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American Politics: A New....
19:05:47 Jan 29th 08 - Mr. Rtas Vadumee:

American Politics: A New Direction

*Thinking of an ideology combined between the ultra left and ultra right*

Here is a rough diagram of the political hemispheres that are recognized in the United States of America


It is high time that the United States accept the facts: Saviour will not come from either the Democratic or Republican Parties.

The political ideals of the current ruling American parties have become overused and archaic. Though the United States remains the world's sole superpower, it is slowly loosing ground to nations such as China and India. American buisness is the sole responsible benefactor to America's "out of control" industry and social system.

As America herself heads into an economic recession what do the parties do? 

  • The Republican Party believes that a continuation of the Bush tax cuts will emancipate the nation from the current recession that is becoming ever more obvious.  They do not plan to petrol prices or introduce gov't restrictions of automobile fuel consumption rates.
  • The Democratic Party believes that an "economic stimulus" along with the creation of more gov't jobs will save America.  They believe that a general increase in taxes will solve America's struggling economy.   They fail to recognize the blatant problems this will cause with the already struggling middle class and proletariat. They too do notplan to petrol prices or introduce gov't restrictions of automobile fuel consumption rates.
So, in this hour, what are Americans to do?

It is high time that Americans call for the creation of a new party.  Post here your ideas and "what you think" possibilities for a new American political party (in reference to the spectrum).  he

19:18:26 Jan 29th 08 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:


19:37:19 Jan 29th 08 - Mr. Clone V:

republicans *beep*ed up america so much they cant even stall it till the end of the elections to make it blow on democrats and blame them :).
they have done it before and left democrats fix this its just *beep*ic seeing bush complaing about china this export and nothing is going on thats where it ends While in the time of clinton there was no such thing infact usa dint have a huge tradeing deficit but the opposite.We also had more freedom witch bush claims to spread while doing the opposite. Clinton gave us alot of things includeing internet privacy so companies wont sue you fro wahts on your PC..
No under bush we have nothing
And im not even starting the inflation avalanche f not a total collapse will occure that has been coused bye them here wich you all will Freeze under..

You are officialy *beep*ed up beyond repair now before you know it even you precious corporations wil just click 2 buttons on a computer and transfer everything to some other country...

21:55:34 Jan 29th 08 - Mr. Ghouma:

Why dont you just vote for the socialist party?

22:04:37 Jan 29th 08 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:

Ghouma, I didn't even know there was a socialist party in America...

22:31:04 Jan 29th 08 - Mr. Sloth:

there are three Socialist parties in the US

Sociality Equality Party
Socialist Party USA
Socialist Workers Party

which one are you referring to?

23:13:38 Jan 29th 08 - Mr. Chimey The Chonga:

Uh... Clone.... that was the most retarded thing I have ever read. I am now less intelligent for reading it : /

You just pulled that shiet out of your ass, and if anyone thinks Clinton was anything above "ok" for a president... then they are retarded.

23:20:51 Jan 29th 08 - Mr. Rtas Vadumee:

There is no way a socialist party will EVER come to power in the United States. Trust. Not after what they teach us in school.

Either way, we really do need some aspects of socialism in America right now. The government should:

  • Provide Healthcare
  • Schooling
  • A place to live (for those who deserve it*)
A system not unlike that of the 60's - 70's USSR would not do us any harm. Crossed a little bit with the pre-war third reich (minus the anti semitist aspects)

*For those contributing members of society; I.E. dont give an apartment to Carlos and Juanita just after they hop the border.  Also applies to Americans who don't work because they are too damn lazy, get a job, or be PROSECUTED in a federal prison.

So, its kind of like socialism, but socialism for those who wish to participate.

07:28:50 Jan 30th 08 - Mr. Bayushi Clamps:

Having a new party brought in will do nothing radical. Most people who pay attention to political history know that the party divisions are just packaging, but the meat is all the same. If America wants change she'll have to vote for PEOPLE....different people.... not just a new package for the same old *beep*e.

An ancient Greek once said he couldn't stand by a democracy that gave the vote of a *beep* the same weight as the vote of Aristotle, and since no one payed attention to history, America is suffering the typical pitfalls. Ignorant masses of voters are easily swayed toward one party or another for the same reasons Americans buy all the silly junk they fill their homes with. You should have to pass some kind of test before getting a vote because everyone gets a vote and few know what to do with it lol. I say if you feel less than 90% informed then you should stay home on voting day (meaning get informed, not meaning don't vote =p). If that doesn't work then just hand your vote over to the first handsome, buzz-word wielding, baby-kissing, full of *beep* *beep* to buy time on Fox Broadcast TV like everyone else and watch the country circle the drain.

07:50:14 Jan 30th 08 - Prince Cephorus Septim IV:

Yes Might, those dang it shall be OUR river, then we shall have two awesome rivers, one with MAN EATING FISH!!! And the other with ZOMBIE TOM SAWYER!!! WOOOOOT!!! Then we will have Mexico, which has...which has...uhhhhhh...beaches!


17:26:03 Jan 30th 08 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:

Mexico has even cheaper labor!!!! Brazil has lots of wood and diamonds! AND ITS OUR ACCESS TO THE REST OF SOUTH AMERICA!!!!

03:33:05 Jan 31st 08 - Sir Soc:

clinton, a good president?!?!?!? lol, thats funny. thank god bush fixed his economic reforms..................or at least the fed did. honestly, the presidents don't have much say on american economy...................

03:55:43 Jan 31st 08 - Prince Cephorus Septim IV:

Clinton seems like an evil lady who will rip out your heart and cr@p out your soul...

04:35:04 Jan 31st 08 - Sir Dead Oralive:

Clinton scares the cr@p out of me so i have to agree with Septim. Just look at a picture of her she's evil!!!!!!!!! Ugh the image someone save me from the horrible image :'(

04:35:20 Jan 31st 08 - Mr. Sloth:

An ancient Greek once said he couldn't stand by a democracy that gave the vote of a *beep* the same weight as the vote of Aristotle, and since no one payed attention to history, America is suffering the typical pitfalls.

Too bad America isn't a democracy in any sense of the word. They don't vote directly for laws, their President or even their party nominations for President. It's a Republic in every sense of the word.

06:33:44 Jan 31st 08 - Prince Cephorus Septim IV:, it's not controlled by only the upper class and the lower class has no say in anything that happens...oh wait...nevermind...

06:45:22 Jan 31st 08 - Sir Spoon:

Yeah, that's an aristrocracy..

18:33:29 Jan 31st 08 - Sir Iwasfrozen VI:

Bring back Absolut Monarchy !!

=)  joking.

19:31:18 Jan 31st 08 - Mr. Mushasji:

maybe ... America can learn some things from european countries?

(i don't really understand the american system, but according to the news, the last 10-15 years, things are definately not getting better? the rich get richer ... and more and more people end up like 'trailer-trash'?  there is no healthcare? you have to work 3 jobs to be able to earn enough to live? ... lots more, but hey, Europe isn't perfect either)(note the questionmarks)

and socialism doesn't mean you should become communists (there are gradations in everything.

20:29:54 Jan 31st 08 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:

Well erm..... we should have learned from the Romans....

01:04:30 Feb 1st 08 - Mr. Xiax:

I think most of the US' economic problems can be solved with looser corporate regulations. Let the businesses do what they will to make money and more money will be made. Money. Yeah, gotta love that right? Also there needs to be a greater government investment in new technologies as well as ideas and scientific research. Social welfare needs to be cut back on, as well as investments in the army. The IRS should be privatized and most common government work (including defense) should be contracted out to private companies.

03:03:37 Feb 1st 08 - Sir Blomeman:

US econ problems? never heard of them................. every country experiences recessions. its called the business cycle. one thing that would drastically boost our growth rate would be if we actually saved. savings is a huge factor in GDP growth, and we don't have it, unfortunately.

04:18:56 Feb 1st 08 - Mr. Sightburner:

I personally think it's pointless to vote. Only 538 people actually decide who is our next president. This is why the candidates campaign the most in the "key states".

Our votes might influence the results of the elections, but doesn't actually determine who ends up as president. Do a search in google for " 2000 election results", and look at the actual number of votes for each candidate and who won.

All that our votes do is to provide some influence on the Electoral College, but they are the ones who ultimately decide who becomes president.

Article 2 of the U.S. Constitution grants the power to elect the president and vice president to the states through the Electoral College system. Under the Constitution, the highest-ranking U.S. officials elected by direct popular vote of the people are the governors of the states.

Tyranny of the Majority
To be brutally honest, the Founding Fathers did not give the American public of their day much credit for political awareness. Here are a few relevant quotes from the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

"A popular election in this case is radically vicious. The ignorance of the people would put it in the power of some one set of men dispersed through the Union, and acting in concert, to delude them into any appointment." -- Delegate Gerry, July 25, 1787

"The extent of the country renders it impossible, that the people can have the requisite capacity to judge of the respective pretensions of the candidates." -- Delegate Mason, July 17, 1787

"The people are uninformed, and would be misled by a few designing men." -- Delegate Gerry, July 19, 1787.

The Founding Fathers had seen the dangers of placing ultimate power into a single set of human hands. Accordingly, they feared that placing unlimited power to elect the president into the politically naive hands of the people could lead to a "tyranny of the majority." In response, they created the Electoral College system as a process to insulate the selection of the president from the whims of the public.

Preserving Federalism
The Founding Fathers also felt the Electoral College system would enforce the concept of federalism -- the division and sharing of powers between the state and national governments.

Under the Constitution, the people are empowered to choose, through direct popular election, the men and women who represent them in their state legislatures and in the United Sates Congress. The states, through the Electoral College, are empowered to choose the president and vice president. 

You call that democracy?

07:47:21 Feb 1st 08 - Mr. Messiah:

Xiax, what regulations are you suggesting be deregulated? And is there any proof privatization of goverment work actually saves money?

09:15:11 Feb 1st 08 - Lord Loren Soth:

Its true that the electoral college decides who is president.. but regardless of the somewhat flawed system.. no American citizen should ever decide not to vote. That is the one reason this country deserves its praise and if it ever becomes forfeit.. then I will be heading to Canada ;)

As far as the economy and the recession.. thats kind of how things work. look at the history of any economy and you will see that progress is followed by a downfall and so on and so on.

My beef with the country is how it has become so cutthroat wherever money is concerned and a general disregard for the people which runs rampant. Corporations have taken control of this country since its induction and has continued to rule with an iron fist. Healthcare should never be provided strictly on a monetary basis. Banks should not be privately owned. Corruption amongst the countries leaders needs to punished severely. The federal government needs to respect the rights of the state governments. I understand that this abuse of power has occurred since the beginning of civilization but I believe it is apparent that we are nearing a time when personal wealth means nothing compared to the livelihood of our fellow man. blah blah blah I am preaching to the choir.

The only answer I see.. the only answer that has ever had any effect.. is to voice your opinions. Never let your right to be heard be taken away.. when man has joined together in cause and proclaimed their injustices and ideals, the world has had no choice but to listen.

10:14:20 Feb 1st 08 - Mr. Odysseus:

I see these Federal government abuses come as it assumes more and more power and usurps more freedoms as the States become weaker.

Going Democrat (with a tendency toward socialisms such as nationwide government-provided healthcare) will only upset the balance more...

08:22:29 Feb 3rd 08 - Mr. Master Mind:

National healthcare would hurt the economy. The healthcare industry is worth BILLIONS if people knew the government started paying for it then most middle-class, and poor families will switch to that. Making the healthcare industry in America almost worthless. + National healthcare would cause big problems. In Europe you have to wait days, weeks sometimes to get an appointment if your on the national healthcare. It's just not feasible. Anyways since where talking about history, its a known fact most government run programs $UCK. It's better when the buisness is making money, because then you have a more productive work force, and you can pay people more. Also one facter in our economy is illegal immagrants theres and estimated 20 million. So if 15million have jobs. Then if they were kicked out. There wouldn't be this "supposed" high unemployment rate. Personally I think the government should have a vote each year for a social works project chosen by the public. In which the government gives the public 10 choices. Then which ever is chosen then that project would be chosen. Like if one of them was a wall along that border, I wouldn't be surprised if 90% of people voted for the wall.

Also the reason I think that should be implimented is it would create jobs every year for THOUSANDS of construction workers. I mean literally thousands. We could also then build some buildings, such as the largest building in the world. Or a monument for the soldiers in Iraq. That'd be cool to for America to have the largest building in the world. To address the prisons, well its easy they no longer get t.v. There right there and then we save a couple million, and possiable BILLION from selling all the t.v.'s, and no longer having to pay for cable. They can read books, and go back to high school for an education when they get out that is. Oh, yeah we also need to fix the school system, if you don't graduate high school you don't get a job period. I think that should be standard to have to graduate from high school, and if you can't well then TRY HARDER.

Oh, yeah we could fix this recession DAM fast and easy. We need some protective tariffs up in this country to protect domestic goods. ( a protective tariff is also known as a tax which raises prices on foriegn goods when brought here. Used to help boost domestic buying of products.) America would make TRILLIONS with as much as we got coming in from China. Then you would see more American goods.

All in all neither party is worth a *beep*. We need somebody with some good ideas, and fast.

One last note. America will be the first humans to Mars. The Moon is ours! hahaha ( I know its suppose to be international but if russia can drill oil in antartica then we can claim the moon and start mining the moons resources. )

Oh yeah on last last note. To fix the energy crisis. Well if the dam enviromentlist would lay off of the oil companies and quit worring then we could support the country with more oil. Right now only 12% of the oil America uses comes from America, but if we could drill of the coasts of Florida and Alaska this would greatly increase. But there worried about seeing a dot on the view, and that would ruin going to the beach, by just seeing a dot on the horizen.

AMERICA F**K YA. ( From the moive Team America )

Hillary has a snuke up her sniz. Hillary s**ks and so does Obama. Go Mit Romney!! Go Go Go!!

17:20:11 Feb 3rd 08 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:

Master Mind is a Master Mind!

20:07:07 Feb 3rd 08 - Mr. Mushasji:

@ mastermind: in europe, you DON'T have to wait for days to get an appointment, you just walk in ... and they check you, then they decide whether it is urgent or not, and then act accordingly ...

02:04:18 Feb 4th 08 - Mr. Master Mind:

I was talking about if your on the national healthcare. It also depends on the situation. Obvisously if your shot they'll treat you. If you need an appointment for just a check up then it could take days. It just all depends really. I'll just put it this way natinal healthcare for any country i*beep*. I don't care if your in France Britian or any other country IT I*beep*. I was using Europe as an exp. because most countries in Europe use national healthcare.

02:32:59 Feb 4th 08 - Mr. Master Mind:

Also to your earlier post, you don't need to work three jobs. Obvisously your news stations need to get there research right. There is healthcare just not national healthcare. Healthcare is something you buy here you get coverage depending on what plan you have. You could pay up to 300 dollars a month for healthcare, but obvisously you get like 50k coverage. For multiple things too. ( You could also have up to 100k coverage for the same price I was just estimating ) The poor get poorer because they refuse to work. Instead they live off of welfare or other government programs.

05:30:45 Feb 4th 08 - Mr. Messiah:

I would like to adress a few things that Master Mind brought up.

First about healthcare. Of course the healthcare industry would be hurt if national healthcare was introduced, but its silly to say the economy as a whole would be hurt. First off all, public spending contributes just as much towards making the wheels spin as private spending, and when ordinary people dont have to spend a fortune on insuranses they will spend it in other fields for the benefit of other industries. America is the country in the world that spends a largest % of their Gdp on healthcare, yet you dont have the best healthcare in the world. I think this disproves your statements about the free market being superior to goverment healthcare. Here in Sweden we have actually proven that state owned companies can be more productive than private ones - it doesnt at all depend on the ownership, it depends on how the company is run . Also, I dont agree with the statement that its "well know a historical fact" that goverment programs "$UCK", could you tell me why it "$UCK"?

About immigrants and unemployed, do you lack a conception on human dignity?

I actually agree with you on one point though, tarifs would be good! I hope you realize though, it wouldnt save american economy at all, if anything it would ruin you it. If you swayed towards a protectionistic trade politic you wouldn't have to wait long for all the big markets set up simmilar tolls towards american goods. China, EU, all of US big trade partners would do it. But it would strike a big blow against the free market(the big devil, I know you hate it), and I like this particular blow since it would do wonders with lowering transports around the globe wich is good for the enviroment.

12:24:09 Feb 4th 08 - Mr. Skullz:

Human dignity? Why should they cross the border? What makes them special enough to go through without anyone knowing? The government loses enough money from each illegal immigrant family to buy a mustang. So if there are 20,000 illegal immigrant families then the government could buy 20,000 mustangs with the money they could have goten from those families. I don't have a PROBLEM with immigrants, only illegal immigrants.

Do you lack the conception of understanding?

I never said I had a problem with LEGAL IMMIGRANTS only ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. The reason is there bringing in diseases not seen in America for DECADES. Then these people are bringing in MEASLES, TUBERCULOSIS, and many other diseases. This is not about me hating them but about America's well being. It wouldn't hurt the economy hardly at all. They would still make the same amount of money, but would now be in competition with American goods. Then when America's goods are cheaper Americans will buy those instead of the cr#p made in China.

Thats not what I said EXCATLY, but whatever, anyways like you said    "state owned companies CAN be more productive than private ones" , and it most certainly does depend on the ownership, how a company is run ALWAYS depends on the ownership. If the guy is greedy he'll probably have an unsafe work area. If the guy is a nice guy. He'll probably give out rasies, pay his workers more, and have good safety measures.

National healthcare would hurt because then people still have to pay taxes for it. The government isn't just going to use there own money. They'll tax us more. America has a lot of old people, so the cost would be too high. + I already pay enough taxes. So screw national healthcare.

Sorry I had to cut this short, I got places to go, and people to see. Nice talking to ya.

15:11:58 Feb 4th 08 - Mr. Ghouma:

America has for long exploited the south american countries, if you hadnt done this their economy would be better and people wouldnt come to illigally to the USA. How about a stop in the exploit then see what happens?

16:05:50 Feb 4th 08 - Mr. Dreadlord:

Yeas down with the Imperialists!!

23:28:30 Feb 7th 08 - Mr. Mushasji:

like messiah said ... protect your economy (even more than you do already now) and the rest of the world will follow ... recession will continue, but more people will have a better chance of coping.

money is power, always been like that ... but it doesn't mean, money/power is always 'right' ... the world belongs to 'man', not just the happy few ...

and about me being desinformed ... think again :-p

some don't want to pay for the sick or the elderly?  are you insane? don't you have parents/grandparents/sick friends?       you can just aswell say: kill all the handicapped, kill all the *beep* and lesbian people, kill all the 'mexicans', kill all jews, kill all muslims, etc ... some dude already tried (remember the thirties?)

23:31:01 Feb 7th 08 - Mr. Mushasji:

"the poor are poor, because they refuse to work"

you should get your teeth kicked in , just for daring to say such a thing ... open your eyes, and enter reality.

23:34:51 Feb 7th 08 - Mr. Skullz:

Lol, we didn't do anything. Your blaming this on all American Citizens? Did the American Citizens choose to build factories in SA. No, the CEO's of corprations did. Also, were not the only ones who as you said are "exploiting the south american countries". We didn't do anything to it except increase there economy. By giving jobs to South Americans, and Central Americans, and Mexicans. If we left the illegal immigration would only increase because there after JOBS or Hobs haha. ( no offense ) Yes, we'll leave and I'll watch the illegal immigrantion not only increase but sky-rocket. Anyways if we left other companies would just take their place. Also don't blame the work conditions on the compamies. There following the rules set by your countries, or country. IF anything blame your corrupt governments. Did you know Brazil has the largest crime rate percentage. % So in the end things would get possiably worse, but definatly not better.

23:45:17 Feb 7th 08 - Mr. Skullz:

I didn't say that. Lol, they should already have money. You don't understand IT WOULD BANKRUPT AMERICA YOU *beep* SUCKER. You are misinformed. I didn't say kill the jewish people, the muslims, and the mexicans. Or even the lesbian people. Now your just inferring and jumping to conclusions. Why should I pay for the sick? Why? Because it's morally right? What if I need that money? To feed my family? To pay for daycare? To pay for school supplies? To pay for the house? To pay for the heating? To pay for the good grades my child gets? Why should I give up my good health for someone. I know that may seem inconciderate, but why do I have to sacrifice for others? It's my money. I worked for it. I labored for it. Hillary is going to garnish our paychecks. Weather or not we use national healthcare or not. THATS NOT RIGHT. Not at all. Why should my health be scarificed for someone elses. Tell me if your so smart, and high and mighty? Will you share your great secrets? It's time you enter reality and learn that you work for what you get. You don't just get it for free. Thats not what America was built on. America was built on the morales that you work for what you get. Though the government gets a share thats what you pay for the protection ( the military ), the order ( police, national guard, ETC. ), and the great stuff the governments in all nations offer.

That is a little true though. Poor do refuse to work. ( some not all )


23:58:10 Feb 7th 08 - Mr. Ambrosias Arilyonis:

How can anyone hear talk about politics when you dont know crap about it!?!?!?!? *beep*s! You probaly dont even know what the word means!

01:12:20 Feb 8th 08 - Mr. Skullz:

Then enlighten us if your so smart, and know so much about economics? Tell us why were wrong, and that you seem to hold all the anwsers? I bet you couldn't tell me the national debt.  . .WITHOUT LOOKING IT UP. Or asking anyone, just knowing it, without any help or anything else besides your memory? Can you tell me how much money is invested in China. By only American companies? Without looking it up, or asking. Just from your knowledge? Can you tell me who helped create, and support Amnesty? I'll give you a hint the person is running for president.

01:53:29 Feb 8th 08 - Lord Loren Soth:

@Master Mind - First off national health care would not destroy the economy because an increase in the amount of people who could receive health care would result in an increase in the amount of jobs needed in the field of health care.. the key is to find the balance. Also I don't believe in a national program.. I am an advocate of state governments therefore any programs would be instituted and run by the state.. not the federal government. This would allow variations of the process based on the needs and abilities of each individual state.

Also your point on immigration is flawed. I do not think anyone should be denied entrance to this country.. lol this country was founded because of immigration and one of America's greatest virtues is the wealth of diversity and ideas that come from a worldly country. On top of it immigrants work the majority of jobs that most will not i.e. food industry, sanitation, agricultural.. get rid of the immigrants and you have a serious problem.. lol also I am not sure if you have ever worked a construction job.. but a very large % of the workers are immigrants.. I am not implying that there are not troubles that arise with the massive amount of peoples who migrate to this country.. but banning them is simply unfeasible and not the answer.

ALSO the idea of a tariff is horrible! Believe me, it was done before i.e. the McKinley tariff of 1890 to help with recession and all it did was drive the economy even further into the ground.. especially nowadays when the market has become so globalized and every country now relies on each other.

Oh and the energy crisis is only happening because Oil companies are content with raping the world for profits... there is plenty of stockpiled and unmined oil that can easily support this country for decades.. not even going to talk about all the other forms of green energy that are available at fractions of the price.. but that would mean a loss of profits for the corporations.. and thats just unAmerican.

But I do agree.. the Moon is already ours and Mars will be soon enough.. I would like to see a colony on either by 2050 ;)

03:04:34 Feb 8th 08 - Mr. Skullz:

I don't have a problem with immigriants. I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Why do people have such a problem with that? I know in a ealier statement I even said there where stockpiles. i.e alaska and off the coast of Florida. I said that one big reason we haven't done this is that the DAM enviromentalist are stoping us. National healthcare wouldn't "literally" destroy it, but would do a major number on it. America has one of the highest if not the highest percentage rate of elderly people in America.

The reason I even mentioned the Moon being ours, was because Russia is drilling oil in Antartica which is suppose to be international. I didn't say anything about banning immigration, but we seriously need to fix the border. Either you didn't read all my posts, or you just didn't understand the point I was trying to get out. The point is I don't want to pay for national healthcare. It would weaken the healthcare industry, because people would start to lean, and depend upon it, and then that would make that part of the healthcare buisness worth less than it is now. Though most companies have healthcare plans if you work full-time that is, and depending on the size of the company. 2050. Ha, me too. Personally I would like it sooner.

03:32:10 Feb 8th 08 - Mr. The Gladiator:

I'd say MCcain is the guy to go...  hes got far more experience than any other democratic candidate and considerably more than any other republican candidate.
Compared to the other candidates, you can feel his willpower and intelligence in the same time as opposed to the other candidates (Not obvious in other candidates).

Republican worldview favors favorable economic decisions (lower taxes and such) promoting an internationally strong economy for america, while higher taxes keep the economy more closed, so less wealth circulates

The democrat's worldview is not important world wide, they focus country wide... The republicans worldwide, as to keep america the number one power...

The Democrats are more focused on taking decisions WITH the people but not FOR the people, that is why they are often more popular amongst the people, they conciously or inconciously try to get money from the rich and the middle class to the poor...  Republicans at least give a chance at those with high ambitions or those that worked hard and sacrificed themselves for their money, because if you became rich you deserved it...

And republicans kiked democrats asses and banned slavery

And keep in mind that popular belief is often not the best decisions, america would be in the dust if decisions were made only on popular belief

05:10:11 Feb 8th 08 - Mr. Xiax:

@Messiah, I'm talking about minimum wages laws. Can't think of anything else right now but I'm sure there are other ways to cut back. Thing is, Americans working at minimum wage at the bottom of the ladder with always be out competed by workers in other countries with less regulations. Right now I don't think there is any point in keeping the manufacturing and goods processing industries in America because obviously it would be more profitable to set up elsewhere.

I mean the world supply of unskilled labour is just skyrocketing since the era of globalization, there is no point in trying to deny that and try to put up tariffs and things like that. We should just embrace the fact that there is a cheap and willing workforce elsewhere in the world and make use of that.

Maybe we should deport lower income Americans to those countries as well so they can go an get the jobs created there... Yeah, then everyone would have jobs. :)

05:45:20 Feb 8th 08 - Lord Loren Soth:

what if I like not having a job and live in America??

11:44:02 Feb 8th 08 - Mr. Mushasji:

sure skulls, keep thinking about yourself, and only yourself ... and you wonder why things keep going wrong ...

11:47:10 Feb 8th 08 - Mr. Skullz:

MCcain is a scum bag. If anything is a liberal *beep* sucking sun of a *beep*. That MOTHER f-er tried to give ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS AMNESTY. That guy is a traitor. I'd rather have Hillary before I vote for him. ( and trust me I hate Hillary a lot ) MCcain is a wolf wearing a sheep's skin. He helped to create that Amnesty bill. Which was a bunch of BS. I'd rather live in f-ing Mexico with the bad water before I ever lived in a country that supported MCcain. Also did you know he consider running for vice-president for John Karry. I mean to even consider that, and your a freakin republican is CRAZY. MCcain is not a true republican. I'd rather have a mentally ill person with an IQ of -27 be the president than MCcain. Well I think you get the point. Lol

11:59:41 Feb 8th 08 - Mr. Mushasji:

"he is not a true democrat/republican/whatever"

it's the same excuse some religious people use : "he's not following the treu belief"

i don't know those people, so i can't say anything about them ... but you Skulls, seem to carry a lot of hate/anger (i wonder where in america it is you live, do you even see or meet 'illegal immigrants'?)(it's easy to shout, but it's a lot harder to try to understand why this person does/says this, while the otherone says/does a different ... ussually, both sides have some 'rights' and some 'wrongs' (that is atleast my impression in europe))

i'm not telling you what to do ... most americans will surely be normal people (why would that be any different?) ,  politicians get chosen, and the rest is good luck/faith/whatever ... all i'm saying is : you are not alone in this world, there must be a future for all humans on this planet (and sorry if that doesn't fit in your countries plan (all western counties will have to make sacrifices, like it or not; do nothing and the cost will be even bigger))

19:51:51 Feb 8th 08 - Mr. Link:

America is doomed. whichever candidate is elected is going to lead the country down the drain. I seriously regret that this is the first election i can vote in when there isn't a single person I'd vote for. Skullz you're totally right.

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