Mant player I've ever asked about it says they are moving towards Fant in an era, or two, or whatever but they are still coming. You nay-sayers (and I know it is not even close to everyone on Fant) need a new set of catch-phrases and sound-bites. These ones are so weak now that they attack some imaginary archetype of a Mant player who hasn't existed for many eras at this point.

10:59:06 Mar 16th 08 - Sir Frederick:

Well Clamps, the problem is there've been a ton of kingdoms from Mantrax who went to Fantasia. Until now, none of them have survived. So, if you want to proof otherwise, be our guest.

13:39:03 Mar 16th 08 - Mr. Dakarius:

The hardest part about Fanrasia is diplomatic.

18:18:57 Mar 16th 08 - Ms. Geneva:


Not really, my kingdom has six new players to start. We didn't do great but we sure survived fantasia... oh wait, we were from valhalla.

lol, devi's windows got busted... your a victim of software piracy! ^^

19:50:06 Mar 16th 08 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:

Frederick, the only reason no Mant KDs survive is because all the big Fant kds attack its 200 people vs 20.

20:05:04 Mar 16th 08 - Mr. Atreides:

I don't understand how Mantrax people reach the conclusion that Fantasia sucks....I mean, Mantrax is no walk in the park, but Fant is much, much more competitive.

Last era, in Fant, we actually had really few members, but still, surviving was difficult and we got killed eventually.

This era, in Mant, we do have more members, but there were recruited during the era. Started off with fewer than we had in Fant. Now we're fighting a lotta kingdoms....not necessarily gonna win, but we're nowhere near fighting to survive. With less than double the total members from last era, our controlled area is like 3 times as big o.O

22:25:11 Mar 16th 08 - Mr. Clamps The Dishonoured:

Yeah that's not too surprising. The good players on each world are good, no argument. The main difference I find is that you'll find the odd crap player still holding on somehow in Mant because no one has gotten around to killing them. In Fant the weak don't survive as long. I look at it as almost an issue of purity, where Fant is more purely good players and Mant is more mixed.

22:57:21 Mar 16th 08 - Mr. Vexsloth:

Frederick, the only reason no Mant KDs survive is because all the big Fant kds attack its 200 people vs 20.

Wrong. Fantasia kingdoms have more than enough enemies already. Usually, we will send 3 or 4 members to take on an entire Mantrax kingdom (sometimes as few as one), and send our real players after real threats.

04:07:16 Mar 17th 08 - Ms. Geneva:



Did it work?

22:25:26 Mar 21st 08 - Dark Lord Osiris:

Mantrax is easy no pressure un experianced kds with poor leadership and little co ordination. Fant kds on the other hand are old a few older then Mantrax itself the leaderships are set the people know each other and the players know the game better then they do on mantrax. thus kds that come to fant after dominating mant get killed and no might people dont mass gang up on mantrax kds. its because people see you as easy food. give me 1 good reason why a kd that lands next to a new kd from mantrax wouldnt attack? no point leaving the easy food for someone else. the only way mantrax kds can move to fant is if they recruit some fant vets to help with diplomacy and come out with all guns blazing

20:51:15 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Justanius The Revengful:

i disagree with practicly most of you i have played in mantrax this era...and even got killed i have played there about 8 era's ago and the difference is HUGE....its gotten beyond the point that mostly everyone in mantrax has never played anymore and the number of fantasian players visiting is increasing true there is a huge difference in pressure/experiance.....but the gap is closing, and like some of you have said the gap will never closeand it really wont

04:48:03 Mar 24th 08 - Mr. Zek:

Fantasia you have time to build and set up as a Kingdom , Mantrax you often start with people at war all around you just out of protection ..... What if Last era Abydos , Legacy , Carnage , LDK  and Zeon started Right on top of eachother ? like 10 - 20 tics away  how big would your Kingdom's and armies have gotten ?  Fantasia is a huge map , Mantrax is a Small map thats all . play style improvements based on that . 

            What takes more skill to play on ? neither both take the same skill . Plenty of bad players on Fantasia as well as good players same goes for Mantrax and Zeta .
    there are skills required to play both as a Kingdom and as a player just out of protection and mid - end era .. ect you need all those on every map . Not just Fantasia .

      Fantasia Has alot of Mantrax Players this era . have fun .

06:06:11 Mar 24th 08 - Mr. Malakas:

"   Fantasia Has alot of Mantrax Players this era . have fun"

they'll die eventually... if their diplomacy fails.

14:57:47 Mar 24th 08 - Mr. Firestorm:

For Mantrax kingdoms to successfully move to Fantasia they have to be extreamly diplomatic otherwise people see them as easy food. Like you said there are a few mantrax kindoms on fantasia this era so we will see how they fair. My guess will be not very well.

15:19:50 Mar 24th 08 - Sir Soccerloner:

that is due to the fact mantrax kingdoms are so much easier to kill.................hence why they die :)

16:11:25 Mar 24th 08 - Mr. Vexsloth:

Abydos might have been seen as easy food for LDK, but it didn't turn out that way :)

16:34:38 Mar 24th 08 - Mr. Mushasji:

still suffering from indigestion  :-p

22:55:55 Mar 24th 08 - Mr. Clamps The Redeemed:

VU Admin


3/23/2008 8:48:18 PM

The world of Fantasia has been increased in size! If you where planning to play in Mantrax, consider playing in Fantasia instead for increased game experience.

I'm inclined to think that the discussion is now officially over lol

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