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American TV
01:38:25 Aug 28th 08 - Duke Argyle:

Is it true all united states tv is censored from bad words, nudity and people showing the finger?

if so, just want to say that swedish tv does none of the above, and then I do this smiley, to show how much I fancy this :P

02:58:33 Aug 28th 08 - Mr. Gporhp:

depends on the channel and what showing. though we do have alot of rules i mean its not like ure gona see bare breasts on the 6am news ya know

03:00:22 Aug 28th 08 - Mr. Pieguy:

lol and yeah U.S.A does have channels were you can see everything.

03:17:05 Aug 28th 08 - Duke Felix Tha Housecat:

depends on what type of cable you get. you can pay for stuff thats uncensored, but the basic stuff is sensored with nudity, bad words etc.. (all the good stuff ;))

03:56:43 Aug 28th 08 - Duke Schneizel:

also depends on the time too.... ofc none of this helps the cause... since lil kids still learn the worst stuff ever... adn they get worse each year :S its really bad... i saw 12 lil 8 year old beating up 1 8 year old a few days ago and i was like WTF .... and the language that came out their mouths... sigh... the world has become curropt in deed

04:02:25 Aug 28th 08 - Mr. Basch:

You see that sort of stuff on a daily basis in sydney, hell, just last year 2 10 year olds just walked up to our car with knives and damanded money those little pricks

04:05:48 Aug 28th 08 - Mr. Pieguy:

I don't have cable I have Directv

04:48:13 Aug 28th 08 - Duke Felix Tha Housecat:

kids dont just get this kind of behavior from TV. its really quite sad how simplistic they view the world. they dont see any consequences for such behavior and I guess thats the older people's fault :(

06:17:46 Aug 28th 08 - Mr. Jones:

American TV is only censored on the cable channels (e.g. NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, etc)... on the specialty channels, nothing is censored (e.g. HBO, Playboy TV, etc...)

In Canada, the cable channels are only censored until about 9 or 10pm... then it gets uncensored until about 5 or 6am.

07:28:18 Aug 28th 08 - Mr. Opportunity:

I love how you know this by heart jones ; ) One thing i dont understand is why american tv blurs out like piles of dog crap and stuff... anal parents

09:17:03 Aug 28th 08 - Mr. Selocgotatanandcold:

TV is outdated, online streaming ftw .

09:30:19 Aug 28th 08 - Sir Chucky:

american tv must suck, we have the same problem is australia

16:39:15 Sep 1st 08 - Mr. Basch:

At least Australia has got better tv than a lot of countries, after all, our pay tv has 899 channels :D and 2 of em have absolutly nothing but porn

16:44:01 Sep 1st 08 - Mr. Brainiac:

Lol, LOL LOL two little 10 year olds demanded money from you? I would've beat the *beep* outta them first, saying it was "self-defense" and then turned them into the police lol teach those little fu*kers

17:10:39 Sep 1st 08 - Praetorian Wyzer:

Public Broadcast Channels are censored, not the "cable" channels.

Any Public Broadcast Channel, meaning just about any channel that can be picked up by Aerials (aka Antennas, this does not include satellites) is subject to federally mandated censorship, care of the FCC.  Some of the "basic" channels that are provided by Cable/Satellite include these PBC channels, and many other channels that chose to follow the FCC rules on their own accord.  Typically networks that "charge" for their viewing are not subject to FCC regulations on account they are deamed "Private Networks".

While the censorship has been reduced due to changing of the times, it is still very strict compared to many other nations.

America was mainly founded by Puritans, and has grown along those guidelines for some time, and is barely starting to shed those ways.

Here in the States many people blame TV/Games/Teachers/Schools/Etc for the problems their children have.  In my opinion it mainly comes down to the lack of parenting, and always wanting to blame anyone else, but themselves.  Television is not a babysitter.

17:50:52 Sep 1st 08 - Mr. Sanoh:

my tv has just over 1000 channels and 10 of them are nothing but porn

20:18:46 Sep 1st 08 - Mr. Basch:

Mr. Brainiac


9/2/2008 1:44:01 AM
Lol, LOL LOL two little 10 year olds demanded money from you? I would've beat the *beep* outta them first, saying it was "self-defense" and then turned them into the police lol teach those little fu*kers

Self defence doesn't really exist in aus. you still get charged even in self defence unless you got at least 3 witnesses who had nothing to do with it.

Anyway, we just thought what the f*ck!? and drove off and pretty much ignored them

20:38:00 Sep 1st 08 - Mr. Pieguy:

on directv it depends on what you order has nothing but porn and it has over 1500 channels :D!!

23:57:41 Sep 1st 08 - Sir Hades God of Underworld:

eh their getting out of that slowly they use to not cuss but slowly were getting out of it

01:49:08 Sep 2nd 08 - Sir Charley Deallus:

People will be able to say and do what they want in the near future...that is how dim our future will be ._.

02:01:47 Sep 2nd 08 - Mr. Basch:

You think freedom is a bad thing? you commie b@asterd

02:04:35 Sep 2nd 08 - Sir Doomsday:

Mr. Pieguy


8/27/2008 8:00:22 PM

lol and yeah U.S.A does have channels were you can see everything.


yeah but you have to pay-per-veiw. lol. the other ones just show breasts and thats only the porn movies

02:20:21 Sep 2nd 08 - Mr. Kayn:

Thats the funny thing about American television, they will exploit the lives of every man, woman, and child, but God forbid a nipple being shown, or else all hell will break loose.

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