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Advert Paranoia
21:23:22 Oct 28th 08 - Mr. Raxbury:

I have this thing. It's only happening on VU, but the advertisements on the tops and bottom, seem to be very related to the topic.

for example, the recent "Pregnant" thread, when I go into that I get the add "When is your baby due? free pregnacy test"..... (why is that an add anyway? free online pregnancy tests for all?)

Eras ago Hanky Panky made a thread about himself (or something this is along time ago) and I get an advert for hanky panky underwear. (Note; not to be confused with Hanky Panky's underwear.)

In my kd forum, a thread about the kingdom banner. Theres an add
"Your Banner Here"

The Happy Diwali thread, there's an advert for "Diwali Dilse  Chocolate fiesta shop and buy etc...."

The "The Dacians - Our vision" thread, I get an advert advertising Gladiatus!!! and who made the thread lets see..... "Mr. The Gladiator" :o coincidence?

The "Heaven" thread, I get an add, about "Reclaim your brain, scientifically designed brain fitness blah....."

The Dinner thread in hangaround. theres an add about losing weight.

And that not it, I've noticed this ALOT juring my VU career.
Is there a reasonable explaination to this?
Does this happen to anyone else?

21:28:33 Oct 28th 08 - Mr. David:

Hmm. Adds involving Terrorists with this topic. It seems you know to much and will be abducted coming night.

21:44:52 Oct 28th 08 - VU Admin:

Google base their ad content of the content of the site they are displayed on.

22:11:25 Oct 28th 08 - Mr. Raxbury:

It's not just me being paranoid then :)

22:21:54 Oct 28th 08 - Mr. Opportunity:

Nope, there is a banner ad up top on this one cause you talked about banners

23:46:15 Oct 28th 08 - Mr. David:

Yes. Great way to influence it.

23:55:43 Oct 28th 08 - Demonic Shezmu:

so...midgetpr0n will bring us...tiny banners?! :P

00:44:22 Oct 29th 08 - Prince Mielo:

obviously as a result of talking about midgetpr0n

01:09:34 Oct 29th 08 - Mr. Athens:

I got:

5 Tips for a Flat Stomach - Click here

And at the bottom:

Reclaim your Brain!


01:18:44 Oct 29th 08 - Duke Arzun:

Ya I've always noticed this, but I thought I was crazy :P

01:38:42 Oct 29th 08 - Mr. Bob Cratchit:

  • choose the sex of my baby
    how to get pregnant with my little prince or princess? 3 simple steps

this is just bad, they are encouraging sex with babies.

03:18:31 Oct 29th 08 - Mr. Adrastos:

  • see your ads on google
    in just minutes. immediate posting. instant traffic. instant results.
  • hanky panky lingerie
    we offer 5,000+ lingerie items. save on hanky panky lingerie!
  • banner advertising
    reach the exact audience you want with highly targeted ads.

03:47:36 Oct 29th 08 - Duke Maltorv:

I get a classifieds ad at the top and a snobby advertisement saying "I'm Rich.  You're Not" at the bottom.

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